Phum Viphurit - Sweet Hurricane Lyrics

I was sailing alone
You came along
I'm singing the song you wrote
You led the way
I couldn't say
Words became lumps in my throat

I, I'm loving this sweet hurricane
In time, I know we'll meet once again

When you're alone
It's with you, I belong

Stories we told
Will never get old
Though the fire's gone cold, you're my flame

I, I'm loving this sweet hurricane
In time, I know we'll meet once again

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Phum Viphurit Sweet Hurricane Comments
  1. Umay Siti

    the animation, phum and current his girlfriend. I cant to say this mv make me Jealous

  2. Damaris Ibrahim

    is that helen???

  3. leila francisco

    I know we'll meet once again :((

  4. leila francisco

    I CAN'T SLEEP lol so i just listen to this and now i'm sad

  5. Amalia

    he's like harry styles with thai version damn i love him

  6. Perthh _hh

    She in the video. she is helen? But I don't know because she is girlfriend Phum. Helen she is very beautiful girl I like her🏳‍🌈💞✨☀


    Im only a drizzle that gets blew away by a hurricane

  8. Parafina Rian

    wish my best friend was here

  9. นิตยา ตาลพรศรี

    Man today I come to your concert at Siam square, ITS SO FUN!!!!

  10. Ani Tri Wulandari Oktaviani

    I love this song, Phum 💕

  11. Ressa Jurnal

    In time, I know we'll meet once again. Rgh🎈

  12. Lam My Phuong

    That’s his girlfriend Helen Stettler. Wow they been dating for 2 years now

  13. Lam My Phuong

    That’s him and his girlfriend omg

  14. Beverly Glindro

    Is the girl Helen?

  15. Kotori Minami

    recuerdo nuestro primer beso :´v

  16. Daniela Godoy Caceres

    Me la dedico mi ahora ex 💔

  17. Lousy Af

    Reminds me about the love that has faded by time, hoping to give it another chance.

  18. stoopeed dumbo

    this is pure art

  19. North ErthaninG


  20. hee hee

    sad hours: open

  21. ilikehatdog

    i fuking love this song

  22. Corinne Casas

    The animation of him looks a bit like David from lilo and stitch

  23. JoD

    so beautifful

  24. Lily Smith

    this is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen

  25. Kayla V

    if i really got into a university i Japan next year and have to leave my country, my home, this is the song that i’ll play at the airport

  26. Kayla V

    feels like i’m finally home

  27. Blaie Nana

    The girl is Helen? SHE IS SO HAPPPY!!!!

  28. john balce

    Is 3:13 a reference to "Tie A Yellow Ribbon"?

  29. Jib Original

    feeling lonely but i'm not alone .....

  30. Walt G

    That yellow ribbon reference tho

  31. kaylene angelina jolie


  32. Hector Moreno

    Claro que si. Que buen vídeo y que buena canción.

  33. Dheva Anugrah

    I very like this song

  34. Gabriel Bayma

    This song is warm, which makes me reminisce bittersweet memories. The video as well, it is stunning. I love it all, thank you for both.

  35. Юлия Кац

    Everything is great in this masterpiece

  36. mi 4th

    This song is sooo underrated !

  37. SOPHIE


    I was sailing alone
    Then you came along
    Now, I'm singing the song you wrote

    You led the way
    I couldn't say
    Words became lumps in my throat

    I, I'm loving this sweet hurricane
    In time, I know we'll meet once again

    When you're belong
    It's with you, I belong

    Stories we told
    Will never get old
    Though the fire's gone cold, you're my flame

    I, I'm loving this sweet hurricane
    In time, I know we'll meet once again

  38. Sarah Adulratanaprai

    Just can't stop listening ❤

  39. 2 0 6 W A V E

    I was dating a girl long distance, everything was going great until i told her that i loved her. A week later she breaks up with me. This song really helps put to words what I feel. I'm not mad or upset but despite the wreck she left I'm happy i was able to go through it. I'm building back up as we speak. I don't want her back but maybe one day we can see eye to eye again. I've already forgiven her but we all have to move on at the same time. A literal sweet hurricane.

  40. cotton candy

    Why does music do this to my emotions?

  41. Юлия Кац

    Its so romantic... Thank u

  42. Helena Rodrigues

    I absolutaly love his songs aaaaaa but I still dont know how to pronounce his name someone help pls nfkenfkdnfkd

  43. Megan Shaw

    Beautiful boy

  44. july

    iM SO SAD

  45. Jahnavi Nirmal

    beautiful song and animation.

