Pierre, Justin Courtney - Shoulder The Weight Lyrics

I used to feel things
Then I got older
Peeled off some layers

Now I must shoulder the weight of it all
Cut to the quick when my narrative changed in the fall
Hemorrhaging out over pictures that hang on her wall
Biding my time wading deeper into it all

Clearly a no show
Yeah, distance will do that
I bet on a long shot

So now I must holster my half of the haul
Sobering out over notions I can't quite recall
Buried the years but the feelings are starting to crawl
Biting my tongue

Just a little bit longer as I drown
Yeah, you really shook me down
While you're waiting for the war
I'll come knocking at your door

Yeah, you really shook me down
And I'm reeling from the sound
While you're waiting for the war
I'll come knocking at your door
And you'll see
We're the same
You and me

Yeah, I used to feel things
Then I got older

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Pierre, Justin Courtney Shoulder The Weight Comments
  1. Ruben Munoz

    This feels like a drinking or just thunking song

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Ruben Munoz Thanks, I guess?

  2. B. Miles

    This is incredibly good. I’ve been a fan since the beginning of MCS and you’ve yet to disappoint. Highly underrated stuff.

  3. Gavin Durham

    When they had the part where they smashed the liquor bottles... was that a reference to Justin's problems with alcohol in the early 2000's

  4. Chris Stanford

    I got my ticket for the Portland show in Dec I'm so excited! 😁

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Chris Stanford Hope you had a good time!

  5. fila365

    Whos the chick in all the videos!?

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Melissa Paakh. She's the coolest.

  6. xxDrAiNxx

    Omg dat bass is so jelly !

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    xxDrAiNxx Thank you!

  7. Lazed Donut

    Pretty damn tasty.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Lazed Donut YOU’RE tasty. Thanks Fam!

    Lazed Donut

    Justin Courtney Pierre You're welcome! :3

  8. jorge celin

    I love u style

  9. daniel dragonsbane

    My boyfriend loves u and all ur work so much

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    daniel dragonsbane Thanks so much! Tell him I say hey!

  10. Z-Zack

    So uh, when are the Justin wigs going up on the shop?

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Z-Zack Ha!

  11. Real Joseph joestar

    I must know what happened to farewell continental

  12. Douglas Newbury

    You are quite literally the king of your genre, nobody could ever take away what you've done for the industry you're so goddamn respected, I love the shit out of this, I can't wait to hear the whole album. This should blow up any moment now.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Douglas Newbury You are too kind! I hope you’re right about the blowing up. Regardless, I shall continue to make music at whatever level it is.

  13. Ronan

    nice ending!!! : )

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Ronan Thanks!

  14. Early Retirement

    This is so good. I'm dealing with homesickness right now and this really lifts me up for some weird reason... I love your songwriting Justin!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Sebastian Bungert Always Glad to lend a helping hand to those in need. Take care and feel better!

  15. King Kool Kattz

    ooo that bass

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    King Kool Kattz I slappa the bass!

  16. Killer Dank Law

    The albums isn’t even out yet but this my album of the year for me

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Elih Delgado Don’t jinx it, baby! 😉

  17. Ischaey

    That video is absolutely wild. I love it.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Ischaey Thanks so much!

  18. Karina Mana

    What a great songwriter, I´m so happy he decided to go back to making music!

  19. Johnny Perez

    You know, this reminds me of when I used to get super drunk in my garage. I would be up till 6 A.M. breaking bottles against my garage door. I found breaking things is super therapeutic as long as it’s your stuff! Thanks for another great song.

  20. Jerry Lantz

    "I used to feel things, then I got older" describes me perfectly. I've become a lot colder as I've gained a little bit of age.

    Jerry Lantz

    Justin Courtney Pierre Thanks so much! I've always found a personal meaning in all the songs you've put out over the years. Keep doing what you do.

    Peter Lustig

    cry baby..

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Jerry Lantz Thank you kindly!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Peter Lustig Oooh, I love John Waters!


    Just wait, Jerry. You look to be mid 20s, early 30s. It gets a lot worse. By the time you're 40 you can relate to the main character from Falling Down. Which is basically just a movie about a guy going around violently snapping at everyone in totally normal everyday situations.

  21. Kiki Hammel

    I can't help getting mad bout people disbanding and doing the same (or sorta) kind of music they used to while in a band...
    By the way, how I love you, JCP! Come to Brazil!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Kiki de Áries Thanks? Not disbanding, just not touring. Like The Beatles only WAY SHITTIER. 😘

  22. Ian Raguse

    Cool to see the MCS singer making music still. Good song too

  23. aaron mumbles

    to booze or not to booze

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    aaron mumbles That IS the question.

    aaron mumbles

    @Justin Courtney Pierre thats a tough battle. Songs dope. Cant wait for that album 💛

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    aaron mumbles Hope you dig it!

