Pierce The Veil - Song For Isabelle Lyrics

She paints in grey
And she closes her eyes
Till the fireworks and palm trees almost look alike
She looks up to me and whispers
"I won't be here in a year"

So I take the long road to think and wonder why
I can't sleep with all this sunlight
If there's still evidence of us
Why can't that be enough?

I don't mean to drag you down
You taste just like you always do

Isabelle hides so I can't find my way
I'd give anything just to surround your dreams

The envy of the dead
The sound of scissors and sleep
I can't believe you dreamed and pulled all of your clothes off
You're not supposed to drink with what's inside your purse
And not expect me not to call, call you out

I'm guiding your chin to my lips
Using only my fingertips
All we have are parking lots and nowhere to go
If you love me, then show me more

Isabelle watches me from far away
I'd give anything just to surround your dreams
I know you like when the temperature rises to a boiling heat
The chlorine and wine found
He sees through her nightgown
And everything fades away

The stars awake
But we can't see them out
So why pretend?
Is there a train that travels back to yours at 5am?
Or are we walking?
Car alarms and leaves that blow
They're calling out our names
But it's gone too far
Your butane mouth will spit me into flames


Sorry 'bout it, I can't help it
I'm an anarchist in love
And I forgot to call you
I can't break you down while
I think about honey and the sweet New York sounds

Isabelle hides so I can't find my way
I'd give anything to carry on and on and on the same way
The temperature rises to this boiling heat
The chlorine and wine found
He sees through her nightgown
As Saturday burns away

Back in the days when I was young
I'm not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again
Back in the days when I was young
I'm not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again

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Pierce The Veil Song For Isabelle Comments
  1. Isa Harasymowicz

    my name is isabel Its almost the same ;-;

  2. Go Bonkers AaAaAaAaAhHh

    I was obsessed with this band for like two years I even bought loads of merch 😂 but then I stopped listening to them and started listening to like tik tok music but I’m hooked on them again 😌

  3. Lavender Issy

    I was thinking of the song Roxanne and wondered if they had a song with my name 😳

  4. Josie Sanchez

    “Show me more” 😏 1:42

  5. Illegal Trash

    I hate to be this person but.... 2019, almost 2020 anyone?

  6. Mary Clarizz Pedrosa

    who's with me in 2019?

    Illegal Trash

    Mary Clarizz Pedrosa lol I thought I was the only one. Most of the comments are from 3 years ago

  7. Isabelle Marie


  8. Narciso Perez

    This song really hits you once you get an experience like in the song

  9. can we reach 50 000 subscriber with no video

    Remebering my little sister who died in a fire 💔 imissyousomuch my sweet little princess theres no day that I wouldn't blame myself for being there when you needed me I love you so much I miss you ❤😭

  10. Alexander Mercado

    2019?? Who's til there?

  11. emo swaggedboi

    For all those beautifal smart nice and emo girls😶🙄😏😣😥😗😙😚😎🤗😅😀

  12. Arturo Moreno

    This takes me back to high school :((

  13. Isabella 44

    My name is Isabella? Not Isabelle >:( ur gonna have bad time Vic

  14. Grungy Oranges

    My name is Isabelle, Peirce the veil is my one of my fav bands, and it was released a month before my Birthday 0.0

  15. Isabella Malik

    Lol I’m Isabella

  16. Try try

    Music video please

  17. Natalie Moran Pillage


  18. OneAndOnly Lokey

    2:56 can we agree that solo is pure fucking sex! 😍😍

  19. Andromeda09

    Just realized that the last lines were lifted from Back In The Day by Ahmad.

  20. speedingchimps

    can't believe that this album is 3 years old

  21. Sapphire Miller

    what to do when to people your Vic but on the inside you only relate to Isabelle

  22. Invisabella

    This song is so beautiful. At 2:56 I feel it in my soul I will love PTV forever and ever.

  23. Isabella Orozco

    My name is Isabella why couldn’t it been an e instead of an a

  24. Martini Paulette

    Its almost 3 years. Do we need to wait 1 more year?

  25. Porcellina 07


  26. Keanan Connor

    "she looks up to me and whispers I won't be here in a year"

  27. Crash Tise

    Is this song for Isabelle from animal crossing?

  28. Hailey Haase

    Why am I crying???

  29. green absinthe

    I can relate to this so much as the girl's I am in love with name is Isabelle and 'our' story is similar to this one

  30. Glue Gang MSP

    my name is isabelle blushing

  31. cassidy corinne

    is it just me or are the nostalgic vibes of this song too much to handle???

  32. Isabella Cain

    Love this song

  33. Lein4d 4zem

    ISABEL SAPE!!!!!

  34. Latavia

    I have listened to all four albums and I fell back in love with ptv again

  35. Spoopy Parallax

    I'm in love with an Isabelle, so this feels very fitting.

