Pierce The Veil - Stay Away From My Friends Lyrics

Waking up your neighbors downstairs
I've been inside your bedroom a thousand years
And as you tie me to the bed for good I say
That I want you in the most unromantic ways

Louisiana, you're torturing me with a beautiful face
Ana come on, I thought we had a damn good thing
A penny in the couch and a diamond ring

So baby stay away from my friends
'Cause I need them to carry me
When it's over I'll count back from ten
And you can listen to glass hearts shattering

I don't know how you get into me
Down my throat and made a home in my veins.
They used to be the rivers that would take us away
But now you only call me every Christmas and my birthday
I still can't believe how you look next to me
Just like a strip club bedroom scene

Baby stay away from my friends
'Cause I need them to carry me
When it's over I'll count back from ten
And you can listen to something that you've never heard before

But you don't know what it's like
To wake up in the middle of the night
Scaring the thought of kissing razors
This blood evacuation is telling me to cave in
Stay away
Oh no
Just stay away from my friends

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Pierce The Veil Stay Away From My Friends Comments
  1. Florence Gaoiran

    2020, anyone?

  2. who diz

    Still jammin this in 2020

  3. Joel Joeshua

    The chorus hit so hard that I ended up lying on the ground in front of my friends. Never thought emo side of me is this much.

  4. Nsnanan Amems

    I think I’m catching feelings for my best friend

    mickey is scared

    This is the song is listen to if that happened to me

  5. TheONEneXtDOoR

    So weird returning after years to find the likes in thousands

  6. okinxen

    OKAY I HAD THIS STUCK IN MY HEAD TODAY BUT I COULDNT TELL WHAT IT WAS. Basically I had "downstairs... duh duh duh a thousand years" and I finally found it so I went to spotify on my phone right? To this album, but spotify on my phone only has shuffle unlike my iPad, but I was like,,, it'll come on eventually but IT WAS THE FIRST ONE TO COME ON THE SEXICAN MAGIC IS WITH ME

  7. jas

    this album will always be as good as when it first came out🤞🏻🖤

  8. Jessica Caron

    3:06 hits harder than any other lyric 🥺

  9. Christian Lacanilao

    Emo atacc

  10. Pickin Pickens

    Taking on
    seven years


    November 2019?

  12. WaitAMinute _

    My minecraft girlfriend just broke up with me... 😭😭

  13. Franceska Tha Queen

    Published Feb 24 2015
    We got together Feb 24th, 2010
    Our marriage anniversary is
    Oct 28, 2016 it would be 3 years tomoro. Thank you for the last 10 years Taylor Frank you're name will live on in memory and legacy!

  14. Monique Whyte

    Still belting this song out after all this time.😔🖤

  15. Franceska Tha Queen

    Louisiana never sounded so sweet to me and when we go on Friday to lay you with your brother... Daddy they might have to carry me away so I don't jump in YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO WAKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT I
    I Love You Daddy-Mommy

  16. Collin Hanshel

    My interpretation as ive gotten older is that it’s about some thot who’s just on games and playin with his feelings and he doesn’t want her to hop on to his friends and do the same shit. Idk that’s just me

  17. Kyabu Kapiji

    Nostalgia ❤

  18. I’m so Alone.


  19. Naomy Martinez

    They weren't my favorite band, I honestly simply never listened to them. I like heavier stuff; I had a friend who passed away almost two years ago, and this was her favorite band. I listen to them when I start to miss her, I miss her on the daily, not a day goes by I dont think of her and reminisce about the times we spent. She was honestly my only best friend, she was more of a sister than a friend really. I know shes in a better place now, but I miss her physically being here. I know shes with me at all times, but it isnt the same when you cant hug them or make them laugh or simply be in the same bed scrolling and jamming out. We didnt need to talk to feel like we were bonding. We had a connection, a connection I tried having with my other friends but it just isnt the same. She took a huge piece of me with her. I miss you. I love you. R. I. P. Baby girl Jasmin. I stay smiling for you 💝🌙

  20. Mei Rose

    3:17 oof gets me every time 😭😭😭

  21. Miss Foxx

    Screw you Bernie, I'm not signing your bs.

  22. Alyssa Escamilla

    I’m still jamming

  23. ari xoxo

    i don’t listen to ptv as much as i used to, i stopped self harming, ive reached out for help and support, im doing much better now but there’s reasons i don’t listen to this song, just because it brings back too many memories and it just hurts me a bit inside. still, it’s a beautiful masterpiece and im trying to make it into a good story in my eyes.

  24. Samantha Robb

    Okay but when I heard “...glass hearts shattering” I thought of Of Mice & Men 🤷‍♀️

  25. Victoria Lane

    "Louisiana you're torturing me with a beautiful face
    And I thought we had a damn good thing"
    Hit too hard, man. But in a literal sense, as I've lived in Louisiana all of my life and if sucks. If you date people here, most are southern as*holes or total s*uts, and you get pretty hurt over time.

