Pink - Barbies Lyrics

Another day, another sin
Another day I'm late again
Oh, just like that my money's spent
Where did it all go?
Another night, another heart
Another one leaves in the dark
And I'm searching for my counterpart
Where did they all go?

And I lock every single door
And I look behind me even more
Now turned into someone that I swore
I would never be

I wish I could go back to playing barbies in my room
They never say that you gotta grow up, quite this soon
How fast things change, and now I'm here and all I wanna do
Is go back to playing barbies in my room

I see it on my father's face
Another line that comes with age
I know that time will have its way
Where did it all go?
They say that things were simple then
Although I don't remember when
I wanna know what happens next
Where do we all go?

And I lock every single door
And I look behind me even more
And now turned into someone that I swore I would never be

Oh, I wish I could go back to playing barbies in my room
They never say that you gotta grow up, quite this soon
How fast things change, and now I'm here and all I wanna do
Is go back to playing barbies in my room

Pink canopies and grass-stained knees
Putting fireflies in a jar
Getting home before it's dark
Scotch-taping posters on my wall
Rolling pixie sticks to smoke
Couldn't wait 'til I was older

But I wish I could go back to playing barbies in my room
They never say that you gotta grow up, quite this soon
How fast things change, and now I'm here and all I wanna do
Is go back to playing barbies in my room
Back to playing barbies in my...
I wish that I could go back
I wish that I could go back
I wish that I could go back
Back to playing barbies in my room

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Pink Barbies Comments
  1. Pawprint hero's

    sometimes childhood trauma and abuse is easier when you are still a child. now that im older i know just how much of a shit hole my life was as a child but back then i was too busy playing alone with my toys. to me the abuse was normal and i never thought anything of it. it was almost easier to handle when it was happening then it is now when its not. the innocence for being almost too stupid to understand life is something i miss. this reminds me of how stupid i was for wanting to grow up and how i wish i could go back to not even knowing what was happening was wrong

  2. Lara Kaemmerling

    Why i love this song that is ❤❤❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💗

  3. Songbyrd_Edits

    I sang this song for a solo at my choir concert last year! A lot of people cried, and I almost cried myself while performing it. It was one of the best moments of my life, and this song continues to be so special to me.

  4. raluca nour

    Oh my heart, love this song!

  5. Tereza Valentová

    I wish i could go back to my dont need to solve problems of this can do whatever you want and no one will tell you act like adult because youre just child.In my childhood my parents were together and my grandma was here.... i want it all back😟

  6. Fran bell-shanahan

    and I lock every single door and I look behind me even more and now turned into to someone that I swore I would never be oh I wish I could go back to playing barbies in my room

    my life story this song is why I don't wanna grow up to be scared and to isolate myself from the world thank you p!nk

  7. Craig Furlow

    This song is PURE NOSTALGIA. So well written. Def one of the best on this album. ✨

  8. Emily Perez

    i love it

  9. Melissa Delangel

    My mom has never played with barbies but she still like this song

  10. Melissa Delangel

    This is my moms and my faveret song

  11. Daniel Ewenkhare


  12. nightmare kitten

    Idk why I cried but this is what me and my cousin use to listen to we love this song so much I am such a dig crybaby
    but the reason was because she died and we loved this song I I'm listening to old songs that make me cry right now

  13. Orangely ASMR

    She sounds like Kelly Clarkson, especially when you close your eyes.

  14. GeorgeConcertsOfficial

    I actually went out and purchased the album on CD becasue I like it so much

  15. Holly Ellery

    Now the circle game❤

  16. Алексей Берестенников

    Очень круто, спасибо*

  17. Ana Sousa

    Simplesmente maravilhosa, pink minha musa ❤ vem rock in rio 2019 ❤

  18. Silvia Luna, the girl who loves spiders

    Painful how relatable this song is for me.

  19. Nan Hoover

    She makes my heart sore.

