Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne Lyrics

Arnold Layne had a strange hobby
Collecting clothes
Moonshine washing line
They suit him fine
On the wall hung a tall mirror
Distorted view, see through baby blue
Oh, Arnold Layne
It's not the same, takes two to know
Two to know, two to know
Why can't you see?
Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne

Now he's caught - a nasty sort of person
They gave him time
Doors bang - chain gang - he hates it
Oh, Arnold Layne
It's not the same, takes two to know
Two to know, two to know
Why can't you see?
Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne

Don't do it again

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Pink Floyd Arnold Layne Comments
  1. neil ryan

    This video is an absolute riot.

  2. Benja Montoya

    rnold Layne had a strange hobby
    Collecting clothes
    Moonshine, washing line
    They suit him fine

    On the wall hung a tall mirror
    Distorted view
    See-through baby blue
    He dug it

    Oh Arnold Layne, it's not the same
    Takes two to know
    Two to know
    Two to know
    Two to know
    Why can't you see

    Now he's caught, a nasty sort of person
    They gave him time
    Doors bang, chain gang
    He hates it

    Oh Arnold Layne, it's not the same
    Takes two to know
    Two to know
    Two to know
    Two to know
    Why can't you see

    Arnold Layne don't do it again

  3. Tuberworks Jones

    ive always wondered who was Arnold layne

  4. Sean Harrison

    1:42 special editing!

  5. Monty the Python

    Can't say when I've see something more appalling... victimising.. mutilateing.transgender degridation....the first time im glad Sid Barrett is dead... How did this discrase escape the general public???? because this is a maniquin,, this makes it acceptable..the symbolism is like fingernails on a chalkboard.... absolutely unaceptable

  6. Santiago ordoñez ibarra

    La mejor psicodelia recién creada!!!

  7. Ghaith Hyasat

    Is this the first song of pink floyd

  8. Puncher Sponge

    That mannequin is David Gilmour.

  9. Psychedelic Mind

    Wtf why is this so cool

  10. Paulo Roberto Vaz


  11. Pete Rigan

    lol.Now you see past the cliffs of dover.Sea takes ya to the cliffs if moher.Cheers

  12. The Gorn

    What a shit song

    Emmish YTP

    Ok boomer

  13. Which One's Pink?

    Syd 💙

  14. HaseHERSHFELD Hershfeld


  15. Peter Green

    Banned by the BBC due to its lyrical content

  16. Luca Galano

    Ti entra nella testa e non esce più. Why can't you see?

  17. david degracia

    Parentesco con los Beatles :

    Nick masón : Ringo Star
    Richard Wright : John Lennon
    Roger Waters : George Harrison
    Syd Barrett : Paul Mac and John Lennon fusión xdxd

  18. Claudio Dean

    Classic Pink...very cool !!

  19. WilderWein29

    Syd Barret Is a best 💎💎

  20. Fantastic Voyage Official

    I extra mega love syd's era...i love you brother

  21. Daniele Manno

    Amazing music video.

  22. Aloysius Scrimshaw


  23. Starkicker

    No one today could make a debut single as great as this.

  24. Kellan Borgstrom

    1:42 Wasnt actually reversed, Roger can just naturally do that.

    r o g e r

    Yes I can.

    Nicktendo 69 lmao

    r o g e r
    e p i c

    Arttu partan3n


    neil ryan

    I thought the exact same thing.

  25. twinkle styles

    i miss syd :---((((

  26. Vahan Nisanian

    Roger looked so happy in these early years.

  27. Ray Animates

    "mOoNsHiNe wAsHiNg LiNe"

    Me: *wheeze*

  28. Jan Kawiorski

    One of 10 best rock songs of all time (so far).

  29. Aesthetical Twat

    0:04 - Me and the boys when a stranger walks past us.

  30. Michael Myers

    Did Anyone Notice Nick Mason's Hat Blows Away At 2:02.....