    Heather Broussard

    Victoria Lane same!

  26. Glizzy

    2019 anyone? emo kid in me slowly coming bacc

  27. Mandy Davis

    She better stay away from me and my family and friends! Not you Megan. Her stay away from me!

  28. Hana

    I’m back

  29. Ajai Mitchell

    This is my favorite song by them right now!! God Bless this song.

  30. Zr00we

    Oh my emo heart!!! I love it

  31. aspenfaye

    this has been one of my favorite songs for years. it is so calming and it reminds me of many people from my past and when i listen to it, i get to choose which one i want to think about and each time i listen to it, it makes me happy and sad. Thanks for every pierce the veil you are absolutely amazing.

  32. angel najar

    Some hearts are made of stone because their glass ones were broken by someone with the same stone they have for a heart now.

  33. Janet Martinez

    no matter how long it’s been since my emo phase, i always come back to this song

  34. Rachana Shilal

    2019 anyone??
    oddly and sadly reminds me of a friend I don't talk to anymore :( hmu if you happen to see this A.

  35. Nikola Singer

    I love this song so bad 😭😍😍😍😍

  36. BadMistakes ßæ

    It says no rating I'll give it a rating 10/10

  37. Jelly Mark

    3:11 SQUEAK

  38. M Z


  39. Amanbun

    the title of this is literally what my ex girlfriend said to me everyday

    can someone tell me why
    my life is sad im a girl and i dont understand girls smh

    Oh No

    emo fish from spongebob hi I’m also an emo lesbian who loves Spongebob and doesn’t understand women, hows your 2019 been?

  40. nicole yaroch

    Lowkey kinda miss my emo phase yet it makes me cringe? Like emo me had good music. Me now is just boring.

  41. acid kat

    Going through a breakup and just need friends to talk to..

  42. Felix Ayala

    Awesome Song 😎

  43. Kalvin Ortega

    Could someone make a version of this with orchestra?

  44. Felicity

    I’m not emo I swear.

  45. Aeriel Kirby

    Woah talk about memories I’m a freshman in college now and I’m in dorm reminiscing on my green hair and all my band shirts that went missing

  46. I want to dieeee


  47. Gab Flores

    2019???? 🖤
    this song can really helps you in some badddd momentsss . love it 🖤🖤

  48. lil drank

    kissing razors :(


    Still one of the best songs brings back so many memories :(

  50. Angel Bailey

    I love how this song mentions Louisiana cause that's where I'm from

  51. Fairylandkitty

    I wanna know the piano notes, then make my own music with it

  52. Kalvin Ortega

    Favorite song out my top 10

  53. nico vamp

    This song makes me cry every time I listen to it, but they're bittersweet. Like sad memories to the song but happy that im in a better place and I can feel emotions. It feels good and human to cry. This band truly helped me..

    Karsenic 64

    nico vamp reading “its good and human to cry” kinda shifted something in me... I never really thought of it simply like that.

  54. ash ,

    not to a basic bitch but 2019?

  55. gamexver

    i’m still listening to this in 2019 :,) it’s so great

  56. vanessa lamson

    This was the first song I ever heard from PTV, and it still remains my favorite

  57. Oh Its William

    Welp my emo stage is over but im still here for ptv.

  58. Deanna :3

    🐻Villaaaaa you’re torturing me with a beautiful face. Villy cmon I thought we had a damn good thing. I don’t think you’ll ever see this but...💔

  59. Linda Petray


  60. Daisy Cadena

    6th grade me is in shambles right now :/

  61. Billie Undead

    3:06 "But you don't know what it's like
    To wake up in the middle of the night
    Scaring the thought of kissing razors
    This blood evacuation is telling me to cave in
    Stay away"
    The feels :(((

  62. George Cante

    Such a soothing song to sleep to

  63. dacringeyfangirl

    If I could participate on a talent show like America’s Got Talent or The Voice, I would sing this song.

  64. David Alcantar

    This song is symbolic for Depression & all the illnesses that come with it. He tells the illnesses to stay away from his friends cuz he knows how terrible & draining these can get. He doesn't want his friends to have to suffer from what he is going through & also needs them to be happy because that is what is keeping him sane right now.

    Atsuko Von Vanity

    @Förfrusen Listen dude I don't know what the hell your problem is but you realize PTV is considered metalcore, right? And if you think PTV is "emo pussy shit" then why the fuck did you look up the song to listen to it? Nobody needs anymore negativity in their lives so why don't you gtfo and stop being such an asshole. Also what's wrong with being gay? Oh wait I'm pretty sure you just say shit like this to sound hard don't you?