  24. Harrison Merrell

    Man it's really hard to be patient when you're waiting on something this amazing to release, but these videos keep coming up at the perfect moments for that! Excellent everything all-around, just as always!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Harrison Merrell Thank you so much! Glad you are digging them!

  25. Joseph Blumenberg

    So happy to see Justin back at it and writing more killer music! I'm beyond excited for the album! :D

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Joseph Blumenberg I very much appreciate the positive words of encouragement. Thank you, kindly!

  26. David Holmes

    It's just MCS, but with only one of the members. NEXT!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    David Holmes I appreciate your honesty.

  27. Hayden Marks

    I post it on every new song but man Justin this is shaping up as AOTY! So good

  28. Reavo End

    This may seem strange, and maybe you've answered this before Justin, but I wonder: What did the MCS song "Feel Like Rain" mean to you?

  29. C. Laine

    Loving all the new music Justin! Thank you for sharing! Can't wait to see you on tour!

  30. Sam Beckmann

    Huge MDL vibes on this one, if it was some years earlier I'd give it some gold stars!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Samy Bn Many thanks and praises!

  31. 情勢国際

    Justin is so amazing. Please let him stay on Epitaph. He got me into this label with MCS

  32. 2CrowStudios

    Hmm, maybe I should buy a baseball bat.

  33. The Ancient One

    Garbage as usual from this quack

  34. Cristian Ventura

    Please tell me that MCS Will be back, PLEASE!!!!

    PS: Hola from México city !!!!

  35. 78 Stitches

    this sounds pretty cool

  36. Ivanna G

    do you ever just hear a song and instantly fall in love, that’s this song for me


    Ivanna G YES. I love this kinda music

  37. Ano Nyme!

    Le défouloir! 😃
    Tout cassé. 🏏

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Ano Nyme! It’s therapeutic!

    Ano Nyme!

    Justin Courtney Pierre , oh yes I already did it. It's too good.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Ano Nyme! 😘

  38. Stacie Lee

    Dude. This is so good. Cannot freaking wait for the album. So glad you’re doing your own thing!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Stacie Lee Thanks so much! I hope you dig the rest of it!

  39. Troy Potma

    That was one goddamn fucking nippletwistingly fabulous work of art. What a cool ass fucking video man fuck yeah music is fucking rad

  40. david larraga

    that hair!!

  41. Casey Scott

    That was fun to watch, I can only imagine how fun it was to shoot! Beautiful work!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Casey Scott Super fun AND stressful. Thanks!

  42. Havoc Faction

    This is fantastic

  43. Edward Best

    Total banger and video to match👌

  44. Halo Rose

    Ahh. More more I'm loving it all.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Halo Rose You shall have more before you know it!

  45. tristanstewart

    this kind of reminds me of the salty eyes video by the matches

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    tristanstewart I love that video and that band!

  46. Jay Dee

    Omg! Can't wait for the new album

    Jay Dee

    @Justin Courtney Pierre
    Woohoo!!How would you describe the new album? Which song are you most excited to play live?

  47. Тружба Прави

    Эээ... Ни о чемъ. Ни послушать, ни посмотреть.

  48. Hellsing

    It's not my birthday but can you reply with anything because I love you

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Hellsing Yes, I can.


    Justin Courtney Pierre ayyyyy I have been blessed

  49. Jared Frost

    Man I bet this video was a lot of fun to make.

  50. Ruba ruba

    love it! 💓💓💓💓💓💓

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    R 98 Thank you!

  51. Never Stop Improving

    Ya'll are having too much fun! haha I'm so happy about these new tracks. Much love!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    It's true. Glad you dig 'em.

  52. LoskevinsxD 31

    We wanna more Justin :3

    LoskevinsxD 31

    Awesome man

  53. Camilo

    still waiting in the dark to this album

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Sounds no better or worse with the lights on or off. But do your thing, baby.


    hi justin, I just wanna say that panic stations was a 10/10 and still listening to it!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Camilo Perna So Happy to hear that!

  54. Lazed Donut

    Yay yay yay! ^w^

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    You said it! 🤘

  55. Michael Ragan

    this has been the most excited I been for a albulm in years every thing put out so far has exceeded expectations and I can relate to everything said thank you for putting out music a 27 year old with crippling anxiety can relate to and give me the boost I need to get over the slump

  56. dstnatnunknwn1

    Every thing i have heard from this album is amazing. I cant wait to hear the whole thing?

