Phum Viphurit - Long Gone Lyrics

Hold on loose, don't grip me so tight
I've got no wings to fly but this spirit's taking flight
So tonight, we'll dance, let's pretend we rule this town
In tomorrow's dawn, I'll be long gone
Long gone, long gone

I'll be long gone
I'll be long gone

Don't hold me loose, please grip me tight
My lungs are paper dry, from fear of losing sight
Take my palms, we'll build a wall around this town
In tomorrow's dawn, you'll be long gone
Long gone, long gone

You'll be long gone
You'll be long gone
I'll be long gone
I'll be long gone
You'll be long gone
You'll be long gone
I'll be long gone

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Phum Viphurit Long Gone Comments
  1. chicken wings

    was phum viphurit a past Athletics athlete??

  2. YeongHong Siaw

    i wish this music will play at my funaral

  3. 인지

    ㅇ 어 가 many 해서 한 글이 down 된건지 아니먄 real Korean 이 없는건지..

  4. Alfa Igloria

    oh my fricking gosh. i honestly love his music

  5. JeanoMarca

    Tangena kala ko si mimiyuh

  6. Hindukush

    Cool song

  7. Chufue

    he's so so so good <3

  8. _itz_g -

    I wanna dance as well :)

  9. Luca Wilson

    Chuck taylor all day

  10. Russel Ramos

    pleasing to the ears..


    2020, this song never gets old

    Andrew Guo

    2017 Long Gone man

  12. Billy Bob

    Where have you been my whole life

  13. Rex joseph

    guitar pedal for this effect?

  14. random person

    hits different at 0.75

  15. Kyoto

    his best song by far

  16. Pork Sisig

    When you forgot to click 27 years ago

  17. Chowder

    Flossing dance


    So good ผมคนไทยนะ555

  19. Anngel Camilo Leal

    how does she make those 2003 bootcut jeans look so cool.

  20. Afiq Nurfaiz

    They're just straight vibi'n

  21. Rachata Artfak

    pim thai mai dai

  22. VJ Aon

    นางเอก..กรูนึกว่า จุลโหฬาร

  23. philippe

    i just wanna know what font he used for the lyrics

  24. n1KE

    My heart feels this

  25. Danishtube

    I just discovered this song, it’s wonderful 🥰 hai 2019

  26. Los Angeles 22

    can anyone please tell me the name of the pants that she is wearing please

  27. TheBluePanda

    I always come back to see Tenchi dancing.

  28. Ram Great ManaLo

    Why so underrated???

  29. ameliee

    about a month ago, my dog was mistakenly diagnosed with a spinal problem and she lost all movement in her back legs. I didn’t see her for the last week of her life due to school and I never got to hug her again or dance with her ever again. She was 4 years old and passed away on Nov. 17, 6 hours after I told her “goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow baby”. The night before on the 16th my grandpa passed away due to long fight to Parkinson’s and various other diseases. This song is the only thing that has given me reason to remember the good times I had with both of them and be thankful for the time I had with them. It really really hurts and I feel suffocated but I hope I can make peace with whats happened and be happy they’re both in a better place. They brought so much love and joy into my family’s lives and their absence has taken to all of us. 💕

  30. Tan 1999


  31. Jeon Sine

    Love this kinda MV <3

  32. _J_

    Back to 90s

  33. Juan Escalante

    Ranger racoon

  34. Perthh _hh

    I love this song very much. Love Phum🏳‍🌈💖🤟✨. I'm from Thailand 🇹🇭

  35. louis _

    ang gwapo

  36. Mohammed Arief Assegaff

    phum vifruit 🍇🍎🍅🍓🍉

  37. Mr. Orange

    This is an example of an 80's graphics video

  38. im happy you not

    Just discovered Phum and am addicted to his songs and music videos, definition of aesthetic

  39. n1KE

    Three of my favorite songs are by this guy , strangers in a dream // this one and lover boy

  40. Yang C

    There should be a collab with people arround the world dancing to this song

    sakkarin sirinai

    Yang C

    @sakkarin sirinai HELL YEAH

  41. ああいおおか



    2 0 1 9 ?


  43. Áleister J.R

    2017... sometimes I wish you could come back

  44. Yoselin yoselin

    Really nice video and song 💖

  45. Schöni Frau

    If you like this style of music video, check out this Swiss Duo and their dream pop song ''Here, There and Everywhere''

  46. boyznerd 2k

    まじでいい 映像も

  47. Юлия Кац

    Привет из России
    Очень нравятся ваши песни

  48. Sonal J

    Quickly becoming one of my favourite artists!