  31. Vanessa Uribe


  32. SpukiTheLoveKitten75

    Such a fun cheeky video. Has a rather "'Ticket To Ride' sequence from the Beatles' movie, 'HELP'!'" feel.

  33. SpukiTheLoveKitten75

    Syd Barrett's Floyd was MAGIC FLOYD! I love that pretty pixie psychedelic Boy-Goddess so much!
    Long Live the Heavenly Piper! Young and happy again in The Great Gig In The Sky (...and jamming with Ricky).

  34. Grace Antonio

    😄I love it! Very endearing coz it shows the earliest days of Pink Floyd & Syd Barret was still around sigh... I truly feel heartache when I think of him. I also like their early songs.


    What an incredible song! The period from 1966 to 1973 saw the greatest music composed in the history of the world.

  36. Jennifer Renz

    Watching this vid is so cool and weird because they are totally doing a Beatles thing.

  37. Mohd Firdaus

    very british

  38. Patrick Mgebroff

    Loved it very different side of Pink Floyd. Comical too, really funny. Arnold Layne!!!!!

  39. LindaPV

    They were so beautiful then...

  40. Cristiano Lopes


  41. theonlyantony

    Can't help feeling wistful - the more time passes and the younger Syd becomes. If you see a friend in trouble, with their minds, protect them and get them help. Syd received neither of these. Some friends! Pathetic.

  42. jM iedreth

    One of the best from PF !

  43. Lannigs Deloin

  44. Rodrigo Nh

    Stuff has changed a lot. Arnold Layne lives in Japan now

  45. Tyler Brittain

    I'm on a plane, I can't complain 😂😂

  46. Diane Perry

    A brilliant early Pink Floyd song

  47. James Hetfield

    Syd looked like such a happy and outgoing dude in early videos. I really do wonder what exactly happened to him. Proof drugs and mental illnesses don't mix well. RIP, you Crazy Diamond.


    Syd Barrett was one of Rock'n'Roll's early casualties. But unlike Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix and the rest he lived 40 years after his drug habit and mental illness shut him down. Don't know which was worse: Going out when your'e young and still in a blaze of glory, or surviving your habit, only to live the next 4 decades forgotten and alone and not playing or singing a lick all that time.

    Andrea Su

    chev6art well said, i did find some photos of him in the 80s or 90s with his family looking quite happy but not that I’d know

  48. Markissli

    the video is amazing

  49. Blue Astral

    Stupenda, divina, surreale, geniale! Grazie SYD, Rick, Roger e Nick.

  50. Drunk Kimi

    Such a crazy diamond

  51. jM iedreth

    PF an icon of music !

  52. Jack Wehrung

    The English have their own sense of humor.

  53. Jasper Neil

    What a great song. Syd's really going for a Ray Davies-ish punky snarl. I've been listening for over 30 years and this still gets my brain in dmt mode.

  54. musicisbrilliant

    Syd's Masterpiece. Rest well, legend.

    P Watts

    I would give that title to Astronomy Domine rather than this. This is quite nice pop of its time though.

  55. PELOFE

    En 2:26 a 2:34 aparecen 5, con las máscaras, habrá sido D. Gilmour?


    One of them is just the *puppet* with a mask on it :)


    wish Syd did more songs like this one

  57. tinmania

    Ahead of their time. This could easily be an early 1980's video.

  58. Kaina Castillo

    Syd Barrett era un puto genio

  59. Роберт Максимов


  60. Darren PM

    Hmmmm....these guys seem a little strange. I don't get it. I see no future with these guys

  61. heckicus doomicus wizardus

    Just guys being bros.

  62. Imaginos Desdinova

    Love Pink Floyd!

  63. Luis Racero

    Great video!!

  64. Japi Boni

    And then God Created Pink Floyd. (infinite likes!).