  20. Mina Karatha

    I love P!nk! She never stops surpise me
    Singer, Mother, WOMAN

  21. Kho Dam

    بهتره بگی میت جا باربی !!اونو خودم میدونستم

  22. Brandi Gay

    I wish.....go back to playing Barbies in my room, when life was life simpler.

  23. Agata Wójcik

    thank you P!nk! <3

  24. sah what a chèvre

    2:26 - 2:56 My favorite part. ❤️

  25. Md Shahzad

    XXX vrdio

  26. Sam Tanner

    I find myself relating to this song more and more lately (not the play with Barbie's part; just the return to childhood and simpler times part).

  27. Shane The Human

    Hey pink

  28. Elionin

    Who loves P!nk?

  29. Alexander Aitan

    have to remind myself to like all her videos because i just listened, enjoyed, repeat and just forget to do it.

  30. South Camp Live

    who made this graphic???

  31. heidi2801ful


  32. Маргарита Черноусова


  33. Людмила Горяева студия [ГОР]

    Красиво нарисовано =-)э...Круть!

  34. shawnda mccormick

    Sometimes pinks songs just kill me

  35. Shakka

    I love this song!
    Alecia one more time, you are awesome!

  36. Valdenir Soares

    Linda música dá até vontade de Xora lembrando do tempo passado 😁😁😁😉😉😉😉 é só prós nija

  37. veronika markova

    In the picture - my gray dress. Exactly the same as mine. )))))))

  38. Daniel Fernando


  39. Italo André

    Um vício nessa música ❤

  40. Salvador Reyes García

    back to playing barbies on my room

    Regresar a jugar barbies en my habitación
    regresar solo unos años atras :(

  41. Patricia yasmine

    I wish i could go back to playing barbies in my room" i wanna cry,love this song . Pink come to argentina please!!!

  42. Mariah Guerrero

    Reminds me of having to be an adult. Enjoy your childhood kids.

  43. Dubravka Božović

    Marvelous !!! Bravo girl

  44. sanane 21

    How can she say what I think all the time I dont know what I would do if she does not exist

  45. Alice Mattinez


  46. Lizxim Cast


  47. Lizxim Cast


  48. Elionin


  49. Wooosh Bait

    Pink: Pink canopies and grass-stained knees

  50. Marcela Silva Santos

    Que hino ! ♥

  51. Subscribe So That My Dog Gets Love

    I wish I had her voice range 😍😍😭😭 and this song makes me miss being 7 and playing barbies with my sister. It makes me happy and sad cauze this song reminds me of that memory and that makes me happy but is also makes me sad that my sister won't play with me anymore. I miss playing barbies in my room (with my sister)

  52. Jade Chandler

    I'm scared to grow up :( I'm already on 8th grade, after next summer I'm going on 9th and idk what to do after that

  53. Queenie1612

    Who are these people who come at every fucking awesome song just to dislike it ?!!

  54. Matěj Knittel

    Now turned into someone that I swore
    I would never be

    Okayy, this made me cry. :(

  55. Josh Freeman

    I wish this wasn't so true to me ♩🔈💜

  56. Lizxim Cast

    Me encanta!

  57. Olivia Sioannon

    Just saw Pink in concert, she threw herself from the stage and flew across the stadium doing backflips whilst singing xD

  58. Buffy Monday

    This woman is so surreal ... she seems to sing my life story in every album where I am in life... it's like our lives run parallel... it's such a blessing to have someone know what you are going through and to know you're not alone and give you hope again and courage to move forward and when to fight back!!! We are all winners and never alone.. Thanks to P!nk for singing what I feel but could never say.. Music is my outlet.. yes I too wish I could go back to the good old ken and Barbie days when I controlled Life and how the ending was determined with no mistakes and the perfect family...

  59. Naimo Home

    I love it

  60. Jonathon Miller

    She means a lot to me she gets me

  61. Mia Branham

    i thought i was okay cus i usually don't cry to music but i closed my eyes to listen and now I'm ugly crying.

