Pierce The Veil - The New National Anthem Lyrics

Drag my hand behind you like a chain behind a truck.
Sparks over your carpet while I chase you through the darkness.
Somebody's supposed to fall in love, but nobody even calls.
Somebody's supposed to...

Tear this place apart until you find me hiding, silently I wait.
You'll be excited just to see me someday. Everything's OK.

Summer and gold throw their colors at the dark,
a mother tells her son, "Darling, look at the sparks."
you hold my attention without even trying.
A beautiful reflection from firework eyes,
but never means forever.
Desperation and hanging in the backyard at night.
Somebody's supposed to fall in love.

Tear this place apart until you find me hiding, silently I wait.
You'll be excited just to see me someday. Everything's OK.

Love, don't forget to bleed so slowly.
Haunted hearts we melt over the fabric of your floor.
I'm holdin' her just like she's gold, but
I've been running from the sun. Oh no, no.
And if I ever catch the ones who hurt you,
I'm hoping that God looks away this time.
Why would I let you go?

Tear this place apart until you find me hiding, silently I wait.
You'll be excited just to see me someday. Everything's OK.


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Pierce The Veil The New National Anthem Comments
  1. Sierra Kay

    Me: listens to this while trying to do a natural make up look
    Also me: coats my eyes in dark eye shadows and black liner like I'm 14 again.

  2. Taline Bxp

    Oh my god 😭😭 so so good as usual aaaaahhh pierce the veil always giving me goosebumps with their music! Absolute KINGS.

  3. haylee Daves

    Therapist: what are your fears?

    My crush: commitment

    Vic: * low-key growls * LOVE


    haylee Daves

    Now that I think of it, that was so stupid

  4. AwBW TKO

    This song makes me think of a song I used to listen to all the time when I was younger yet I can't remember the name and its bothering me

  5. kathy vidales

    once again i'm in my freshman year feels and i'm not okay...

  6. Alejandra Torres

    This was the song I for some reason always skipped on the album and I regret it so bad. This is now my favorite

  7. Briana Dae

    Much like one of the top comments, my mom also thinks this is mexican screamo 😂 YOUR NOt aLONE

  8. THEIAN11

    The background picture for this video is so damn nice.

  9. Jordanalwaysandforev

    I'm not jewish. Kalliope should be in prison for rape, lying, and breaking an entering.


    Kyle's not a one and quit harassing me it's my life.

  10. bya guterres

    It's like he's singing to us (fans)

  11. dwayne Welch

    Sad how some people just dropped them like it's nothing... sucks how I can relate😔

  12. Jamila Cortez

    Everytime I listen to PTV songs I see a bloody heart, literally. We all know why...

  13. Jana Battle

    His voice so beautiful

  14. lillyanne Travers

    Still listening to in 2018 (: still a classic

  15. Lena Babyyy

    Still a bop

  16. Eesabel

    still my jam in 2018.. anyone else?

  17. galaxy . love

    "If i ever catch the ones who hurt you, im hoping that god looks away this time" 😢❤

  18. Brynne Miller

    After only a few weeks of teaching herself guitar, Lilly covered your awesome song, thought you'd enjoy


  19. Brooklyn Lopez

    The only band my mom actually ever cares about is Pierce The Veil and Falling In Reverse

  20. its not a phase mom

    Who TF be screaming YEAH at the end

  21. Jamie Salt

    Vans 2009 Warped Tour. Been there since.

  22. Alex Perez

    I'm high v:

  23. Just Anøther Persøn

    It's sad how most of these comments are years old. I only started listening to this amazing band a few months ago. Guess I'm alone here in 2018... :(

  24. Autism Powers

    i dont understand how ppl could even like taylor swift, now this is music

    Cady Elrod

    I agree


    im a swiftie ever since but yeah this is music

  25. David Aular

    Who put an ad in a music video?

  26. Jm Montero

    i thought Caraphernelia was. the good one until i found this one.😍❤

  27. Brynne Miller

    My daughter just cover this for a school performance, she has only been playing for about 3mo and loves pierce the veil

  28. Alexandra Morales

    Aun la sigo escuchando :´3

  29. Haylee Murie

    This has been my favorite song for a long time

  30. Gloria Sánchez

    Damn, I hadn't heard this song in years

  31. Victor Ramirez

    2018? 👀

  32. EksSquared

    Pierce the Veil... They have a WAY of making music. This is my first time hearing this song and I got chills immediately.

