Pierre, Justin Courtney - In The Drink Lyrics

Caught a bad case of rental sting
I'll consume nearly anything
Shovel me up and take me home

Parasite blue on broken back
Doubling down on their attack
Nowhere to run just watch us

Choking down the long December
Filled with things no one remembers
I can't wait to shove you in the drink!

Needled to death as oceans bleed
Same as before, but now it's seen
Tried and defended as we

Sever all the ties that bind us
Just to find more ties behind, thus
I can't wait to shove you in the drink, man!

Can we get a bit of distance
From the ugly arm of violence
Twisted truth and lack of conscience
Nothing more than endless silence
Do we have the strength to fight it?
Count me in, I'd be fucking delighted
I can't wait to shove you in the drink, man!

Can you dig that?
Come and get some if you think you can
Yeah, you don't get to call me that now

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Pierre, Justin Courtney In The Drink Comments
  1. James Fitzgerald

    Digging the shit out of these music videos.

  2. Brendan Lock

    Whoever directed this video deserves a raise. The video is great!

  3. Celtic_Spike

    Just heard this on the current. This track kicks fucking ass. Thank you again mpr and the current

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Celtic_Spike Yes. THANK YOU CURRENT! Glad you dig it! 🤘

  4. Oscar TheRelentless

    Chain Reaction tonight!

  5. Jacob Owens

    Damn I wish I could have gone to this concert tonight but duty calls and I’m stuck on base RIP ☠️

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Jacob Owens Sorry to hear it. Perhaps another chance will present itself in the future!

  6. Hank Holder

    This makes me so happy. Can’t wait to hear the whole record

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Hank Holder Hope you dig it!

  7. Adam Felibrico

    Can't wait to see him perform in Asbury Park. This song has been perfect as the weather gets colder. I don't know if that makes sense but it just feels that way to me.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Adam Felibrico Can’t Wait to see YOU there!

  8. Broken Keys

    Holy shit I cannot stop listening to this!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Tommy Sheridan THEN DON’T! 😉

  9. jorge celin

    Me encantaaaa!

  10. Slyman Collector

    Saw the thumbnail and was like "he looks like the dude from Motion City Soundtrack" heh

  11. Nick Shaw

    Sad I only saw MCS live on their farewell tour. So excited that Justin is still at it! Cant wait to see you in Portland

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Nick Shaw Can’t wait to see you there! 🤘

  12. Cristian Ventura

    Hearing you from mexico!!!!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Cristian Ventura Hooray!

  13. ScienceFiction216

    "As we sever all the ties that bind us/just to find more ties behind us" - is that a metaphor or is that a Star Wars reference?

  14. Fury

    I have a face for radio...I never played motion city type stuff though.

    My music wasn't that bad guys. Its on file you could charity it.

  15. Ronan

    cheers!!! from Philippines!!!! been your loyal fan!!!


    ived been listening to you since i got a TDK CD sampler from CMJ Magazine when i was in college. Man that started my being keen on good bands. I still can relate to your new songs as i grow older. You still got that something that personally connects with me. Thank you for making good music!!!

  16. Luis Racero

    Great, guy!!

    Luis Racero

    @Justin Courtney Pierre You are welcome!

  17. ScienceFiction216

    For once, youtube's advertising actually did its job and led me here.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    ScienceFiction216 Huzzah!

  18. Jagger 0718

    This just makes me think justin didnt want mcs to end. Im glad hes doing this it sounds awesome

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Jagger 0718 Nobody wanted MCS to end, except perhaps anyone who didn’t like the music we were making.

  19. Jagger 0718

    MCS you asked me to let you go but im still holding on!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Jagger 0718 Thanks, Buddy.

  20. SPEAR Poland Band

    :* :*:*

  21. Steph Thompson

    This is so good but so short :( will you come to the UK after the release of your album?!

  22. James Baxter

    Your lyrics and music with MCS really helped me through some tough times back in high school. I truly do miss the band but am grateful that one of my favorite vocalists is still making music!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    James Baxter Thank you so much! So glad our music was there for you!

  23. Casey Scott

    So happy to see Justin is still making fun music!!

  24. The Merry Meat Man

    I'm upset this took me two weeks to find. Finally got into MCS just in time to miss the farewell tour, and while I'll miss their stuff I'm hype for this. Justin's lyrics are always my favorite mix of goofy and meloncholic and the upbeat music behind it is just odd enough to be into.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    The Merry Meat Man Thank you for the very kind and accurate review. My favorite works being “odd.” 👍

  25. Dominque Martinez

    This makes me so happy!! I used to listen to MCST back in 07. But I'm so excited for his solo album.😍Justin is amazing and super kind in person!