  65. Paulo Ramalho


  66. Michael Bennett

    Rogers looks improved as he aged, Syd’s got worse, Rick and Dave stayed the same and Nick..Nick likes cars dun he?

  67. PitchSkullBlack

    So their music videos went from what ever this is, to this;

    Interesting how time just ticks away on all those dull days.

  68. Sid Switch

    Now Which PF Documentary Braught You Here?

  69. Semen Bykov

    Weird extravaganza bizarre for nothing special.

  70. Jackson Barrett

    Not bad for one of the worlds first music videos


    Nowhere near. The first non-cartoon non-experimental music video was in 1929.

  71. Jackson Barrett

    What is this???


    Pink Floyd

  72. deria talin

    Que guapos se veían de jovenes ❤ y mas syd barret, lastima lo que le paso...

    Argie Fag

    No homo pero era alto lindo Syd.

  73. DBM Gréti

    Good game!

  74. Manuel Enrrique Riquelme Guerrero

    Agosto 2018 por siempre la banda pink Floyd 👍🎸🎸🎷 recordar a Syd Barrett 👏👏 brillante y creador de la banda pink Floyd 👍🎸🎸🎸 👏👂

  75. Engels

    SYD ❤❤❤

  76. 多路 磨波留たじ・まはる


  77. SnowTiger45

    Thank the rock gods that this didn't set the tone for Pink Floyd's music. What a pitiful tune !


    SnowTiger45 I agree, but I still enjoy and respect this era of Pink Floyd. They undoubtedly evolved and transformed into something incredible.

  78. Rolando Mota

    Sydbarred for life

  79. Manuel Enrrique Riquelme Guerrero

    Syd barrert genial con Roger Walters Nike meison y Richard w. 🎸 🎸 🎸 pink Floyd 👍 temazo buen recuerdo de un gran guitarrista poeta y creador de esta gran banda pink Floyd Syd barrert genial gracias por este video 🎸 🎸 saludos desde Chile

  80. StukaUK

    Bears no resemblance to DSOTM ... Thankfully!...
    We wouldn't have such masterpieces as that and WYWH if Syd had still been there.


    This is the beginning of the ascent, no need to knock it...……….

    nico ash

    Both DSOTM and WYWH were primary written about Syd and his decent into mental illness

  81. Charles Portilho

    Arnold Layne foi a primeira música do Pink Floyd mas por incrível que pareça não aparece no set list do primeiro álbum da banda.
    Oficialmente veio a aparecer na compilação Relics e bem mais tarde em outra compilação chamada Works.

  82. jai roberts

    I don't know what's better, the song or the fact that it's written about a cross dresser who stole ladies underwear

    Robert Stirman

    jai roberts you are one of the few people who get the lyrics.


    Actually, from what I read, it is about a homicidal homosexual, plenty of darkness along those lines in its hidden meanings. Back in the days when Syd Barrett was thinking in complete sentences.

  83. David Halpern

    Classic Sydney

  84. Alessandro Chessa

    Bellissima canzone Con il mitico Syd Barrett

  85. ravioli ravioli

    2:04 Nick looks like John Lennon

  86. Tohtori

    this is the best pink floyd music video ever


    I also love 'The Scarecrow'.

  87. Juampa SÆnz


  88. Carlos Eugênio Santos Gomes

    Syd rules

  89. King Aaron

    I just realized that this is the same video But realeased in a different day

  90. John Roberts

    Which ones Pink?

  91. Shadow

    1:44 how the hell did he do that ?


    Played backwards 😂 or you were sarcastic 😂

    Oliwia P.

    Emeline'sWorld NO! I bet he really can do that! He's ROGER WATERS! 😂


    @Oliwia P. best reply I've ever received 😂

    Oliwia P.

    Emeline'sWorld Lol thank u xD

    But come on he really did xD

  92. Ji Hoon Lee

    RIP Syd

  93. Aliff Sahli

    Hey look! New Pink Floyd music video