Phum Viphurit - Run Lyrics

You've been camping all over my mind
Diggin' for purple matter
Feeding your fire

And I've been hanging about on cloud-nine
Sippin' on ageing fine wine
Can't get me higher

Pull me out, just to push me in
You're up till dawn
Tryin' to move on
Lovers gone wrong
Let go, it hurts, I know
It's time to run
Moonrise Kingdom
Just bury your worries and sing!


We've been walking around in circles
Fighting our endless battles
But really, who cares?

Pull me out, just to push me in, again

Life gets rough
Just don't keep the world on your shoulders

You're up till dawn
Tryin' to move on
Lovers gone wrong
Let go, it hurts, I know
It's time to run
Moonrise Kingdom
Just bury your worries and sing!


Pull me out, just to push me in
You're up till dawn
Tryin' to move on
Lovers gone wrong
Let go, it hurts, I know
It's time to run
Moonrise Kingdom
Just bury your worries and sing along!

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Phum Viphurit Run Comments
  1. pinguflap

    such healing music

  2. JayToast ?

    My crush posted this song and I can’t stop listening to it.. god I love her so much 😔

  3. Bethany Lingle

    oh goodness i love this boy's songs so much >< something about them that's not in any other songs these days... so refereshing... inspiring... wholesome.... i love <3333

  4. Elbert OX

    Sound like Michael bubble Young generation 😎

  5. Tony Orozco

    WTF with your amazing voice! I love it

  6. Vanessa BIanca Glace Banag

    I luv u phumyy

  7. Misantrophic

    Mah boi lookin like a fine illustrado 🇵🇭

    Pilgrim Manahan

    😂😂😂. Para sa bayan ✊ 🇵🇭!

  8. Patcharaporn Liewpairoj

    psycho red valvet

  9. greysciela

    I think he looks like cody simpson?

  10. de beste ooit

    Phum Maestro Viphurit

  11. Mysas251214 9240

    His face and his voice so different

  12. lulu artandroll

    Love from 🇲🇽

  13. Sheila Audrey

    Luv u bby! 🖤

  14. Livia Putri

    this song bring back memories that i dont know i have

    MoDevNdirty funnyGuyz

    Livia Putri bro 😩😩😩

  15. Skippy France

    This song makes me calm, the voiceeee 💕

  16. Steve Lee


  17. Jae eun Lee

    He's perfect. His voice. music. everything.

  18. Regina Manressa

    I just listened to this song at Spotify omggg.

  19. Cleo Marie

    I just realized there was a reference to Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom in this song and now... I'm even more in love.

  20. รัชฎาภรณ์ วงศ์ธานี


  21. sarahdiba khairunisa

    let go, it hurts i know:")


    A lot...Sometimes letting go...just letting go is the most hard thing to do

  22. Win Win

    This song shows phum's song writing skill

  23. Kinzee Enlow

    this song makes me swoon like be still my heart LOL


    ม่วนนนนนหลายเด้อ บักหล่า หำน้อย🤞🤞🤣🤣👏👏

  25. Marliaren


  26. Deezee Saivate

    Such a lovely song :)

  27. Samikshya


  28. Tee Tespoomsri

    Why i can not stop listening. Everyday

  29. thành toàn

    nice from viet nam

  30. Erin H.D

    Put this man on vinyl please. It would be a perfect addition to my collection

  31. LyFdez

    This beautiful song deserves another beautiful video <3
    I would like to see him going from one side to another side singing with his guitar 💞

  32. Tessa Martinez

    the similarity of this feel to young the giant is phenomenal. Collab necessary!!!

  33. Schye Lan

    My big brother introduced me to Phum and I was hating it at first. But everytime my bro plays this song in his ukulele and singing it, I was able to kinda play it too. And I finally gave in, letting myself stan Phum and listen to some of his songs. I'm kinda glad I have a big brother to discover songs with, and also glad to discover Phum and his songs.


    why'd ya hate him at first?

    melissa beatriz

    my sister loves him, and she wanna know the chords to play on her ukulele too. thanks

  34. Nicol Estrada

    omg what a voice i love it

  35. Love

    I finally found you

  36. kylaaluu

    wow. what a talent

  37. Čêłëštè Éśçøbèdõ


  38. TheAmateur 1697

    Thank you YouTube for this beautiful recommended video💞

  39. Arikazama

    the lyrics, hits me so hard.

