Picturesque - Just Exist Lyrics

Brief little horrors send men to their graves
Without foresight they can't escape
They call on their loved ones with no avail
Doomed to fail
They scream pick up pick up
But no one is listening
Get up, get up, do you hear a thing
I've called you once and now I've called you twice
With a dead line

Well, well, this truly is a shame
But from day one I knew you'd change

I don't wanna live in a world like this
Where ignorance is bliss
Go on you've got your wish
Just exist
I don't wanna live in a world like this
Infatuation takes its toll
You've played your role
Love's not real

With constant blurring I'll forget your face
Memories fading without a trace
Wait for a relapse or something to break
Then you'll be back
Nights like these
Where I feel real
Reality sets in and I'll be gone again

Well, well, this truly is a shame
But from day one I knew you'd change

I don't wanna live in a world like this
Where ignorance is bliss
Go on you've got your wish
Just exist
I don't wanna live in a world like this
Infatuation takes its toll
You've played your role
Love's not real
Love's not real

The queen of hearts is tearing me apart
I will not give in
I will not give in

I don't wanna live in a world like this
Where ignorance is bliss
Go on you've got your wish
Just exist
I don't wanna live in a world like this
Infatuation takes its toll
You've played your role
Love's not real

I don't wanna live in a world like this
I don't wanna live in a world like this

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Picturesque Just Exist Comments
  1. Keaira Hardge

    I've never heard this version. I went to make a cover for fun and looked up the instrumental, this is what played and I was so confused.

  2. Joseph Dale

    I love you so much and I'm your 1# fan

  3. Abby Clarke

    Heard the acoustic version first, and honestly I'm in love with both

  4. Sean Tucker

    Anyone ever listen to Another Day Late?

  5. Chihiro

    Honestly love this song ❤️

  6. TheMinersMinors

    Their riffs remind me a bit of The Color Morale

  7. DropDeadSky

    I could hear a bit of Anthony Green and Vic Fuentes

  8. AWA1L

    Sound kinda like Pierce

  9. Remy Smith

    Just exist

  10. Brian Stancato

    How about Vic Fuentes.....Much more than Kellin


    Brian Stancato I thought the same

    Brian Stancato

    Glade I am not alone

  11. Pedro Henryque

    Muito boa a música viciei... Estou amando a música

  12. Andrew Hartung

    he sounds like an unholy mixture of kellin, anthony, and cove.

  13. DAICHI from D-MD VR Gaming

    this reminds me of some old songs from Paramore😊
    I love it😆

  14. Jaythealien

    I got chills ❤

  15. Dzimka Bujiashvili

    That chorus reminds me of idk what band's song, especially the first line, but sounds like something I've heard before. Help?

    sarah c

    Dzimka Bujiashvili i was thinking the same thing! can’t put my finger on it though


    Literally Mandela effect

  16. Dan S

    Wow. His throat must be so sore after singing this song.

    Dylan Hite

    I doubt it.

  17. Gabbie

    this band is just sleeping with sirens but better

  18. Dun let me be gøne

    My friend sent me

    She's a good friend.

  19. Keesh Riley

    All these comments about who he sounds like. He sounds like Kyle Hollis. 🙄

    Gabriel Swartzendruber

    Keesh Riley thank you! 😁😂

  20. Jamie Lagarde

    reminds me of the old lead singer from of machines


    fucking amazing

  22. Zion

    I can hit all his notes. But, an octave lower. Still sounds good.. hopefully I can make it big some day. Despite being cursed to never be a tenor.


    i have been for almost a year. I want to know what I'm doing wrong so i can fix it. :)

    Jay P

    zion you cant sing worth shit, youll never make it


    Jay Perry that's what everyone tells me 🙃

    Live Like Glass Official

    Honestly, Zion, you're not as bad as these guys are saying. Here's what my advice would be. Start singing without the grit. Focus on your tone, it's almost there, but you seem to be trying to hard to get that harsh tone that you aren't controlling your tone well enough to make it consistent. Your intonation is pretty alright. You go flat here, and there. No big deal, it happens. Just practice with scales much more often.

