Picturesque - Speak Softly Lyrics

Speak to me softly now
I swear you'll never live this down
We move so slowly now
Now that you know your sin is out

Lust so carelessly
But were you ever free, yeah
Temptation's lost its way
No longer I'm astray
If you can't hold out
Then keep your volume down

Speak to me softly now
I swear you'll never live this down
We move so slowly now
Now that you know your sin is out

Give me your all
Stares pierce your skin
And society won't be forgiving
Of you this time
From time to time
You will learn just how to regret
Who you let inside
So keep your volume down

Speak to me softly now
I swear you'll never live this down
We move so slowly now
Now that you know your sin is out

Your sin is out
Lust so carelessly
But were you ever free, yeah
Temptation's lost its way
No longer I'm astray

Speak to me softly now
I swear you'll never live this down
We move so slowly now
Now that you know your sin is out

Is out

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Picturesque Speak Softly Comments
  1. Kupit Yah

    vocalist looks like masato from coldrain

  2. Dead

    He sounds this good live, can't wait until they come back to Australia.

  3. Morck Wolf

    Saosin + Sleeping With Siren = Pictursque 🤘

  4. se7enBC1

    I want This Season's Color back..

  5. Viswajith Ps

    Who’s here from Instagram?!

  6. Nino senpai

    My fav song for these days

  7. Fox Mulder

    Gives me SWS and PTV vibes.

  8. SRTboysintx

    I swear, if sleeping with sirens made a “If I’m James dean, then you’re Audrey Hepburn part 2” this would be it. This band sounds so much like the with ears to see and eyes to hear album. I love it.

  9. Isaiah T Garcia

    holy shit this sounds like PTV and SWS combined, my 13 yr old emo self just nutted

  10. Brandon Davis

    A seizure warning would've been nice at the 2 minute mark.

  11. morningstar333

    No more replay button....!! 😖 fine... one more time.

  12. Chill With Yammy

    reminds me of 2009 Michael Jagmin of A Skylit Drive 😔

  13. Creepyparty

    Nah. His voice sounds more like Anthony green imo

  14. mafadubu95


  15. Cloudzz Manee

    Loving the SWS similarity great music guys!!

  16. Alex Serrano

    New favorite band <3

  17. browen MC

    Naruto amv

  18. Yōkai Moose

    Holy fuck, I’ve heard this song like 5 times xD I’m sharing it with everyone, it’s so gooood!!

  19. Myotic Tesseract

    Speak softly
    Trigger epilepsy


    The only emo band i can stand

  21. jess s


  22. Glyphyflyingy

    " Speaking with suffering now "


    2018 🔥

    A Person with a sad soul

    HADES here fam

  24. Snorlax Galactico

    He's voice is horrible :c

  25. yummy3366

    I love the bands with high pitched vocals. and I just found my new fav...
    His range is amazing!

  26. Kaneki gamer

    Cadê os BR aq?

    Kaneki gamer

    @shadow oxe os cara brota do além aq ,que isso!!

  27. Spider6403

    You guys have to see this band live. They gave me the chills!! And an amazing performance

  28. Oziel Prado

    These guys are playing Warped Tour this year!!

  29. Eldeo Soul

    Holy fuck that was good! My feels!


    Oof 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. Cameron Strother

    This song legit almost made me cry!🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  32. Angela Miller

    This kid's looks have changed a lot in the last three years! I went from "Do Re Mi," to whatever I just gone watching (I to this, & I couldn't even tell it was him for sure in the last video.

  33. setfireinhand

    This song is pretty amazing

  34. Nicholas House

    Wow, I like Circa Survive's new name.

  35. Brad

    Secret and Whisper called. They said this band stole their sound. Totally dig this though. They are better than S&W also.

  36. Serban Mihalache

    Piece of sheeeeet

  37. whitechapelmusic123

    His vocal are insane, brings me back to when I first discovered SWS.

  38. Michael Kinnamon

    I can only hit the high note in head voice

  39. Jelly Bean

    I love this band and I'm so happy I got to see them in concert!!

  40. Greygregyall 357

    This song is so addictive. Came on in the gym today and I just had to watch the music video again. Their best song by far.

  41. Morgan Piersall

    I saw them at an i the mighty concert and oh my god this song is just as amazing live <3

  42. Lorena Parreira

    sws vibes! love thisss

  43. rakan-attractive

    الي جاي من عند سكور لايك 🙂

  44. Ra Scha

    AMV bring me here ❤❤

  45. Vital Aspects

    This song is amazing

  46. Adrian Alla

    Now it's difficult for me to choose which band is the best for screaming. Is it...

    Youth In Revolt?
    Too Close To Touch?
    Hail The Sun?
    PM Today?
    Avion Roe?
    A Skylit Drive?
    Of Machines?
    Secret and Whisper?
    Alive Like Me?
    Before Their Eyes?
    Circa Survive?
    Sleeping With Sirens?
    Drop Dead Gorgeous?
    Bleach Blonde?

    I don't know men.. It's a hard decision.

