Pierce The Veil - I'm Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket Lyrics

Choke, tried to wash you down with something strong
Dry but the taste of blood remains (of blood remains)
Cold, empty mattresses and falling stars
My, how they start to look the same

So keep in happiness
And torture me while I tell you,
"Let's go in style."
A million hooks around
A million ways to die
Darling, it's cold outside

No, no more eyes to see the sun (to see the sun)
You slide into bed while I get drunk
Slow conversations with a gun
Mean more than I've ever said to anyone, anyone

So keep in happiness
And torture me while I tell you,
"Let's go in style."
A million hooks around
A million ways to die
Darling, let's go inside
It'll be alright

But last night, you said you ended up in Palm Springs dancing on tables
Almost fought some bitch at the club (yeah!)
Got kicked out of your hotel and lost your shoes
Well, fuck, what am I supposed to be, impressed?
You're just another set of bones to lay to rest
I guess it’s time to say goodnight.
Hope you had a really good time, good time

And I will soon forget the color of your eyes and you’ll forget mine

So keep in happiness
And torture me while I tell you,
"Let's go in style!"
A million hooks around
A million ways to die
Let's go outside
It'll be alright

But last night, you said you ended up in Palm Springs dancing on tables

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Pierce The Veil I'm Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket Comments
  1. Prakash Rampersaud

    as I placed the 32. into my mouth i remembered the colour of my own eyes and snapped out of it

  2. Prakash Rampersaud

    as I placed the 32. into my mouth i remembered the colour of my own eyes and snapped out of it

  3. PhantomBE

    I forgot how much beauty Vic's lyrics obtain. The way he words this song perfectly captures me and my ex's relationship. She was a broken girl who was far from saving. I was low on gas myself and she needed a jacket. I could only do so much :/

  4. very tired

    wait the lyric is fought some bitch and not fucked some bitch?

  5. Tyne Lexi

    3:18 that one lyric hurts so much 😪😭

  6. kid pyro

    Oh the memory’s

  7. An Gi

    Bro, this was my favorite song from Pierce The Veil. Today it got on recommendations and now I feel nostalgic.

  8. Lisa Helson

    When I first listen to this song I find it funny when I misheard the lyric “I fuck some bitch at some club, got kick out of your hotel” but then seeing the actual lyric goes, “Almost fought some bitch..” made it more hilarious. I don’t know exactly why

  9. Lyndee Star

    Who’s still listening in 2020? 😍

  10. Marci

    Liek if u cri evry tiem

  11. TIAGO Mito

    BR porra

  12. Jocasta 01

    Its 2020 now, they are in their 30's and were all 19 and older :'(

  13. Travis Shelton

    This song was the first song me and my first love/mother of my child connected too, and now it’s a martyr of her and how things are now.. and it hurts but I still love every part of this song

  14. ilomiloharry _

    anyone here in 2020 or just me?

    Brea Gregory

    Happy new year

  15. Sadik

    1:11 really fucking annoys me to death, even after all these years...

  16. vyn and carlos

    Still my songs even if the year will end

  17. Pedro Julio

    Old times, in highschool I listen this music every day, great time; and now this music leave my depression has I living today. Brazil love piecre the veil.

  18. Chisom Anyanwu

    Every few years i come back. PTV will always have a big place in my heart

  19. Elijah

    Shit isnt really a phase😂 halfway done with college and still listening to the same shit from when i was 16.

  20. Hoppixel Girl

    this will always be my favourite song from ptv

  21. Francisco Garcia

    This is why I don’t like being bothered...

  22. Anthony Wentzel

    When you realize this song was named after a quote by Garth from Wayne's world...

  23. Ash Portillo

    Am I the only one that still listens to this song in 2019???

    Dallas Gibson

    definitely not, I end up falling back to my favorites like this so so much even tho my scene/emo phase 4 or 5 years ago

    Crush The Embers

    Need someone to talk to add my insta @ocram.808 :)

    Art of Nate

    u ain't alone bruh. PtV nostalgia :)

    Shapeless in Veins

    Am I the only one that still listens to this song in 2020??

  24. Matilda Cool

    this song makes me cry every time and i’ve never even been in a relationship. it just hits me in the feels ya know.

  25. Tristian Dasher

    I first found PTV with King for a Day, was confronted by a hardcore listener in middle school and stopped listening for a while (was listening to other music at the time). Around the middle to end of Junior year, I found them again and started with MCR but ultimately started listening to PTV almost religiously during some rough times. Ever since I found them, they have given me a wonderful escape to listen to their music in the car on the way to school. They will always have a place in my heart and I hope they continue to touch the hearts of many people. They were a hand to help me back up when I was down and I thank them for that.

    TL;DR PTV helped my through hard times and may they live long and prosper.
    (This and Match Into Water are probably my favorite songs by them)

  26. harry mcfatterson

    Autumn 2019 ???


    harry mcfatterson hell yeah

  27. Dennis Limin

    Gusto ko ito ang ganda.talaga

  28. Southeast Uncensored

    I just found this song in 2019. Wtf. What else's YouTube been hiding from us!

  29. Erin Rideout

    This comment wasnt asked for and is completely unneeded, but fuck it. Who's here in 2019. Come jam with me guys, gals, and non binary pals!!