  46. yee haw

    Wow this is so nice

  47. Nuts Piss

    His voice is so beautiful. Goddammit ;-;

  48. Niyu Luna

    Magic... :(

  49. Star Adventures

    Guitar chords please

  50. Nisrina Tsany Hasna

    i'm crying

  51. Strawberry Princess

    u are my sweet hurricane♥

  52. Pradamas Gifarry

    Does somebody cry in 2:53 ?

  53. Entecha taken

    ชอบครับ เพลงดี ร้องดี เป็นศิลปะที่ถ่ายทอดผ่านบทเพลง

  54. Ink radakin ฟังคู่กัน

  55. Jace Aguilar

    Hello anxiety.

  56. Kaye Publico

    I feel really lonely now.

  57. Livia Putri

    idk why this song feel like bringing back memories

  58. Sam

    This just clenches my heart everytime I listen to it

  59. sheffieldgeek

    The thai John Mayer is here

  60. c h u b s

    I have a crush on someone a little close to me but i didn't knew right away that i have feelings for her and we always hangout together. When i hang out with her she really makes me happy and i know i made her too.

    But then we got busy with our own lives and we drifted apart because we weren't in the same class. After that i heard that someone was flirting with her.

    So after a month i heard that news about her i finally got the chance to get close with her again. But i don't know how because i feel so awkward now knowing i have a crush on her so it was a slow progress

    So after a while we're starting to get close again but not as close as before. But it's too late because she's moving to another school far away from our old one.

    To tell you the truth i regretted not talking to her and spending time with her. If only i can go back in time i'd treasure ever second i'd spent with. And i'll never make us distant with eachother.

    But now i think i'll never see her again :-((

    So if i were you i won't waste my time and i'd take every chance just to spend time with someone i like and i'll tell her how i truly feel. Especially i'll never see her again :-((

    c h u b s

    Classes started already. First time going to school without you. I kept looking for you even thought i know you're gone. I miss you.

  61. c h u b s

    This made me cry. Srly.

  62. E94

    This is a beautiful, beautiful song and the video is just stunning. WOW.

  63. Suriel Pimentel

    I miss my ex now...

  64. Wonder Woman

    Okay but this is THE perfect song for the sun is also a star

  65. Veena Ivy

    can someone explain meaning of this song?

  66. Gael LX

    She is a sweet hurricane...

  67. Bryan Cabling

    Just made a cover of this very beautiful song. You might want to check it out.

  68. blrryclq w 2fcs

    Does he has a gf and is this for her?

  69. Tôn Lão

    Ai đó làm vietsub đi

  70. paphinwit Soisoongnern

    i love song.

  71. fealien

    I want to love life

  72. Sirinan Khorngton

    ให้อารมณ์แบบ Bitter-Sweet มาก ฟังแล้วทั้งสุขท์ทั้งเศร้า

  73. hạnh phạm

    i know we will meet once again. L

  74. 134340 %

    ชอบอ่าาาาา 💛

  75. Kaelin Tester

    This song hurts but in a good way, always leaves me misty eyed

  76. Nicholin V


  77. Coloured Pixel

    It's this kinds of songs that make me cry when I sing it.

  78. Rainy Brainy

    does anyone know the chords for this?pls tell me:(

  79. Yall ouche

    J'adore ces mélodies, elles m'apaise !

  80. Dongdung Chaimongkol

    😥😥เป็นเพลงที่ฟังแล้วเห็นภาพคงทรงจำเดิมกลับมา มันช่างเศร้า..เหงา ....ในเวลาที่อยู่คนเดียว.....ทุกอย่างความทรงจำเริ่มเข้ามาทำให้จิตใจอ่อนไหว..จริง

  81. Lenie.Kreide

    2:58 The hollow silhouette and the following drums in the distance give me an ache in the heart...

  82. sweetiebhg

    im in love with you, Phum 😢

  83. Riz K

    I recommend listening to 0.75x speed once 😍

  84. Banyan Thongsuk

    The​sound of​ ya guitar is​ so lonely

  85. Indy Ikungs


  86. Phalita Samphaongoen

    ว้าว ชอบเพลงนี้มากเลยเลยค่ะ I love this so much 😍😍😍😍😍

  87. 홈레코딩이당

    how can i say another word
    just beautiful

  88. TubBu TubbY


  89. Phuwan Loythala

    I miss her but they think I'm pedophile no I'm not!

  90. ainabananabels

    idfk y.

  91. ZE CB

    He's my second new hype of 2019 after Alex Bruce 🙌🏼

  92. kelsie bell

    TBH ... Love his whole album . 💗

  93. Lisa Marie

    mom and dad i love you everybody say thank you

  94. Lisa Marie

    kinggg i lovee you