  33. Louii Johnson

    its like this literally becomes the national anthem xD

  34. Don't Kill The Messenger

    Is Vic actually Mexican?

  35. Aoife

    when I was 13... man oh man. this was everything.

  36. Layla Keth

    My favorite song when I saw 13 yrs.
    God, its been a while

  37. KylieWileyWumpusWoo Rankin


  38. YanYan_InGaySpace


  39. SIKE nah

    ppl be saying this is Mexican and you right

  40. kakashi66132


  41. YanYan_InGaySpace

    This is one of my favs from all the ptv songs ❤❤❤ :)

  42. Estrella balandran

    Whos listening 2018:) ?

  43. Jazmine Matthews

    I like his voice better when it was like this and it cracks/breaks on certain lyrics it just shows how much emotion he has when he sings

  44. Why Life ?

    This has more views than the original

  45. Ernesto Alonzo

    You're pretty good at making lyric videos, Nice job

  46. danny phantom

    My top 5 PTV songs👌 1. Hell Above 2. King For A Day 3. Props and Mayhem 4. New National Anthem. 5 The First Punch

  47. Bean Noodle

    Please rise for our National Anthem:

    Wendy Ramirez

    A Very Dead, Soulless Meme DRAG MY HAND...

  48. nsh 030500

    Who is here after reading "inject me sweetly"(on wattpad)

  49. Nicolas Thrush

    Thanks for sharing this Miss.

  50. Genesis Fuentes

    My mom: You need to listen to more music by Mexican people, Mija (daughter)

    Me: Mom, Pierce the veil, they're beautiful amazing MEXICANS who make music!

    My mom: Okay then show me one of their songs

    Me: *shows her the lyrics video to King for a day* Oh then there is Kellin, he's not in the band he's in a band named Sleeping with sirens *shows her my shirt* then there is Tony, Mike, and Jaime they're in the band *gets to the 'dare me to jump off of that jersey bridge' Part*


    Me: Am i just 'emo' ma? *looks into the mirror* shit you're right i need more eyeliner *puts on more eyeliner* TADA! Now I'm extremely emo!

    My mom: Estúpida (stupid)

    This was a literal conversation, Not that long ago too, Maybe like 1 week ago? Not sure but it was super recent.

  51. lovelylicaa

    "And if I ever catch the ones who hurt you, I'm hoping that God looks away this time." lol excuse me while i DIE

    David Ferrara

    He'd get his tiny ass kicked. LOL talk about empty threats/promises


    David Ferrara lol true

  52. Amalia Gonzalez

    "but never means forever" 1:44
    .........vic will never love me but what it actually means is he will love me forever.....see what i did there?

    David Ferrara

    Cringe a little cringe for me

  53. YoYoIsNot Interesting

    I don't know why but EVERY TIME  I hear this song I cry

  54. cesilia

    my ears had sex for the first time

  55. 알렉시Calum

    My mom is Mexican and she asked me if I was listening to screaming Chinese people....mom I think you need help not me😂😂😂

  56. cinimod loki

    Dont care if anyone other than me likes this. 😈

  57. soda

    my singing teacher is letting me sing this for our concert as a solo!! :p yass

  58. Noodle Boy

    My top 5 ptv songs (least favorite to most favorite)
    Floral & fading
    King for a day
    Chemical kids
    The new national anthem

  59. Elias Serghi

    top 5 ptv songs

    1)the new national anthem
    2)bulls in the bronx
    3)king for a day
    5)dive in

  60. Angelina Cahala

    we have the same name like whoa my irl name is Angelina but everyone calls me Lina....

  61. SeriouslyPadfoot13

    i love how people are more comfortable talking about their depression to people in the comment section then there own fam.


    i do that

  62. Biggynate_

    This song reminds me of her so much and she never really understood how great a boyfriend I could've been 😥✌. some other time

  63. Not Kendra

    Wish they were at this years warped

  64. Starryeyesaesthetic

    My mom asked me to sum up PTV for her and I said, "Sexicans."