  36. Izzy Sparkles

    My names isabell. Close enough lol

  37. Don’t Panic! No Not Yet It’s Longer Now

    this reminds me of hold on til may

  38. benjamin

    this song is actually so sad but its so... beautiful i cant help but play it all the time. its one of those songs that you dont get sick of

  39. Savannah Rene

    Consider my emo soul officially snatched

  40. Timothy Romero

    For smash

  41. twisted beauty

    🤟🧛‍♀️🤟 yassssss

  42. Leyton Lord

    I used to have a girlfriend named Isabelle, then I heard this song and died a little.

  43. Seth BreedenDrums

    Mikes such an amazing drummer and person.. Some much bs. Dumb hoes #welovemike

  44. Some x Brand

    This song is perfect. Thank you for this.

  45. Anthony C

    This song makes me cry every time I hear it, don't know if it's for Vic's voice or the fading piano or being the last in the album

  46. Larryisreal 28

    When your name is isabelle🤟🏻

  47. Carter Sings

    This is one of my fav song its so good

  48. Isabelle Potter

    Its not my favourite because vic says my name honest ...

  49. Elizabeth Landowner


  50. Ice Coffee

    This is one of my favorite PTV songs

  51. - miscellaneous things -

    I love the ahmad at the end, that line will always make me feel out of body

  52. ReynaIsAKitchenSink


  53. Denial Number 4

    My name is isabelle!

  54. Hawtep

    I love this song

  55. fatheadizzy

    hdjdjd still my favorite 💕

  56. Isabella Paredes

    Lmao I live in Texas (Texas is forever-song) and my name is Isabella - close enough to Isabelle lmao

  57. John Wick

    Isabelle: The Little Girl from Texas.

  58. wesley sloat

    The story of this song makes it much better

  59. supernova_sam

    now i want to be named isabelle :c

  60. ばかさみしい

    Everyone is commenting about how their name isn't spelt as "Isabelle" and I'm over here happy as ever because that's my name and they actually spelt it right :,) I remember when this song came out my mom was waiting to get a tattoo and I ran up to her asking continuously to get the CD from target and she of course said no :,(

  61. no soy jonathan

    i love you ptv ty

  62. Bubbles

    That little crack in his voice when he says taste omg 0:46 Awwww ❤❤

  63. rikiller jimenez

    i know that isabelle...

  64. 1-800-LIL-PEEP

    reminds me of an ex named Isabelle.

  65. Melissa Aguilera

    this song makes me laugh

  66. Tumblr CAT

    I think the song is about Isabella the queen of Spain im not sur about this but ewat other Isabel is he talking about

  67. Isabelle Bento

    The perfect song for me :)

  68. Why Life ?

    I’d give anything to carry on the same way~ ptv

    But we can’t carry on the black parade is dead

  69. Samantha Merino

    This song is incredible. It legit gives me a thousand different emotions.

  70. Cherry

    My name is Isabelle💘

  71. theundeadmike

    “Back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again..” following them since I was a teenager and being in my twenties now I appreciate this piece of lyric damn memories are so beautiful and haunting

  72. Dirty Random310

    Whats Pierce The Veil Know About Ahmad?

  73. Isabelle Burdge

    A song for me? How sweet

  74. Ashton Rocha

    The ending quote

    "Back in the days
    When I was young
    I'm not a kid anymore
    But some days
    I sit and wish
    I was a kid again"

    Is actually from a song called Back In The Day by Ahmed. Its a rap song. Check it out

  75. Dis Boi

    Omg those last few piano notes topped off my death of emotion

  76. Belle DeMasi

    My names actually Isabelle.

  77. Taylor N

    Recently lost a friend named Isabelle this song really hits home for me.❤️

  78. Mode


  79. Valtemir Lionwhite

    The Beeeessstttt ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  80. dad teej

    i just had a flashback to seventh grade and my heart hurts now

    Haley Frazier

    What happened?

  81. imtoogayforthis

    I hate this song with the passion. Be sure to follow me @gayblep on instagram!! I always follow back. Fuck pierce the veil.


    No what, love?


    Why do you say "wat"? I asked you what you were saying the word "no" to. Do I need to explain the entire conversation?

    asdfghhk acbtdjkl

    I like Pierce the veil

  82. imtoogayforthis

    Isabelle does not enjoy this song. She is not this TYPE of emo. Follow her on instagram @nia_sniper_wolf.
    Send love <3

  83. _Reo Yūrei_

    The fact that my friend's name is Isabelle, lol I'm playing this for her birthday

  84. Arturo Moreno

    This song got me through some deep shit back in 2016

  85. Isabel Salcedo

    When ur name is isabel❤️


    Why does this CD hit home so hard ?

  87. Ezzaq Daniel


  88. Nisha Smith


  89. Isabel Graff

    It'sa me, Isabel

  90. Rocky Jodecy

    That's it my name is Isabelle

  91. Isabelle Cristina Silva Santos

    Obrigada amor pela homenagem kk

  92. Viricus

    I wish I could show the whole world Pierce the Veil.

  93. lithium b


    Omg i knew it