    Kota Tha Great

    @Förfrusen Who drug the dumbass in? Your music taste is ass. If you're gonna listen to "real metal," listen to something good, not the half-assed, wanna be emo that is the DSBM sub-genre. Stop those weak ass excuses for rifts in "Black Metal." That shit isn't Black Metal, it's what happens when you take emo music and put it through a garbage disposal, and then shit on it, and pretend it's good.

    Kate Sands

    Kota Tha Great music taste is individual. Doesn't really matter what others like, that's upto them

    Kota Tha Great

    @David Alcantar Imagine being such a tool that you defend a guy who was making fun of your taste in music.

    Ur_daddy_Cris 12

    Kota Tha Great Imagine being retarded enough for trash talking Pierce The Veil because someone gave their opinion 😐

  65. Reese's Piece's

    2018!! But when he sings "but you don't know what it's like, to wake up" HIS LITTLE SQUEAK OMFG I'M SORRY I'LL GO NOW!

  66. Hailey Mendoza

    Lmfao in college and this still gives me feels.

  67. Bunny Boy

    Vic says "unromantic" so romantically

  68. Yesenyya 714

    I love youuuuuuuuuuuu😄

  69. Young Stuntin Boy

    the beginning reminds me of the GOONIES

  70. Ira Champ

    This song makes me feel so happy and sad and in love at the same time

  71. Briana Dae

    Anybody know a good piano tutorial fir this song? Its beautiful❤

  72. Keyahna

    This song triggers me.

    Gerard Way trash


    But the this triggers me more ⬇️

    * g note *

  73. Derek Guffie


  74. gamingbendy36

    2018 still listening to this lol

    Ben Jenny

    chima god Sameeee

  75. dylan parrott

    their best "slow song" of this band next to "hold on til may"

  76. kat allen


  77. ReeeDINO

    A penny in a couch and a diamond ring <3 Idk why but I love that line.

  78. Ivy Bauer


    I was just introduced to them and I am already in love... this is truly amazing


    Ivy Bauer nice profile picture ||-//

    Ivy Bauer

    Em0 K4yla haha I've been getting replies like that ever since I changed it to that, which is probably why I haven't changed it to something else yet (it would be awkward)

    stay alive, fren ||-//

    im_a_rat_ and_so_are_you

    Ivy Bauer welp the album came out like an hour ago ||-//

  79. jenavee G

    2018 anyone?

    Ben Jenny

    jenavee G meeee

    Leslie Diaz

    Hell yes and 2019 love! 💜

  80. Ms.CreepyPasta 913

    yall..this song is about anorexia

    Aundreya Grace

    Ms.CreepyPasta 913 i always thought it was too but i guess everyone interprets it differently

    Destiny McClaskie

    Why do you say that

    Gerard Way trash

    How come? 🤨

  81. Michelle Devol

    Vic sings like an Angel. My heart cant take it...just wow!

  82. nareazfnst90

    2018 anyone?

  83. Yasinsong

    I relate to much to the tittle tho...

  84. George Cante

    Fuck has it really been 6 years since I listened to this in high school?? Growing up sucks

  85. marissa hernandez

    Thank you for saving my life 🤞❤

  86. Ant knees

    Real sad boi hours

    WaitAMinute _

    😭 my roblox girlfriend broke up with me

    Nathan Wicked

    Facts bro. Facts.

  87. Даниил Косилов

    this is so romantic, sad and light, he put in this song so much fellings

  88. Atky 9

    2018 still good

  89. depressogirl


  90. Whitney Autumn

    Louisiana...you're torturing me with a beautiful face
    Ana come on I thought we had a damn good thing

    That part makes me cry because I know exactly what he is talking about. I've been through it.

    Marissa Lemos

    I know ana is anorexia but louisiana?


    @Marissa Lemos Vic allegedly has/had a thing for southern women

  91. meegan

    So baby stay away from my friends that I don’t have ._.

    Kyoka Jiro

    meegan aww i’m sorry i’ll be your friend if you want

  92. Mayla Eastwood

    Jeez I feel like this song should be slower but theirs no in between button for .75<,>1

  93. SidVz

    I can remember my fringe having blueberry head ass like it was yesterday

  94. Kay Fay

    so it's 2018 and im 17 years old now a senior in highschool I haven't listened to ptv since I was in 8th grade damn this gives me PTXD lol


    Why is nobody talking about PTXD because I’m fuckin dyiNg

    Mya McIntyre

    21, haven't listened since I was 16. Damn I still love them.

    Ava-Hunt Birch-Balkin

    Kay Fay wtf is “PTXD”?

    Anna Mier

    “PTXD”.....you’re going places my friend

    Trinity Harness

    PTXD lmaoo I'm stealing that

  95. Jeffery Barnard

    Hehehehehe 69 😆

    Briana Dae

    Jeffery Barnard why xD

  96. Carolina Castro

    3:05 “but you don’t know what its like to wake up in the middle of the night scaring the thought of kissing razors” 😭🖤🖤🖤🖤