  30. Aya Bakry

    2019 anyone ?

  31. tyrannosaurus-dex

    One of my fav from the album

    bananapeachsmooth •

    pls tell me more song like this,this genre,and emotional

  32. Mikki Domingo

    Is this a referrence to Wayne's World?

  33. lol Coolio

    2019 anyone?
    MCR fans too? Lemme hear it!

  34. Desiree Estrada

    None of these comments from 2019 making me feel really sad, damn have the times changed so much

  35. Shaun Frazzini

    Fuck.. so many memories😩 I miss being a kid and just not worrying about a thing.

  36. Bri Cruz

    Bumping via 2019

  37. CharEliz18

    Anyone listening in 2019! Saw them back in 2016 was soooo good!

  38. Allan Wake

    2019? 🤟

  39. Ridho juliansyah

    I hope for the best for them

  40. Nick Bowne

    2019 🔥

  41. Jojo Jojo

    BvB or PTV ? me: Skimask Slump God

  42. Wakan Lvcid

    I love you

  43. Mckayla 12122

    I’m revisiting my emo phase after 6 years and it’s hitting home to some memories and I wanna cry cuz I miss it tbh :( good times.

  44. Joelle Mei

    7 year anniversary of the album <3 love you ptv 7/17/2019 :)

  45. Qir Que

    Today is the 7th year or this album and it still has a special place on my heart ♡

  46. paulsama

    2019 anyone ? came here just to feel nostalgic

  47. Ario

    No more eyes to see the sun

  48. Marie Guerrero

    Still slaps in 2019 💦

  49. Tiago Mateus


  50. Sojourn

    a bop stillll

  51. Chilly Lily

    Guys, this song title came from Wayne's World.

    Honey: Take me Garth

    Garth: But where? I'm low on gas and you need a jacket.

  52. h i

    This song is slowly becoming my favourite

  53. kathrine bella

    Dude time goes by fast

  54. merelen vlog

    Who is still jamming to this 2019?

  55. Zachary Muse

    Fuck , what am I supposed to be impressed .

  56. Sylvia Barboza

    2019 anyone???

    No? Just me?



    No. not only you. alot of people. Please stop commenting what year you are watching this...it's annoying as fuck.

  57. Whorror Queen

    Haven't listened to this song in so long. Brings me so much nostalgia and memories from my emo phase

  58. Adrian Wallflower

    We aren't teenagers anymore.

  59. hug dealer

    how do these guys come up with such powerful music... I swear this is my favorite song

  60. Elvieanca Lampera

    2019 anyone?

  61. Alo Sol

    "*FUC*wad am I supposed to be impressed?" is what i always hear xD

  62. Mr.NakedGuy

    Looking for my long lost friend named Dominique introduced her to this band she fell in love with it. I lost all contact with her been searching for years. Now this is all I can resort to. Please find me

  63. Alondra Ortiz

    wow i haven’t heard this song in years had it stuck in my head all day played it and now i’m full of nostalgia 😭

  64. Avery Briner

    hey everyone i miss my boyfriend

  65. J L S D

    titty fuck tha lasagna

  66. Copeified Lip

    My favorite song...

  67. yogi Day

    Who still listening in 2019...$

  68. Megan Canzonieri

    funny how these songs still hit the same almost 7 years later

  69. everytime's the first time

    I totally forgot that I used to listen to this song. Oh my god this is so nostalgic.

  70. Nicole Chavira

    whos still listening in 2019

  71. Thomas Rafferty

    2019 anyone?!?

  72. Rachel Sky walker

    Anyone in 2019 still bopping?

  73. Battery Life

    2019 anyone?


    Who still hearing each song of them in 2019?

  75. frank kropp

    I thought the title was a Wayne's World 2 quote...

  76. Kevin Moncada

    Anyone else hearing to this in 2019?

  77. Gus Bailey

    this was the shit in year 7

  78. Julian Dias

    this comment goes out to my lovely girlfriend she means the world to me and thank you for showing me this song !!!!!

    Hailea Skye


  79. Raven Graver

    im low on testosterone and you need cums

  80. Jose Colmenero

    Who's still jamming to this in 2019?

  81. charleye0101

    "no, no more eyes to see the sun" always gettttts meeeeee

  82. Nelsonwackyvideos 2

    I'm low on gas and you need to brush your teeth

  83. angelina r

    why does vic never sing "I will soon forget the color of your eyes and you'll forget mine" when he performs this live:( guess he finally forgot the color...

  84. Potato_gacha UwU

    Is it weird that I cry to this

  85. Jayyy Jayyy

    Why is the intro kinda familiar it's sound like uhm Girls Like you maroon 5 i think?? xD

    voodoo mama juju

    dont compare trash with gold pls

    Jayyy Jayyy

    @voodoo mama juju hahaha iknow i'm just kiddin

  86. Alyssa Todd

    A million hooks around a million ways to die:is this dead by daylight?

  87. Cristopher MP

    Esto nunca dejará de tener un lugar especial en mi corazón :')

  88. yass hoe

    Party rockin 🎸

  89. Nanc_ita Flores


  90. AngryMisanthropicLoner

    Forever my favorite band. I love you pierce the veil. I've held on until May on many occasions and fuck did you your music really help with that. ❤