  26. Natalie Larimer

    my boy out here fucking killing it (and zombies)

  27. Inkie Zy

    omg this sounds just like all my favorite MCS's songs at once, i misssed u so much

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Inkie Zy Thank you. Much obliged.

  28. joe bama

    Is he on a horse or is that a penis cam?

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    joe bama Penis Cam.

  29. Joel Jarrett

    Great song!

  30. Gustavo Noé

    I'm a brazilian fan and I like it very much! Keep doing this great work! I look forward to checking out the rest of it. Say HI! to Brazil!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Hello Brazil. Thanks for digging it! Hope you dog the rest!

  31. joe bama

    what the fuck was that noise.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    I don't care whether you liked it or not. I'm giving a thumbs up to that sentence because it appears to be a question, but the period at the end informs me that it is not a question.

  32. Andrei Honorato

    The walking dead New geracion kskskss i am brazilero...

  33. Gin Kumo

    Justin has impeccable timing. My girlfriend just dumped me and I been hella depressed. But this def helped. Great song🤘

  34. Igor Maračić

    Glad to see an old email subscription on my oldest email account still has a purpose, a pleasant surprise, looking forward to the album. Are you doing official interviews and who do I write to if you do? Igor from Croatia

    Igor Maračić

    Justin Courtney Pierre Thank you, sir, will do!

  35. Nat

    Why did motion city soundtrack break up?

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    They didn't. We just stopped touring and haven't talked to each other in a few years.


    Justin Courtney Pierre Ohhhh

  36. Brian Ashton

    Dude always has just woke up/mad scientist hair. Love it.
    Rad tune also. I never hated MCS, but this is great.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Thank you kindly. I'll make sure to tell the guy who cuts my hair.

  37. Alinne


  38. Toomas Hoydon

    This is awesome! Can't wait for the full LP! Have met Justin a few times after shows in AUS and he has always been such a nice dude!

  39. Dylan

    I preordered the album and iTunes and start my drive to work every day with this song since it came out. I may be wrong but is that Kari Gray in the video with you?


    Justin Courtney Pierre dangggg I was hoping for a little hint at a future album with FC. But I am also super stoked for a solo album where 100 percent of the control is on you

  40. Cool Fry

    I feel like I'm a bit too young for this crowd since I'm 15 and just found MCS a few months ago (NateisLame), but I really like your stuff! I probably won't be able to see you live but I hope it all goes well. This definitely has a different vibe than MCS but I think it's pretty cool! *thumbs up emoji*

    night time television

    Same here .... I'm 14😂

  41. Boofer Boof

    Justin is such a badass dude. Love seeing he takes time to reply to the fans on this platform. I’m from Vegas but maybe I’ll skip on down to SoCal and see u in December! Glad to have you back bud!

  42. Eric Cass

    Great stuff!!! You are the best!!! Can't wait to hear the rest of the album!!!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Eric Cass Thank you!!!

    Eric Cass

    Thanks for replying you should definitely come to North Carolina!! I never got to see MCS live unfortunately I missed that last tour but I would still love to see you you got me through high school lol

  43. Emo Boliviano

    Yay! Justin Pierre is back w great music, I'm a huge MCS fan so this made my day 😁

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Manuk, Psychonaut of the Subconscious Glad to hear it!

  44. Ragnar

    J'adore :o

  45. Christian Lee

    I felt the deeper message here. Great work

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Christian Lee Thanks!

  46. Time n' Space Gaming

    repress my dinosaur life on vinyl please

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Time n' Space Gaming I know, right?

    Time n' Space Gaming

    Man seeing you guys play commit this to memory all the way through is one of the best experiences of my life. I hope for one day to experience it again! It's one of the most important albums to me, I'm excited to see you coming out with more work.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Time n' Space Gaming That was fun. Thanks for digging this new stuff!

  47. Douk

    Oh heck yes! A spike of 90's nostalgia with your unique sound and energy. I love it my dude! Greets from a fan, feeling a little bit like a teen again, in the north of Norway!

  48. ALONSO

    My adolescence would never be the same after watching Pulp Fiction performed on Hoppus on Music. My Dinosuar Life was my first album. Webster Hall was my first concert (I had to leave before MCS got onstage). I will not miss my chance to see Justin in New York this time.