    Get comfortable in your range, by ALL means, but once you are, start to extend it. I'm a natural baritone/bass, but my singing range is around a D2 to a F7. You have to learn new techniques, and make it your life to understand vocals. I may not be the "best" singer out there, but I can do things with my voice that most people can't. That's good enough for me.

    So just make adjustments, and keep moving forward. We all start somewhere.


    Tf is these guys problem

  23. 1beebeered

    just bought the album awesome 💕

  24. JLogan Wallace

    Who's the lead singer of this band

    Matt Magee

    ITs anthony greenes vocal twin

    Keesh Riley

    Joshua Logan Wallace His name is Kyle Hollis.

    JLogan Wallace

    Thank you

  25. Robert Garza

    vic fuentes in the verses and kellin quinn in the choruses

    Matt Maan

    Robert Garza thought i was the only one who heard it

  26. laura kleven

    I've seen these guys 3 times now and I swear, Kyle is spot on every time. The whole band is incredible and crazy talented. Like holy shit, I'm addicted.

  27. Remy Smith

    This Friday!

  28. Kira Opoonechaw

    If you like this band, check out "alive like me" this band literally sounds like them

  29. Cristiane Rosa Macedo

    a lindju

  30. Jared Wilkerson

    1:09 Reeks of "Of Machines", which is great because that's one great band haha.

  31. thee aldeen

    Dylan Anderson was the 1st thing that came to mind for me too.

  32. Mary Ruiz

    So beautiful...

  33. Catie K

    It's like Kellin Quinn and Matty Mullins had a kid and named him Kyle Hollis

    Elish Murphy

    Catie K more like kellin and Hayley Williams from paramore

  34. Neon Goth

    Heeeeyyyy! I'm your little brother Camdyn's best friend!!!! Your family tried to adopt me, but my mom wouldn't let them! You would've had a black sister!!


    I just want to know whose eyeball that is.

    Obviously I love the song, but guys... whose eyeball is that?

    Kassidy Redd

    same thooo

    Chris Atwater

    Pretty sure it's Kyle (the singer)

  36. Tanner Lucero

    If Kyle sounds like anyone, it'd be a mix between Jag (ASD) and Marcus Bridges (former Sound of Seasons) who's now Northlane's Vocalist. And obviously a sprinkle of Anthony Green haha

  37. David n Kee O

    These guys are awesome! Haven't heard a bad or mediocre song from them yet. Everything is fantastic.

  38. Diego Salisbury

    They are just going to be getting bigger and bigger and just destroy the whole world with insanely amazing music.

    Sean Robinson

    Diego Salisbury "And if the bass shakes the earth underground"?

  39. Andris Nikodém

    I'm simply amazed how his voice can go up so much, so glad I found this band *o*

    Btw, I know that it's irritating when sy does that but guys please check out my instagram (@andrisnikodem)

  40. The Don of No Van

    They remind me a lot of Sleeping With Sirens, and I love Sleeping With Sirens.

  41. Jeremy Hilton

    Jesus christ that sounds so much like Jairus Kersey from Alive Like Me.

    Tyrell Crane

    literally my thoughts.

    Diego Salisbury

    +Jeremy Hilton YES

  42. Lumps xD

    Good shit.

  43. Peter Tanner

    This is what SECRETS would sound like if they were any good


    +Peter Tanner This sounds nothing like Secrets, so I don't see what you're getting at. Fragile Figures (and even The Ascent) are great albums.

    Peter Tanner

    +winter I was referring to their newest album, Everything That Got Us Here

    Peter Tanner

    +winter However I do agree that FF is a great record. It's their best work by miles


    +Peter Tanner I still don't see why the two albums would be compared though. They're very different from each other.

  44. Poppa Punker

    this is sick

  45. chroma

    First of all you're all stupid because this doesn't sound like kellen in the chorus, try again.. Dylan Anderson of machines carbon copy


    +Pat Burke Exactly, he's really similar to Dylan (the band as a whole is fairly similar to Of Machines, not that it's a bad thing.) Kellin is/was a great vocalist, but it's quite annoying when everyone with a similar range gets compared to him, even when they sound nothing alike.