  62. 뀨뀨뀩

    i think the only one star in my life is u

  63. Maggie williams

    I love you pink

  64. Rafail

    This song is one of my favs in "Beautiful Trauma". I always think of life when i was younger and how i didn't need to feel stress and pressure from everyone like all the time, like everyday i would feel stressed about everything and having songs like this, always helps me understand that life isn't like that! Pink, your one of my inspriations!

  65. ласточка точка

    дуже гарно! <3 Приїжджайте в Україну з концертом. Ви нас надихаєете з 14-го року дуже. Ваші пісні та музика нас підтримують! <3

  66. Maria de Fátima Oloveira

    Essa musica é linda demais, tem uma letra forte e uma essência profunda !

  67. Mariana B. Pendragon

    Thanks p!nk for keeping me alive, your songs have given me the strength to live. I know that are not for me but when you said "You are f***ng perfect to me" I really believed it :)

  68. MarthaCharlotte

    Gosh, this song is so so soo good!!

  69. Alexey White

    Одна из лучших песен

  70. Michelle McAuliffe

    love this song xx

  71. César Cestoni

    One of my favorites off the album, hope it will be a single, also *Secrets* 🔥🔥🔥

    David Carnell

    Saw her last night - and the performance had a big secret in it. Was awesome!

    César Cestoni

    Where? :O
    What was the secret?

    David Carnell

    Sorry, it is a secret, cannot give it away.

  72. Abbey Sharpe

    I actually love you so much. this song makes me cry, after your concert, I went home and cried because I wanted to touch you and sing for you or dance for you and just talk to you, I WISH I could meet you. I wish I could talk to you through the phone or texting. I WISH I could be your son/daughter or related to you or even a friend.

  73. Cottan_ Candy

    There is no voice quite like pinks she is amazingggggg💖💖💖💗💓💞💝💕💘

  74. Quack Quack Moo Potato Salad

    I 😍 P!nk

  75. Davith Duarte

    Lacremejando aqui

  76. Raphael Biscay

    the most beautiful voice of the world great album again

  77. Alexey White

    Вот бы пинк приехала в Россию

  78. NFM Martinez

    I want to meet you ...I live in Houston Tx

  79. Neighborino


  80. Gamer Wolf

    i love pink i am so sad shes not coming to hawaii

  81. Marcio Ricardo Bandeira

    Músicas maravilhosas com uma voz fantástica em minha opinião você é a voz mais linda desta era realmente uma diva top de linha imbatível sou seu fanzaçoooooooo!!!!!!!!!

    T. Alves

    Canta demais ela neh

  82. Marcio Ricardo Bandeira

    voice top perfect.....

  83. Marcio Ricardo Bandeira

    I love ours musics ....

  84. keytty abrantes

    Já cheguei com o dedo no like pq a P!nk nunca decepciona

  85. Raven Celestia

    Pink never changes, as good as always

  86. Linda Flores

    She's a good singer.I like her songs. her lyrics are beautiful

  87. Liudmyla Kharchenko

    one of the best songs ever

  88. Josh Freeman


  89. Ronald Acosta

    I wish that too, being a child with innocence, not having grown ups issues. T.T 😢

  90. Elaina Marie

    I wish I could go back to playing barbies in my room, but that's a not a happy place either.

  91. Melon Mel

    Omg so beautiful

  92. C Mc

    They say that things where simple then although I don’t remember when. I wanna know what happens next where do we all go.. and I lock every single door and I look behind me even more and I’ve turned into someone I swore I’d never be...😢💔R.I.P. Tommy I miss your soul with me on earth

  93. C Mc

    I lost my big brother on March 7th to an overdose it haven’t even been 2 months this song i can’t say thank you enough for these lyrics I feel like if my soul could write a song right now this would be it. I have 3 older brothers my brother who passed away Tommy was the closet in age to me we where best friends. We grew up in a family that never said I love you. We didn’t like that so we changed it and would always tell each other that. I am thankful because he left me two beautiful nieces but the pain of his loss is so raw and unbearable right now. I needed this song I needed to feel like it was okay to feel this way and to cry hard alone for 4 mins felt good.