  49. lainey


    Justin Courtney Pierre

    F I N N. Right there with ya!

  50. zan man

    in the short time i’ve been an MCS fan (sadly post-breakup) justin pierre has already become one of my favorite humans ever

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    zandyboi. Glad to hear it. Thanks for digging my art stuff. 👍

    zan man

    Justin Courtney Pierre i do and will always dig the art stuff

  51. Antichrist

    ειναι πουταναρων κορες που ακουνε με τις ωρες ...του πατερα τους τον κωλο που τον χαρακονω ολο...ΧΑΟΣ ΦΩΤΙΑ ΚΑΙ ΒΙΑ ΖΗΤΩ Η ΑΝΑΡΧΙΑ...

  52. Random Savior

    I quite like it. I’m eager to hear the rest of the album!

  53. Apathy&Exhaustion

    Not gonna lie, this is actually pretty good, nice one Epitaph

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    A Punk Rock Thank you. Feel free to shout it from the mountaintops ‘n’ shit. 🤘


    Justin Courtney Pierre for sure! 🤘🤘

  54. allrain

    Video and song, just amazing!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    allrain Thank you so much!

  55. Francisco Blas Chapa

    love to U & MCS from mexico Justin!

  56. Mudmood

    I don't know what to say, I like song and video...I definitely should listen this album, good job!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Mudmood Thank you kindly!

  57. Never Stop Improving

    Yeah Justin!!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Justin Lauria Skateboarding Thanks!

    Never Stop Improving

    JP! Really cool to actually hear back from you, dude =D I saw your concert with MCS in Atlanta at the Masquerade with Panic! and I don't know what they were thinking man, they definitely got the wrong band to headline the show.

    You are without question my all time favorite artist, so it was amazing to see you started a solo project!

    Keep up the awesome work man!! and thank you again for getting back to me!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Justin Lauria Skateboarding That rules! Thanks so much for the kind words. Take care!

  58. Zackery Seal

    Somebody stole my LGFAUD hat but this makes up for it.♥️

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Zackery Seal That’s not cool. Glad you dig the tune though!

  59. Foolie

    Le amazing

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Foolie Le Thanks.

  60. Z-Zack

    Yooo! As a newer fan and being bummed that MCS split up this makes me really happy

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Z-Zack Glad to put a smile in yer heart.


    Holy butts! Would it be alright if I did a cover of In The Drink? I've been planning on using my channel to post my original stuff and occasional covers and I'd love to give it a shot

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Z-Zack You can do whatever you want as long as it’s free and for the people! 🤘

  61. Marie Vanderwarn

    Sweeeeet video! Please sir, may I have some more?

  62. Stacemunky !

    Glad to hear new stuff from my favourite singer. Can't wait for the tour. I'll be making the trek from Canada again. :)

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Stacemunky ! Amazing! Love yer people! See you on the tour!

  63. Simon Luna

    Album of the MF YEAR SON!!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Simon Luna Let’s just see what you think about the other songs before you commit to something like that. 😉

  64. Blinnk

    I'e been depressed for like 2 straight weeks at this point, but just hearing this is definitely lifting my spirits up again. I'm so glad Justin is still making music after the breakup!

    Probably won't see this, but Justin, do you know if you have any plans to come to Canada (Toronto) soon??? I'd spend all the money in the world to go to a concert haha.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Blinnk Hope you feel better! As hard as it is, movement and busy work repetition will trick yer body into action. I can’t imagine what yer going through, but I’m sending positive vibes through the universe in your direction. Take care!

  65. Katherine Marie

    I really love this :) You've got a preorder.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Katherine Marie Thank you KINDLY!

  66. ShuraHaidate

    The only negative thing I have to say is... TWO MINUTES?! And I have to wait until October!? Damn! I hope we get another track soon. Maybe one that's a bit longer. I love the song, though!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    You will get more. Just hold on to yer butts. As for longer than two minutes... 😬


    Justin Courtney Pierre Haha, thanks for the reply. I've been waiting for your solo stuff since MCS split ways. I knew you wouldn't be able to leave music. 😁 I'll never forget your farewell NYC shows, but now I have more to look forward to. :)

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    ShuraHaidate Hope Hope you dig what’s yet to come!

