Pierce The Veil - Dive In Lyrics

Dive in, take a breath
Blow the smoke through the hole in my chest
Still choking on the bed
Found your waste while the ember red
Keeps falling down and burning holes
Until the pillow and the mattress glow
Now I wanna be the tattoo ink
That swims down through the needle in your skin

And I wish I was poisonous
Like a bottomless sound, like a violent drug
Do you remember the knife I kept?
The sharper it got, the more you wanted me to use it
I was lying to you, but you were lying too
So what's left to do? What's left to say?
Stop making friends, just us
I'll decompose with you

So light the fuse inside your brain and we...
We will detonate!

You threw your drink at the wall
It started raining wine and glass so
Stay and warm me with the Gentleman Jack
Gold locks on the cage, turn your diamond keys
Open the door you'll see me digging out my getaway
(Away, away, away)
Hang the stars who pulled the pin out of my heart

And just because you're screaming for my-a-a- attention
Does not mean I will waste my time
So hold your breath and swim under the ice

And modern anxiety
That motherfucker never rests
Our adrenaline is kickin' in so play the beat faster
Head for the streets, we're the puke and decay
We're only dreaming, what's your problem baby?
Don't mean to break your heart
I'm the new fragrance in fermented jars
In area code (666)

And just because you're screaming for my-a-a- attention
Does not mean I will waste my time
So hold your breath and learn how to swim underneath the ice

(They're everywhere, nothing can stop them, nothing!)

Kill me if I end up like... you!

And just because you're screaming for my-a-a- attention
Does not mean I will waste my time
So hold your breath and swim under the ice

I know that it's not safe here
You did this to yourself but have no fear
Just hold your breath and swim under

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Pierce The Veil Dive In Comments
  1. abigail hushbeck

    Here in 2020!!

  2. Ali-May ASMR

    Absolute masterpiece 🖤

  3. Doominic

    Really great song. I just make guitar cover video this masterpiece 😁✌🏼

  4. Allen Inojales

    what's the meaning of this song?


    Still here 2020

  6. Molly Jade

    I am jamming to this song at 2 am and it's 2020 and I'm whisper screaming...

    ...secretly hoping one day I can do a cover of this song with all the vocals.... But that is just wishful thinking you know ☹️ 😂😂

  7. Mei Rose

    Guys...we made it it’s 2020

    All my fellow emos rise!!!

  8. Joe Navarro


  9. Jisoo Is Life

    I'm fucking 3 years and a month late :(

    I'm so sorry

  10. chef daddy

    this video was posted on the day my mom died.
    rip audrey theresa elliot 1-7-1959 11-22-16

  11. Afnan Baharudin

    Will you guys make a tour and come to Malaysia? 🙆‍♂️

  12. Mei Rose

    Can’t believe Jamie is now married 😭😭😭


    So what? Will he leave the band?

  13. rico paxton

    3 yrs in for that song and I still go back at it. One of the big all time favs. Thx for that joy, that you bring!

  14. Dian Tubuan

    I love this band since i was 10 years old, now im 19!!

  15. Ian Cristopher Pitogo

    Whos still listening? November 2019? 😁

  16. Cora Woodcook

    Because of this band I now have a crush on every guy I see with a SnapBack and Vans...
    But I guess that’s not a bad thing

  17. Shae A.

    I feel excitement and so much emotion when I listened to this

  18. n/skz

    I stopped listening to ptv for about 4 years but I’m back and they’re still just as good as all that time ago

  19. elijah?

    Came back here in 2019 to remember my highschool days and being happy with my friends and even going to a PTV concert with my crush at the time 🌻

  20. hdjsk jkiovejkr

    at 1:23 you can see Vic looking down at the camera

  21. The Fallen Horizon Official

    I just looked at this video 3 years later and just realized a part of this video is on Edmonton I’m pretty sure

  22. Deadshot32

    Why does the piano at the end sounds so familiar?

  23. FrankieDODOyeah

    0:47 Count your blessings

  24. Gianne The First Mushroom

    I wish pierce the veil is still exist

  25. Beto Fernández


  26. Hustler Biden


  27. Karsenic 64

    My drum teacher introduced me to them with this song and make me learn it. Love it so much 👌

  28. KambengKampret

    The girl crowdsurfing on 1:21, she stole my heart


    Masa sih, wkw

  29. Roel Q

    I'm checking this video out 'cause it's such a rich source of sartorial inspiration. I love how the boys of PTV garb themselves. Albeit I'm not a fan, "Hell Above" and the stripped versions of "Caraphernalia", "Bulletproof Love" and "Floral & Fading" made their way to my playlist.

  30. ameron dragon breeder sequeira

    Okay just hear me out..... Tyga looks like Vic in his music video BOP. I mean like he really does and also turns out no one knows who PVP is. So if anyone w is curious about Vic's look alike than please go and watch it because I'm starting to think I'm the only one who saw it

  31. Trinity Erin

    Did they just make fun of Vic because sometimes he sounds like a female while singing by putting him in the female bathroom?