  94. ImplodingCringe

    *First Concert Ever* I Went To The Concert Yesterday And It Was My First Concert. My Friend Had Invited Me. I Got In The Seat And Music Was Playing And Then The Music Stopped And Everyone Was Cheering. The Curtains Dropped And P!nk Was There Singing. A Few Seconds Later I Sit There Crying Tears Of Joy I Was So Happy And Excited. P!nk Pointed Out A 6 Year Old Girl At Her First Concert And Sang Happy Birthday To A Girl Named Courtney???? P!nk Started Signing Stuff And Thought She Was Gonna Sign Someones Forehead. In The Back Up High Where I Was Some Girl Shouted Out "Sign My Tit!!!!" We Listened To Her Sing More. I Loved Her Presentation Supporting You No Matter Who You Are Her Story About Her Daughter (I Get To Kick A 6 Year Old's Ass!) I Squeezed The Death Out Of My Friend And Thanked Her A Million Times. We Got A Shirt ($45???? Still And Awesome Shirt Though) I Love P!nk So Much I Sang Every Song The Best I Could (Even Though At Points When I Could Hear My Voice It Sounded HORRIBLE) I Am Inspired By P!nk So Much! When It Came To So What (My Personal Favorite) I Stood Up And Sang (More Like Shouted) My Heart Out To The Song Holding Up The Rock Symbol. I Wanted To Bring A Sign Telling Her How Much I Loved Her But I Didn't. I Did Not Get Any Sleep That Night I Was To Excited With The Thoughts Of The Concert. I Was Talking To My Friend About How I Wanted To get My Hair Cut Like P!nk Over The Summer And She Said She Wanted To As Well. The Next Day I Go To School Wearing The Shirt And The Annoying Table Mate In Science That I HATE Said Whose P!nk? I Was Highly Offended And I Replied With "An Amazing Person And Singer." He Just Had To Search Her Up. (Of Course Though, Who Wouldn't Want To Search Her Up?) And When He Saw Her He Started Making Fun Of Her. He Called Her A Man Woman And Other Insulting Things And I Stood Up For Who I Loved! I Told Him That She Was Better Than He Would Ever Be. (Because She Is And Always Will Be) So Yeah. I Feel Like I'm Rambling Now. *Important Part Because This Is A Long Ass Paragraph So You Might Just Wanna Skip To Here* But P!nk I Love You Girl! You Go! You Are And Always WILL Be My Favorite Singer. And Because Of You And How Much You Inspire Me Someday Instead Of Sitting In The Back Seat Of A Concert I'm Going To Be On The Stage Performing And I'm Going To Be Able To Tell People About This Amazing Experience And How I First Got Inspired To Be A Singer/ Performer. <3

  95. Saralyn Todriff

    Pink you should come to San Luis Obispo area. you have made such a huge impacted in my life. you helped me through my teen years and fighting with not feel like I belonged or feeling wanted, you helped me though my 10 year abusive relation ship to my ex. I wish I could meet the woman who has changed my life in such a major way. I wish this song came out when I was younger but it means more to me now.... it is helping me through the loss of my father the only man who ever showed me how much I was loved and wanted.... thank you.

  96. Rafael Mörker

    Man, I only started to listen to P!nk's new album because this song was produced by The Struts and I'm so happy that I did. There's a lot of hidden bops. By the way, it's kinda funny that The Struts, who did this beautiful production with guitar, violins and etc also produced most of Tove Lo's songs like the very electronic Cool Girl.

  97. Reaper

    I love this song, and the best part about the Beautiful Trauma album, is that most of the songs remind me of something that has happened in my life beforehand