  67. Samuel Fensom

    Oh yes! I could never get enough of that Motion City Soundtrack sound. Super happy you're not done yet! One of the best unique voices I've ever heard, relatable sensations, dark but real undertone lyrics. Crazy yet confined. Real music

  68. Edward Aponte Núñez

    Interesting! Thanks for the good music!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    You're welcome? You are welcome.

  69. It’s Treason Then

    About to get fucked up and die and jam this on repeat. Sweet

  70. Miles Douglas Garrett

    2 minutes long. Just like a true punk song haha also I wonder what kind of rig they had the camera on. This video (and song of course) are really awesome

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Thanks. It was a Snori-Cam. Look it up. Intense.

    Keith Moechnig

    Oh hey I did the camera rigging on this. It's an A7s with a Nikkor Ai 20mm lens to be lightweight. The camera straps on with a cheeseplate attached to a series of weightlifting belts for torso rigidity and Matthews Micro 3/8" grip rods holding the camera 20-22" from the subject. I've built the snori-branded kit and wasn't too happy with it- lots of sway even at walking speeds. I gotta brag I'm still impressed how well this handled running even with the A7s rolling shutter. That said, it's all pretty uncomfortable and Justin was a badass for taking it on all day!

  71. devilzal

    Gimme more MCS please Justin

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    I have no way of fulfilling your request.

  72. _ SCVNGR _

    Fucking love this shit JP! See ya at the PITT show!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Fuck yeah! I will see YOU there!

  73. Erin Bishop

    Yaass Justin slayyy (musically and literally)

    Erin Bishop

    Justin Courtney Pierre This video may imply otherwise 💖 love ya work dude

  74. Chelsea Gardner

    Justin's voice is a comfort to me, hearing him sing makes me feel like myself again when I'm lost. So incredibly excited for this. I've been on the edge if my seat for more Rapture Twins too.

  75. Berto McBertostein

    This might be the best thing ever.

  76. hadi m.


    Justin Courtney Pierre


  77. Matthew


  78. Josh McIrish

    This is so good!

  79. magikonegro654

    I need that, thanks man

  80. MickieSixx


    Justin Courtney Pierre

    You said it!

  81. stabinghobo57

    BoomBox Generation! 📻🎸🎹

    Werewolf Within

    As long as you Don't Call It a Comeback.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    @Werewolf Within OH SNAP!!!

    Maddy V

    @Werewolf Within either way, this band was My Favorite Accident 😄

  82. stabinghobo57

    Nice to hear some new music from Justin Pierre. Would love to take my kids to a Motion City Soundtrack Concert in a few years. I have hope they will be back again in the near future.

  83. Sarah O'Keefe

    Please sir, I want some more. 👌📲

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    All in due time.

  84. Gregg Darby

    Holy Shit this was better than I expected

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    I like to lead off with the lowest of expectations. 😘

  85. J Hutch

    So good! I hope there will be Canadian tour dates announced as well.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Thanks and NOPE! 😬

    J Hutch

    Dang. Not on this run or not at all? The spring works better for me anyway ;). You should bring Anakin on the road with you sometime too!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    J Hutch No plans to do anything after this tour wise.

  86. matriaxpunk

    DAT voice

  87. Daniel Fourie

    Far cry 5

  88. Jaydyn

    I got into Motion City Soundtrack a few months after they disbanded, and I thought I missed the party, but turns out I'm just on time for the after party.


    Complete opposite story for me. MCS was my first concert in 2005 when I was 14 and was a fan up until the announcement. This has more polished, mature vibes. Very psyched.


    Justin Courtney Pierre I can attest to that. I have a lot of pics with you post-shows where neither of us look polished at the very least.

    night time television

    Ah.. same.. I think I'm the only 14 year old lol...

  89. magic 5

    sound like weezer

  90. José Augusto dos Santos


    Justin Courtney Pierre

    You're great for saying that!

  91. Fox002 3344

    I have the worst hangover right now i,ended up throwing up all over my shower.
    My heads pounding and I wanna eat but I feel like I'll just start puking again

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Congratulations. You've just LEVELED UP!


    Welcome to adulthood

  92. Ashton Walkden

    Bubble gum pop punk

  93. Chris S

    I'm glad that Justin is still making music post-hiatus, and I've enjoyed this song! Hopefully he tours Texas soonish, I'd love to finally meet him after about 13ish years as a fan!

    Chris S

    No worries at all, I'm just glad you're still making music. I won't hold it against you and still plan on buying it! :P