Pierce The Veil - Texas Is Forever Lyrics

Here we are

Can you tell that story, it's my favorite one
You fucking disappointment
I can't entertain you anymore
These stupid states of mind
(Everyone!) punishing me all the time

But don't cross your boundaries and think that it's cool
Misguided by darkness and lost on the road
But I'm such a sucker for the rain!

Here we are

Crashing once again
Into the center of your moonlit face
Our caved-in ribs
Your tears, they fall on my tongue
And our lips are letting go
As we laid on the side of the road


Pull the trigger tight and watch our distances explode
If Texas is forever, where's your home sweet home?
If anything should happen to me I want you to know
I've loved you since ever since then

Don't dance around me I know what it means
No communication, cannot be received
But I'm such a sucker for the rain, yeah

Oh, here we are

Crashing once again
Into the center of your moonlit face
Our caved-in ribs
Your tears they fall on my tongue
And our lips are letting go
As we laid on the side of the road

Don't... chase... your... nightmares!

Here we are

Crashing once again
Into the center of your moonlit face
Our caved-in ribs
Your tears they fall
Our lips are locked in lemon groves
And I can never let them, never let them grow
{On the} side of the road
So take a deep breath and chase it with mine
Your southern hospitality won't mind

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Pierce The Veil Texas Is Forever Comments
  1. The Pumpkin King

    I like how the background moves

  2. courtney timmins

    Whenever I listen to this song it makes me feel like I'm in 2016 again, it was a good year. and it was as edgy as I was gonna get ;)

  3. SirKritZ_


  4. Maddie Donaldson

    I've heard PTV loves Texas so I'm proud to be a Texan 🙂

  5. Maria Ramirez

    Dude I love the energy you guys gave me as a kid and I still fucking rock the shit outta you’re guys music. Much love bothers🤘🏻

  6. emo swaggedboi

    He rocks the shit outta music

  7. Paddy Co

    While most bands change over time through their discography they have kept a consistent progression in their own sound. I love it

  8. haylee

    Your music is like therapy to me
    I sit and focus on the beat and timing and individual pieces of the song it just really helps ground me.

  9. Jo Jo Jims

    2019 anyone?

  10. Mylise Braswell

    what does it mean when someone dances around you?

  11. yungg wipprsnapprr

    N O S T A L G I A 🍃

  12. barkley182

    The beginning of the choruses in this song gets me so pumped as a guitarist.

  13. Millie Elizabeth

    I have no idea why, but 2:43-2:56 is my favorite part of this song.

  14. Josh Houston

    It's insane what Mike can do with only 1 kick. Dudes a talented drummer!

  15. oni

    not saying this was rushed. it's amazing.
    but dont rush you're favourite artist to drop their next project or guaranteed you will notice the dip in quality.

  16. Cole Waverek

    I hate most of this 'emo', post-hardcore, metalcore stuff, but I will always throw down for Pierce the Veil

  17. Vure Official

    Hey, we're a new L.A. based heavy metal band called VURE! Take a minute and check us out. Much appreciated Pierce the Veil!

  18. Chickenwon

    start listening to deathcore instead

  19. A Ghost In Somber

    2:05 best part ! that riff

  20. Jens Let's Play

    1,5 speed And you got Black Metal.

  21. jai

    Raped this song on osu

  22. Selarz


  23. mariah cannon

    This makes me so sad I remember when this first cane out oml and who knows if or when they are coming out with another album

  24. Pants and Jacket

    Rufio - Above Me.

  25. Belfry

    Cant believe its been two years

  26. Litzi Degante-Salazar

    Texas is Forever ❤❤

  27. Humor In Politics

    This is a great band but if these ever hit puberty they are going to be FUCKING BAD ASS.

  28. Why Life ?

    Lips are locked and lemon grows

  29. Dino Saure

    the solo/whatevs it's called, sounds like mcr's thank you for the venom

  30. UpriseNova

    Why are all of these comments about becoming emo, straightening their hair, and looking goth... I just enjoy the song...

  31. Edgar Gomez

    I fuckin remember this from middle school. I thought it’d bring back bad memories but it’s just good feelings. Wow is all I’ve gotta say

  32. trenchraine _

    The beginning remind anyone else of Thank You For The Venom by mcr? Just me? Oh okay...

  33. speedingchimps

    "texas is forever" *song cover is a gun*

  34. speedingchimps

    We can all agree that Texas is forever, but remember that diamonds aren't forever

  35. Rico

    I don't dress like i want to end my life lol but deep down i'm a depressed piece of shit

  36. bitch boy

    Not even emo anymore.
    Is it still understandable for me to enjoy this?

  37. Dot

    How Tf is this considered Emo? It's so upbeat tho lol.


    Seems to have more of a metalcore edge...