    Dylan Forrester

    +winter This makes us happy. :')


    +Dylan Forrester you guys bring hope back, to bring back of machines sound is a dream come true


    Pat Burke It does sound like Kellin though.........Why you gotta be so aggressive about it......... Weirdo.

    Hayley Mills

    I agree, it doesn’t sound like kellin at all. it’s just because they both have a high pitch... which to me is BEAUTIFUL

  46. Ben Wade

    he sounds like Cove Reber from Saosin

  47. Slendrmen

    This band needs a screamer!

    Jimbob Sherwood

    I dislike screaming... This is so much more soulful.. I love it this way and even if they half scream/sing it is still wonderful.


    a little screaming at the background, or right before breakdowns would suit them. a long screaming, no. haha

    Ruben Rapalo

    Slendrmen super late but check out my band Eyes Of Another, you'll definitely like it if you enjoy this

    Taylor Bradford

    It wouldn't be Picturesque then. Maybe in the future they can move that way. Honestly right now I enjoy this style.

  48. Jordan Foust

    crazy how far these guys have come. I can remember seeing them play in their former bands before this one formed. Kudos to Kyle and Robert!

  49. Luis Garcia

    I don't think he sounds like kellin at all, he just has a high vocal range as well.

  50. Gian lml

    Y así es como una banda se hace conocida y lo único que comentan todo el tiempo es el parecido con kellin quinn en la voz ._. , encima ponen 3 canciones que ya estaban en su anterior EP al final solo son 3 nuevas canciones en este "NUEVO EP" u-u

  51. nandi8

    we demand more of this

  52. Youth Music TV

    The singers name is Kyle Hollis and he's extremely talented. We had these guys as our Band of the Week back at the beginning of the year and I'm very proud of how far they've come so far :)

  53. Haig

    I find it funny how his vocal pitch is now called "Kellin Quinn" by listeners


    +akulahirpada1993 Yeah Jag was one of the original high pitch vocalists in the post hardcore scene that I had discovered back in the days, but I guess it's cause this has that poppy type sound that sleeping with sirens has which is why people might compare.


    Haig Karkashian for real, he sounds nothing like kellin he just matches it vocal range

    Gabriel Swartzendruber

    Haig Karkashian Kyle is so much more talented than Kellin.

    Hayley Mills

    Gabriel Swartzendruber imma pretend you didn’t say that...

    Gabriel Swartzendruber

    You do that, just my opinion. Kyle's voice is mutch more appealing to me than Kellin's. And I'm not degrading Kellin in any way when i say this. But Kyle has more controll over his voice and has a falsetto in his vocals. He's just that much more talented than Kellin. Give there cover of Do Re Mi a listen and you'll see what i mean. But like i said, just my personal opinion.

  54. Latarian White

    I like the singer's voice good band CX

  55. Josh

    Well Kellin's line in 'If I'm James Dean' is "how the hell did we end up like this". Add the high voice and yeah it's similar

    David Dangerfield

    yes some one else heard it too! I thought I was crazy its the same pattern and almost the same pitch but this guy is fuckin amazing personally I like these guys better

  56. Shel ' Noo

    It's Kellin Quinn ? :o

    Matt Stark

    +Shel ' Noo no. just no.

    Shel ' Noo

    +Matt Stark okkey x)

  57. Hansol

    He kind of sounds like Kellin Quinn. Especially in the chorus. Pretty catchy. I'll check out the album. First time hearing about the band.


    +Hansol When he puts that strain on his voice its spot on. Listen to Monstrous Things, thats like a split song between Sirens and Vic Fuentes


    +Hansol He sounds more like Dylan Anderson, I don't really hear Kellin much.

    Brian Newman

    +Hansol sounds nothing like kellin at all. If anything he sounds like Anthony Green. Slightly higher pitched


    I hear some Anthony in his voice. That's who he says he is influenced by.


    He doesn't sound like Kellin much to me but if you wanna hear someone who sounds like Kellin, listen to a band called secrets. Only albums released after The Ascent though because that was a different singer. You can really hear it right off the bat in a song called dance of the dead from their second album.