    Noah Cox

    Adrian Alla I haven’t heard a bunch of these bands, but I do know that on Sleeping with Sirens first album, there was a lot of screaming, and it was amazing

  47. Oziel Prado

    This Band is like a mix of A Skylit Drive,Circa Survive nd Of Machines

  48. cherub subs

    why tf am I discovering this just now I didn't know what I was missing



  49. Djentile 777

    Makes me think of a sky lit drive

  50. Jaythealien

    That high note at the end has me shook😱💘💘

  51. Awsometeddybear TeddyArmy

    Do u see he sticks out his booty some parts of the song

  52. Monsserat Acosta

    Soy el único que habla español

  53. Pierced French Siren

    Last time I heard a voice this high it was Kellin Quinn, I am amazed

  54. Arif Haikal

    I find this song ironic

  55. Tom Cruz

    the singer kind of sounds like Kellin Quin and Anthony Green . guitars sound like a mix of circa survive and oceana

  56. you don't want no fucking smoke

    reminds me of I See Stars

  57. Grym Housevilk

    Qué clase de kellin quinn es este? 7u7

  58. Chris Hoyer

    it sounds like a combo of i see stars and circa survive

  59. Mackenzie Richards

    I love voices like his and too close to touch and just that higher scratchy sound 😍😍

  60. bllutz

    Quit comparing him to kellin, the only arguable comparison is their vocal ranges

  61. Mariano Heemskerk

    very nice song! you got a new fan from Argentina !

  62. Mariano Heemskerk

    only 120 k? wtf?

  63. sinXO

    Overwatch montage,anyone?

    JessEmily 19

    sinXO what??

    Pochacco Dayou

    sinXO Ryu!

  64. James Yusof

    That A5 at the end is probably the highest any male vocalist has sung in this genre. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Jared Wilkerson

    Karl Prytz hit a G6 on Nova Prospekt - Shift. But it was obviously pitch corrected, as I'm sure Picturesque's vocalist was too.

    Jared Wilkerson

    Also Tillian from Dance Gavin Dance hit a D6 in Inspire The Liars.

    Diego Delgado

    Cedric Bixler-Zavala from At The Drive-In did a B6 in Arcarsenal and some head voice D6 in Eunuch Provocateur

  65. Vanija

    this song resurrected me

  66. bitch


  67. Golden

    On soundcloud I thought its was a girl omg I got rekt 0_o

  68. Jake Mahoney

    Okay but does this does this guy have anything on Tilian from DGD? Discuss.

    James Yusof

    the highest note that Tilian has sung in a song is a G5 (in inspire the liars). Kyle's last note at the end of Speak Softly is an A5. So in terms of who's able to sing higher, Kyle seems to win that bit. But in terms of consistency, its hard to say because Picturesque hasn't toured as regularly as DGD.
    Side note : Tilian is pretty consistent live.

    Shawn Slawter

    James Yusof
    Picturesque live with good audio

  69. AwesomeBoxman

    all of you just stfu just listen to the song my god on every song made by a band they're compared to someone do you have nothing better to comment about this guy has amazing vocals and they're a new upcoming band and all you do is compare them to another one.

  70. Alex King

    I heard them first on my spotify discover weekly, I thought the singer was female at first due to the vocal range. Amazing vocal ability.

  71. Ajuné R.

    HIS VOCALS. OML. HOW??? <3 I love it.

  72. Zach Edwards

    You guys are literally so amazing. I love this!!

  73. aduarte

    I could listen to this song 24/7

    damage 2836

    aduarte who said you can't

  74. Hanna banana


  75. Simpath Productions

    That jaw dropping high note :O

  76. DemeVice XVI

    omg shut the fuck up about the kellin shit
    Kellin cant hit half the note this guy hits let alone even sing irl.
    This guy and his group are MUSICALLY TALENTED. Stop comparing him to other people it's crazy annoying

    Pimp Daddy

    DemeVice XVI no

    Professor Sinnpai

    Bro! I'm going to have to ask you to calm down

    Diego Delgado

    Eh, Kellin Quinn did a B5 and this guy too. So they both are high tenors, they did the same notes.

  77. Captain Gnarly Davidson

    wtf is this gay ass full of trans. dude sounds like an ugly ass woman lol

  78. Essence Finks

    I'm newly obsessed with this band


    This never fails to give me goosebumps

  80. tyler pantelin

    This band is omg!!!! just heaven in my ears

  81. Ty S.

    He has so much power it reminds me of Anthony Green damn

  82. Society killed the Teenagers

    his voice gives me lifee wth😭❤

  83. useyourNOS

    his voice is incredible!

  84. Riley Adams

    God damn this band absolutely kills it. They deserve way more popularity. Props to you guys

  85. Hey it's

    i see stars + a skillet drive = picturesque?

  86. Aiden Pilot

    These guys and Too Close to Touch should go on a tour!!!

    laura kleven

    They did this spring, it was second time seeing Picturesque :)

    Essence Finks

    omg seriously that is the best comment ever :)

    Dick nose turd waffle

    They both went on tour with Secrets last year. lol

  87. Dillon Bellotti

    Except kellin quin is autotuned and sucks live these guys are the real deal live

    Xavier Obezo

    Deadly Venomous Skateboarding So true. saw them live and loved it. Saw SWS and hated it

  88. Ian Jo Semira

    Pls don't compare this to other bands because it's annoying to them, just enjoy their music

    Lukas Fridell

    I don't really see anything negative in that.

  89. William Karyadi Johan

    devin+kellin+michaeljag have a kid 😂

  90. Danilo mcgregor

    muito foda essa banda top dmais the best (Brazil Rock)

  91. jonathan fogliacco

    Que clase de kellin quinn es este...??? jaja

  92. MattSerj

    This just makes me miss Of Machines.

    Jared Wilkerson

    Right? They were so just nothing..

    Embrace_ Hatred

    Agreed Of machines was flawless.

  93. nalleli beatriz canul