Pierre, Justin Courtney - Anchor Lyrics

I was desiring to tell you the truth
That the sum of the parts is the base of the root
And I don't mean to shout
And I don't mean to shoot
Your ideas down one by one

Most of the time I'm just running around
Beating back all the fires and imaginary sounds
That you hear in the dark
Hear like nobody else
You're a mystery to me

Shadows on the ceiling
Will you be my anchor?
Will you be my half?
Spiders on my windshield
Will you be my anchor?
Will you be my anchor?

Deep in the depths of the dark of the night
An infuriated woman curses everything in sight
If it creeps it could crawl
If it crawls it may bite
And I just can't deal with that

Once there was nothing but then I was found
L'avventura Belisama I need you around
To dispense with excitement
I will follow your sound
Every island's not alone

Static on the channel
Will you be my anchor?
Will you be my half?
Sleeper on my shoulder
Will you be my anchor?
Will you be my anchor?

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Pierre, Justin Courtney Anchor Comments
  1. Joey Woodpieces

    If you got dizzy, you have no hope in meeting a girl that understands how your brain works. How lucky is this man!?

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Very lucky.

  2. Tiberianexcalibur

    She looks like Lindsay Vonn

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    I'm not familiar.

  3. William W.

    What’s that chick’s name?

  4. Fifteen Sixty-two

    My anchors are places. Just saying.

    Does that even work? Or do they have a surplus of stupid looking decor so they don't get hit in the nuts by demons so much?

    Courtney was a fairly ugly chick back then...its from school. Don't ask me at least the music is decent.

    Justin was my cousin by the way. I don't talk to family much anymore.

    Pierre from the French in school or maybe a place or movie they pick up on small details.

    I'm Trying to say a lot of the people are ad hoc construction in this reality even ex post facto as adults. Im real though.

  5. BrokenGod Ent.

    This was really nice.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    BrokenGod Ent. Thanks for digging it!

  6. Paulo Senoni

    Farewell Continental vibes on this one. Love it.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Paulo Senoni Oh yeah, baby. 😘

  7. C. Holmes

    no no no, corporate music no no n!!! no!!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    C. Holmes AGREED!!!

  8. Killer Dank Law

    At 2.29 did Justin just tell us how to make a Krabby Patty or the right way to make a burger

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Killer Dank Law Diagram of a scam.😉

  9. stabinghobo57

    I like the beat! 🎶

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    stabinghobo57 Thanks Fam.

  10. Fifteen Sixty-two

    Sorry. Don't blame me...Courtney wasn't great looking but none of them were...

    I mean its good for some people maybe but not my cup of tea. The issue was most of my writing was on acoustic so...sorry.

  11. night time television

    My eyes.....

  12. Ricky Rampage

    man his music went wayyy downhill...

  13. Harrison Clayton

    Epitaph has gone so downhill... Great band but what happened to Post Hardcore?

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Harrison Clayton I have no skin in this particular game because I truly don’t understand genres and sub genres of music. I appreciate that you dig my tune, however. Many thanks!

  14. LesbianShrimp

    I wanne be Winston

  15. xxDrAiNxx

    I love it !

  16. keanu


  17. Karina Mana

    he´s making such original videos for the album, also a great listen one of my faves records this year

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Karina Mana Thanks so much! My heart is tickled!

  18. Madison Trageser

    “Just be productive- your most productive self-“ “NO.”
    Honestly same

  19. Keyshaun Spratley

    Digging it ⚓

  20. Jay Dee

    Loving the references to other songs. Is the ski mask from 's you wanna tangle?'

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Jay Dee It’s possible. 😉👍

    Aaron, The

    @Justin Courtney Pierre I'd love if you revived that band! Really, I'm thankful for anything you put out!

  21. Jonathan Kent

    Pretty interesting song and video,I would say,I'll put the song on repeat,the video made me dizzy though,so it's a one and done for me 😂😂.

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Jonathan Kent Ha! Fair enough. Thanks for digging the tune!

  22. Olan Zapine

    This song is so peaceful.
    I love!!!!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Olan Zapine Aw thanks!

  23. Memento Crotti

    Nice job, I like it !
    Good luck for the future !

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Thomas Gourc Thanks Fam.

  24. Samuel Martin

    Justin, loving all the videos you are putting out! I need to know the significance of the ski masks

  25. Jesus

    No quiero vomitar. 😂

  26. Rafa Ve

    Wtf is this

  27. Mike McCullough

    I'm so happy there's a video. Loving all of them!

  28. LoskevinsxD 31

    I love it i love it i never closed a app so fast for watch a video

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    LoskevinsxD 31 Thanks Fam.

  29. Carli Kiper

    Who else got really dizzy watching this😂😂💘💯

    Dean Norman

    after a bottle of red wine, i nearly vommed on my desk

    Paul Schierl

    clicked on it for the beautiful girl - ended up pausing and clicking through her scenes to prevent dizziness

    Fifteen Sixty-two

    I think they called her mcgruff...carli. I was lonely still am.

  30. slipperyphish

    cool video

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    slipperyphish Thanks so much!

  31. Gaël Payssan

    Great video to help vomitting

    Paiohpah Bc

    Franchute tenía que ser.

  32. jokzz zz.,.

    Motion city soundtrack

    jokzz zz.,.

    @Justin Courtney Pierre it's awesome dude


    @Justin Courtney Pierre I love this song. Thank you.

  33. Mylonius

    I think this video made me go cross-eyed

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Mylonius Then you’re doing it right!

  34. Davis Cordova Avalos

    Me encanta la canción saludos de Perú 🤟🎸😊

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    Davis Cordova Avalos Thanks so much! Glad you dig the song!

    Fernando Gonzalez

    Es mejor Tongo :v

  35. rasjeff1

    Justin, the nightmare of people with vertigo and dizziness

  36. DjHatbox

    So stoked there's a vid for this one!

    Justin Courtney Pierre

    The Hitchhiking Hatbox 🤘