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Hope you still feel that way after you hear the rest. But for now, thank you!

  57. GUY- SUE

    I have to think about some way that to get this record in Japan.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Don't worry, it is coming out there too.

  58. Raphael Goto


    Justin Courtney Pierre

    They're in the album art. 😉

  59. Juani Müller

    I used to feel things then I got older. Brillant

  60. Jennifer Dray

    Love it! 🤘

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Thank you, kindly!

  61. rasjeff1

    Remember kids, after you destroy everything in the room, always eat...you don't want to clean with an empty belly

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Yeah, food is IMPORTANT.

  62. Sad Boi

    This is pure gold

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Thank you!

  63. Tim the otaku

    What happened to motion City soundtrack

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Tim the otaku Happy to hear our music was used for the power of good versus that of evil. Way to go!

    Tim the otaku

    @Justin Courtney Pierre when is the album?

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Tim the otaku Friday

    Kid Styx

    Justin Courtney Pierre will you continue making music for as long as you live? And will the band possibly go on as you are in your career?

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Kid Styx I hope to continue making music as long as I can!

  64. Andrés Rodas


    Justin Courtney Pierre

    That's what I thought when I saw the playback for the first time.

  65. Kevin Gilkenson

    Melissa and Justin, please join my slow pitch softball team. We can call it Motion Hitty Soundtrack.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Boo! Hiss! J/K I'M IN! Where do I go and when does it start?

  66. xiaonwa

    Maybe i am overthinking this but maybe the video is about moving forward and each thing represent a conflict Justin or any of us have to smash to keep on growing. At the end we realized that we felt a lot but understood now that it didn't matter as much as we thought.So like fuck it, lets just get a burger. Great song Justin and the whole team. Glad everyone survived the video.

    Kevin Gilkenson

    No, it's about backpacking across Europe in the '90s.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    At the end, it's always about food with this guy. I dig the interpretation. The director knows me well and came up with most of it (other than the burger - that was me). Glad you dig it!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Tru dat.

  67. Alex Kellner


    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Much obliged.

  68. Kenneth Borre

    On October 12th, Justin Courtney Pierre will introduce In The Drink.
    And you will see why 1984 won't be like "1984."

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Let's fucking hope not. Fight the power!

  69. Chelsea Gardner

    I am so excited for this album. Everything I've heard just keeps getting better. This is my favourite so far. The winter is coming fast in Scotland and dark nights and dark mornings call for powerful music to get you through.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    I hope this eases the pain of daily living. Sounds like my favorite place on earth, the way you describe it. I'll have to visit on holiday, if ever I get the chance. I've only been in and out for shows. Thanks for digging the tunes!

  70. Kumari Sai

    This new album is gonna rock

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    I certainly hope so!

  71. Mork Crispy

    woah. extremely good.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Woah. Pleasantly surprised. Thank you!

  72. Mary Stowell

    Phenomenal. I'm so stoked about everything that you are putting out lately.

  73. Mylonius

    What did all that outdated technology ever do to you?

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Nothing. I give zero fucks.

  74. WingedRobot

    I'm so ready for this album!!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    I wouldn't have it any other way, baby.

  75. Billy Foster

    I wish I was in America to see you tour COME TO ENGLAND JUSTIN

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    I wish so too, or that I could afford to perform in your lovely neck of the woods. One day, fingers crossed.

  76. Samuel Martin

    Justin, I love this video and song so much! What you've been putting out is so amazing. It's always so great to see your art

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Thank you! I appreciate that. Hope you dig what is yet to come.


    Justin Courtney Pierre oh I know I do man. You're great.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Hellsing Thanks!

  77. Robert Backen

    Were those a bunch of discount Justins? Or just discount sideburns? I'm confused..

    Great song though. And video. :D

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    They're all discounts compared to the real thing. 😉👍

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Robert Backen Yes.

  78. Bob Shaw

    How many takes were needed to get that perfect burger chomp?

  79. Madison Trageser

    Need me one of those iconic JCP wigs 👏👏

    Madison Trageser

    Give me their number, I need a good Halloween costume this year. 😂😂

    Madison Trageser

    Give me their number, I need a good Halloween costume this year. 😂😂

  80. Eddy Lee

    another great classic

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    You are far too kind. Thanks for digging it!

  81. Asha Smith


    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Glad to hear it.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Asha Smith Glad to heat it.