  65. Tanaya Simmons

    This song is so underrated

  66. Jimms Jammers

    this song its all about me right now... feeling love alone to someone have a relationship Holy Shit!!!!😢😢😢😭

  67. Eliasmunizxo

    the weeknd is better than thiss

  68. Marie Garcia


  69. Angela Annalese

    I shouldn't be getting into PTV in 2017, shit

  70. Amazing Amy Roser

    one thing all species have is love of music and art

  71. AU forgold

    Do they play this song live?

  72. Em Olv

    I loveeee this band... I know many can relate ^.^

  73. Em Olv

    This will forever be my favorite song

  74. Aries Noelle

    I like Panic! at the disco and TØP, MCR , and sleeping with sirens and Bring me the Horizons , and Fall out boy, and now PTV

  75. Rogue__Moon

    And if I ever catch the ones who hurt you, I'm hoping that God looks away this time

  76. YourcrazyI'mInsane M

    every time i listen to this song i cry ☺

  77. cancelled forever

    i like the instrumental beginning

  78. Abby J

    This reminds me of the Tokyo Ghoul season 1 intro anyone else...no just me, okay

  79. Isabela Rios

    omg i loveee this songgg!!!who else does???bc ik i definitely dooo!😁thumbs up if u love this song as much as i dooo

    its not a phase mom

    BTS Trash ur name and profile pic is my everything

    Lisa Helson

    This is like the first song I heard from ptv and then I started to get into them

  80. Chrisey K

    Everytime I'm listening to this song at the end i always forget he screams in the backround "SHIT!" in the last seconds of the song and everytime i think it's someone yelling at me so I look around frantically.

  81. Annette Haymore

    I love pierce the veil😍😍😍😍

  82. Evelyn Rose

    oh well if it sounds mexican lol i fucking love it..

  83. Unknown Productions

    I dedicate this to the person I just passed on the sidewalk.

    Noxaura Cille

    Unknown Productions Hahahaeh

    Devil Came As Woman

    You did well, bob😂😂

  84. v e n u s

    0:00 to 4:05
    favorite part

    danny phantom

    Queen Gem OMG same!

    Ayanna English

    l a v e n d e r lol same

    Lyla Martinez

    l a v e n d e r same tho

  85. seppuku666

    I dedicate this to my crush... ;)

  86. My Chemical Rømance Trash

    This reminds me of a Kellin fan fic I once read.. Kellin was kidnapped and waiting on Vic (who was physically abusive to him)


    +one blue jishwa and a tired tyjo i fucking love that fanfic so much and thekellinunderthevic is such a good author

    Yale Cruz

    My Chemical Rømance Trash I can't breath

    McNick WasTaken

    Can you not?! I just recovered from that heartbreak :( dang it man, let me go cry myself to sleep..... AGAIN because of this stoy

    Sonia Torres

    Where did you guys read that ? Wattpad?

    Rocker Myung

    tru except that bum actually came to him first

  87. GreatBomb126

    favorite ptv songs
    papa johns 2 : extra peperoni
    try suicide?

  88. daniel

    Ptv fan base can all drink each. Wonderless. You Make Dirty Words Sound Pretty. Cheap Boquet. And lastly Falling asleep on a Stranger.

  89. Dickbeenfat -

    who else dies when he says desperation ?

  90. Lucy Goodyear

    such a sick song. but its so much better live. seems as this issounds so autotuned. <3 <3

  91. Emopiercetheveil123 Hehehehehehehehe12345

    My favorite song 👍🏻👍🏻💀💀

  92. Marlina Andalon

    My grandma just asked if I was listening to the screaming Mexicans again 😂


    Marlina Fuentes hahah it's not like hundreds of comments said that already

    Breezysalsa 101

    Marlina Fuentes correct way to say it is screaming Hispanics

    Alexander Reddick

    Sounds like a cool grandma

    Jacob Kershaw

    do you guys know that their is a black-deathcore band called the screaming mexicans


    You just stole this from another comment and added grandma instead of mom.

  93. jess Kitteh

    I could listen to this on repeat for ever

    Jade Stender


    Jams Mdndd

    jessica wildermuth i know u 😂😂

    jess Kitteh

    Jams Mdndd you do?

    YourcrazyI'mInsane M

    yass fam

    jess Kitteh

    I love this song so much

  94. Karly Sarah

    2:40 💕

    Kaitlyn Marie

    Karly Sarah yes 💕😩

  95. Alexis high

    I love this song. It reminds my that I'm not alone and going though this shit.