  32. jana smith

    O.75x speed sound cool, it was a little experiment I did. I like the og better still

  33. Lmao No

    Please tour again in the US I’ll fly out for it , I just need to see you all

  34. Deathly Hallows Hufflepuff4

    Let’s diVE rIGht iNtO iT!!!
    Ur you get this I love you

    katherine ruiz

    Ha. Crankthatfrank

  35. Leonardo George

    2019 ? YOU ROCK 🔥

  36. Aлёна •

    1:22 This girl is so cute oh my god 😊😂

  37. Aлёна •

    I will probably love this band for my hole life... (I want to !)

  38. i don't match my youtube channel

    I need pierce the veil, without them i would have never smiled as much ad i do now and happy for a long time because my happiness doesn't last long but with them i am happy.

  39. Olivia Hughes

    0:03 reminds me of count your blessings 😆

  40. Caleb Carr

    I dont think it's a phase and I'm concerned lol

  41. Actualism PHD


  42. Juan Carlos Calfin Mardones

    Best album!!!!!!

  43. Matt Lopez

    This is the best quality of there concerts we’ll ever see lol

  44. Alejandro Lazaro

    2019👋😂 Still listening

  45. Carla Castillo

    still waiting on their comeback

    Aлёна •

    Carla Castillo they are going to come back ??????

    Carla Castillo

    Poppi y check out pierce the veil’s latest instagram post! they’re working on a new record!

  46. Needspeed


  47. The User

    Their last album is legendary.

    Aлёна •

    The User All their albums 😂

  48. 2009

    got mad chills, love them so much :(

  49. Ciross17

    me estai weando que van a ser tres años desde esto

  50. Bambi -

    When is the next album?

  51. samara brier

    I just wanted to leave a comment

  52. Bes


  53. Shanna Rene


  54. Maro Love


  55. Tai Crisco

    Vic at Disney? On Rock N Roller Coaster? Now I'm depressed I missed him 😕

  56. Doğukan Cengizoğlu

    please follow my blog on instagrarm

  57. Vitor Gabriel Leite

    Até hoje eu escuto a música desses cara ,eles são muito foda

  58. C J

    I love Mike's "bad religion" tank 👌👌❤❤

  59. C J

    Fuck I will never stop loving these idiots, they will have a place in my heart forever 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  60. Stormey Shoults

    I remember being in middle school and blasting PTV on my speaker in my bedroom as I listened to my mom scream for me to “turn that sh*t down”

  61. Arturo Moreno

    It’s time for a new album :)

  62. Rachel Amburose

    Def my favorite song out of the album

  63. kisaaa :3

    *Drive In*

  64. Angela Claudine Gaudia

    I love you so much 💖

  65. Aiu Mantequilla

    México TwT💕

  66. Piper Quinn

    me to vic. me to.

  67. TheDope mystic

    2019 still jamming 😍😍🙌🙌🤩🤩

  68. Potatochipz 2340

    This song will always have a strong meaning to me and it will have a special place in my heart

  69. Emily Kerryn

    is that atlanta georgia aquarium in this video? i know this video was filmed in atlanta

  70. JuanKGamerx

    2019 :3 Chimba de canción uwu

  71. 男の子悲しい

    Wtfffffffffffff they never age....

  72. berry slyy

    K pex 2019?

  73. Emma King

    I suppose the veil hides the beauty too...

  74. Emma King

    I suppose the veil hides the beauty too...

  75. Candy Ninja

    Phone Battery: *5%*
    *pierce the veil marathon*

    Little Leonard

    i’m at 14%

    The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow

    Little Leonard It's to late.

    Little Leonard

    @The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow too late for what

    The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow

    Little Leonard To late to save your phone's life mwhahaha. Jk. It Dived in water, and now it'll never turn back on again.

  76. Abril Gómez


  77. xxkracklexx

    I was emo at 16 and now I’m back at 18 feels bad

  78. Tsunami EX


  79. Virginia Uhi

    The melody of this is so different but hypnotic at the same time

  80. Piper Quinn

    I have so many questions....

    Damn Smoothskin

    Panic! At the Emo Bands about?

    Piper Quinn

    @Damn Smoothskin this video😂😂😂 its the most random shit😂😂😂

  81. Daniel Balladares

    2019 and were all still in our emo phase

  82. Alaskan Girl

    I'll love them until the end of days.

  83. Natalie Moran Pillage

    You guys should come on tour again and call it the “short hair tour”

  84. Lavashnee Johnston

    Mood right now 🎶

  85. Trusca

    Acho que vi o D4rkframe na guitarra! 😂😂😂

  86. Carolain Ocampo

    I looooooooove this song so much!!! Still listening in 2019

  87. Freedom Martin

    When you're a bass and you want to sing along to any good song
    ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

  88. Ice Taffy1212

    They all still look the same

  89. Mcrmy

    3:48 Jamie - My awkwardness level

  90. Alejandra

    Already out of my emo phase but I always come back to PTV cause their music just always blows me away

  91. Jay

    3:13 r.i.p to his eyebrows.

  92. haylee

    I’m just so intruged by their drum patters. Like once your in rhythm the timing changes
    Which is good
    But like howww is Mike so good wtf

  93. Scythea

    Είμαι σε πονά.

  94. Ryan Bousquet

    One of the best breakdowns

  95. Olivia

    i dont care how far out of my emo phase i am, pierce the veil will always have a place in my heart