  38. Kellic Baby

    This band is my life and people (sluts who shan't be named) are trying to take them down and me and the army will do whatever we can to defend these amazing life saviors

  39. Filly Fil

    i swear ptv sold their souls to the devil cuz all their songs are killer, bruv

  40. Yellowskies

    1:46 *Starts crying because of how beautiful that note was*

    Yung Goth

    Crowsnaei ur photo disgusts me

  41. IAmAvocado :

    From what I've seen Emos ain't really depressed, it's more they're hair, black. And convincing themselves so,etching is wrong

    The real depressed, are those quiet kids with good grades who are just looking for something in life

  42. IAmAvocado :

    You aren't emo if you listen to this music

    You just like good music

    Buttered Funnybiscuit

    Somebody said it, thanks

  43. Beth._.

    I'm emo....it's 2017 Ig.....eh don't give a fuck

  44. Babynesquick

    Still love how this album turned out 💕

  45. Jesska

    Ive been waiting for this song since I was 9 I'm 11

  46. Xzealeah Eustace

    1:46 melts my heart holy shit vic

  47. Johnattan Melo

    Texas is forever.... harvey walks in...."shit"

  48. Zaila H

    No according to hurricane Harvey Texas is Forever Flooded.

  49. Matt K

    Texas may be forever, but Houston ain't!

    Too soon?

  50. Sophia Scott

    Who is still listening in 2006?

  51. 707 X

    i got bvb vibes from the intro instrumental

  52. Richard Colmenarez


  53. Shawn Givan


  54. 0 D

    I cant understand why people call rock and metal bands "emo bands" , what a fukin stereotype, i love rock and metal and Im not even close to be an "emo".
    This kind of mentallity aports aint shit to our society...

  55. Adryana Nichols

    The drums on this are fucking sick!! Mike is so talented!!

  56. Taline Bxp

    YESSS amazing song!!! I love this so much PTV never disappoint. Such a great band I love them so much and LOVE this song!

  57. Dezaraine Wilson

    No one can convince me that PTV sucks, this album is gold. Along with their other albums.

  58. Scab Lixx

    I like this band but some of these puns are literally killing me

  59. Anonym 186

    Founded in Osu! Best song ever

  60. Daenerys Targaryen

    I love this band so much!!!! They are perfect! They make me more proud to be from and live in Texas the lone star state

  61. yukuma neko

    still listening in 2017 🙀😻

  62. Christian Todd


  63. Tammy Valanche

    This sounds like a 9-year-old Donovan Melero singing.

  64. Nico Core

    I listen to this song every morning. Damn.

  65. icecreamcough

    Album was available May 13

    I guess you could say we

    Held on til May

  66. Insert Name here

    80% Talking about being emo

    20% Actually talking about the album and the song

  67. spam

    I'm from Texas 👌

  68. allMelanie

    i crie everytiem; PTV songs are so beaootyful 🎶

  69. Noah Warren

    Everyone comments "I'm not emo but this is great" okay first off, there is no such thing as "being emo" you just hear the word and think about teenagers with black hair cutting their wrists.second off, emo is actually a genre of music that is branched from rock, it is not just screamo, most of it is rock. And finally, this song/ this album is categorized as rock. Not trying to offend anyone but more people need to know the truth.

  70. Delilah Webb

    favourite peirce the veil song

  71. ELvIshO 793 pk

    soy el unico chileno aca

  72. Skilet

    what is this genre called?

    Mighty Strafe

    Skilet7x progressive rock/ post emo

  73. ldaftTpunkl

    Nice!!! song :D

  74. Daniel M

    aye yuh skrrt

  75. Lazy_ Neko

    yay I'm from Texas

  76. dickw wee

    I remember this song...my friend she said "go listen to it it's so good!" so I did...and I can't tell if I like it because it reminds me of her, or becasue it's a good song.

  77. Yaiko

    noice song

  78. DeadHamster305 part 2

    this band is more than good

  79. DeadHamster305 part 2

    this song is good and it will akwayd be good and as well as this band

  80. infinitelz2

    yo I'm in a band influenced by pierce the veil, rise against, silverstein and etc from Ocean County NJ. If you live anywhere near there hmu at [email protected] we need a singer

  81. carnage

    sins good

  82. Large Rooster

    Texans assemble!

  83. Destiny


  84. Andrew Bosio

    I love this song the beginning sounds real punk it's cool

  85. M' ReAdy

    So powerful

  86. PikaPlushNetwork

    for all the people saying it's 'emo' music. it's alterative rock, emo is more of a Fsos kind of band

  87. Milkteaism 『 torisshi 』

    osu! anyone? ANYONE???

  88. Bye Forever

    Bonnie and Clyde?

  89. Emilee Dorgan

    omg I am going to see them at warped tour this year!LOVE

  90. Luna Moon

    People keep saying there going back to emo, tbh did you ever quit? We're all emo-lords deep deep down

  91. xXxNADIExXx

    100% SS FC +HD

  92. Laura Oakenshield

    That instrumental bridge and Vic's screams "don't chase your nightmares" is like an orgasm to my ears every time.
    Is there anyone else who thinks so, or is it just me who is weird?

  93. Becca Ortiz

    I am for Texas I'm so happy that my favorite made a song with my states name in it

  94. Travis Jantzer

    I'm in Texas right now.