Pierre, Justin Courtney - Drop Lyrics

The way you drop
Is like a stone
Making out you're flying
But you've just been thrown
Till Kingdom comes
And through bitten tongues
These eyes get stung
With every curse that's sung

These twisted times
Can't compare to mine
And heaven knows
Where loving goes

I should have guessed
When I took that pill
Do I love her still
Well did Jesus kill

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Pierre, Justin Courtney Drop Comments
  1. night time television

    I love this whole album so much it hurts...

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Existential Pigeon Thanks so much. Hopefully you’ll like the next one too.

  2. Miss Haps Galore

    I'm so into this

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Miss Haps Galore Me too!

  3. Lazed Donut


    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Lazed Donut TJAMC for the win!