  40. Salsabila Project


  41. C H

    Amazing. The new Jack Johnson for the Millennial age, even better that it’s one from Thailand

  42. Aryan Maravilla

    Hey phum, all of your songs is my addiction 😍🇵🇭🙋

  43. muzikk67

    here from Seoul City Vibes, biking from Seoul to Busan

  44. Siriyakorn Pongduang

    omg นี่ชั้นไปอยู่ที่ไหนมา

  45. Brenda Rodrigues

    why is he so perfect?

  46. Every awesome's Fanguy

    his music sounds old but I love it.

  47. Lance Kirby


  48. Re Hanso

  49. Ludi Ravanh

    Thank you XZ3 use lover boy, i found you 💜

  50. Im Sharing

    I love my voice that is really special! love you!!!!

  51. Anderson Rocha

    Deezer has recommended his album Manchild. I like the Deezer a lot.

  52. Online Fatti

    Does anyone know how to fucking pronounce his name

    ขนิษฐา หยงเมือง

    Yes phum is more like poom

  53. Joice Lynn Segovia


  54. Mia Aquino

    ;-; i really love this song and i want to cover this on the uke but idk what chords to use :((( can anyone help me?

  55. cuagane _


  56. Manuel Reyes

    Somebody can identify the exact chrods pls

  57. Mookkieselev


  58. jollyranger04

    I love this song!

  59. 2222 Ben

    Sounds like hippo campus

  60. greffeine cotingjo


  61. Pepe Parmar

    Collab with parek&singh

  62. Sira Wet

    OMG!!! Every songs of you are great! Cheers up boy

  63. Billie Owens

    The throatiness of Boz Scaggs is showcased for a new generation in Phum. Love this.

  64. Xiao Wang

    Nice voice

  65. berlyglobe7

    You know whose voice he reminds me of, the lead singer in the band Young the Giant. I love them both. Great Music!

  66. Kendrick Ting

    I don't like male singers, but this guy is awesome!

  67. Van Kook


  68. puffnuggets

    Right in the feels

  69. Thitipong Emprom

    I hear a lot of Jack Johnson in this song melody

  70. Gracela Aprianata

    Very like this song♥️🌹😍

  71. Bache Enriquez

    Classic! Keep it up!

  72. Ludwig van Beethoven

    No puedo dejar de escuchar su música, creo que su voz me cautivo, me acabo de enamorar de su música ❤

  73. Jahz Peralta

    Wow this is perferct for christmas and nah I can't explain how good it is

  74. lau Yato

    Eres un gran artista!Amo a los musicos que componen sus propias canciones y dan au propio estilo ♡ saludos desde Peru :D

  75. SO Romantic


  76. Leah G

    Why all of his song is so beautiful ?!!!!!

  77. Rungkan Chaiyasit

    this song remind me thinking of Falling slowly.but i like it

  78. Faith Wilacen Love Clave

    He’s so awesome😆

  79. Leslie Segovia

    this makes me cry, i don't know why

  80. Chaty CTP

    ฟังแล้วขนลุก ทำไมเรานึกถึง K.D. Lang

  81. Meng Thao

    Love this. Just wonderful

  82. 고등어바다

    목소리 너무 중독 ㅠㅠ 좋다

  83. Jtgunner43

    i love all your songs that all i do is listen to music and this is my new style of dressing and music thanks you do so much with your music

  84. kuka cup

    เป็นอะรัยที่ บรรเจิดมากๆๆ ชอบๆ

  85. Danna Evans

    canta hermosooo

  86. pedro zevallos rey

    Temazo. Saludos desde Perú

  87. teddywang86


  88. Aloy Navarro

    why isn't this famous tho

    Shaka Roberts

    Because people no longer know good music

  89. Fika dirga


  90. Fatima Fernandez Santa Cruz

    Siento que amo a este hombre💞

  91. Haneul Director

    เสียงดีมากกกกก โครตดีเลย ฟังแล้วให้อารมณ์เหมือนดนตรีสากลของสมัยก่อนที่เอามาปรับและร้องให้กลายเป็นสไตล์และมีเอกลักษณ์เป็นของตัวเอง เยี่ยมมากๆเลยครับ ฟังlover boyครั้งแรก แล้วต้องฟังเพลงต่อไปอีกเรื่อยๆเลย เสียงนุ่มฟังเพลินมากๆ ชอบครับ เก่งมากจริงๆครับ 👏👏👏

  92. Ellen Mae Araneta

    so damn good

  93. Cyrill Acuña

    Wow I stan Jose Rizal

  94. Nikky Maggie

    I’m so in love with your music 🎶🎶

  95. Christina Pautu

    Where have you been all my life? 😄

  96. Nita Li

    Beautiful song. Can't stop listening to it