  49. microrenzz tube

    love your smooth voice. from indo

  50. Roach in the Hood

    The girl in the video is actual Phum's girlfriend; her name is Urm Amagay

    Jack Cheng

    The first thing I notice was gay and then I saw ur mama, it's pretty obvious.

    Alex Victor

    Jack Cheng 🤯

  51. Gracia Gomez

    best video musical ever

  52. Toshiro

    Director: Do you want this girl to dance 24/7 nonstop

    Phum: *yES*

  53. xuxi's booger

    sana ol
    potek gusto na kita makita phum uhuahsuhas

  54. noodle soup

    I'd love to dance this with my girl

  55. Princess Belle Bautista

    Is he still singing??
    I just found this now 😅

    33 Unun Chaichanawongsaroj

    Yes He's Thai singer name phum viphurit you can search his name in ig and other social media to following. He has so much good song.

    Ray Green

    He's recently on AUDIOTREE! one of the awesome live band youtube channels who features lots of indie bands

  56. Bl4ck

    retro and classic vibes. oh yeah

  57. Ciara Cassaday

    this song makes me sad af

  58. Waldy

    Easily the best part of the video with this nice guitar lick 0:21

  59. Stephen- John

    Take me back to secondary school

  60. YOHANisBAE

    Anyone knows the font they used in this mv?

  61. Isna Shavitry

    Love from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  62. Paul Ashton

    This is truly a no.1 song, this is music that can bring all people together, listen to the music and be a better human today. Love and Peace to ALL.

  63. PeluchinPower

    For someone reason looking at her mustard yellow and green shirt. I want to eat some subway


    Maybe subway need to hire her for the next advertisement.

  64. Direkte Demokratie Deutschland

    So cool 👍👍👍😎

  65. Patong Pong

    เข้ามาฟังรอบทึ่800ได้แล้วละ !ลองก่อน แล้วจะชอบ [ π ]

  66. 이채성

    존나 쿨하네

  67. Joker Aleks


  68. Jeanmar Tabaniera

    Ahhhhhh the feels

  69. The Aurora

    Love this song so much, i'm from Chaina town (yaowarat)

  70. J Resiliencia

    Me enamore de la chica :3

  71. Anocha Kunnasorn


  72. Mayogi


  73. carl molino

    iv-of-spade wanna be.

    Frenz Valdez

    Lol? Phum Viphurit is very distinct from IVOS. U clearly dont know how to listen well

  74. จุฑาทิพย์ แปงยอง




  75. PEW KB


  76. grimmy sacha

    One thing For sure this song won't be long gone... I mean really it's magically appeasing anything that has gone for you...

  77. Aira Jane Guilleno

    I hope you'll have another concert here in the Philippines 🇵🇭😭❤️❤️

  78. harry setiawan

    the cymbals ruined it...

  79. Mega

    oh my god i like this!

  80. Omen

    Lol im Mexican an I love this song !

  81. Pakamas Thammason



    เป็นเพลงที่อร่อยมาก ลองกองแฮร่

  82. Luis Flores


  83. Russel H. Puma

    when the music was music..

  84. Fadia

    i love this song just feels so nostalgic <3

  85. DimentoO Liberatore

    de la poésie

  86. Brianna Stevenson

    I feel like you could watch this when you're drunk and wake up not knowing if it was real or not

  87. Ohshadows

    Anyone still listening in 2023?

  88. ツNash


  89. Artsy Anju

    This song live is the best thing you can ever experience
    If u ever have the chance to, u should definitely see his performance live

  90. 뗀뗀

    노래도 좋고 여자 분 춤추는 거 때문에 계속 보게된다🧡🌟🧡

  91. Ánh Đỗ Thị

    does anyone know how to make a video that has the effects like 80s 90s? thanks.


    Get a time machine and go back to shoot the video.

    Ánh Đỗ Thị

    leeandrewlee wish i could ^^

  92. Martin Anthonio16

    Where can I get that Irish flag shirt?

  93. Rijee Bangz

    *I can finally put 144p/240p to good use*

  94. Naysha Guadalupe Ramos Sulluchuco

    Amo está canción, amo su voz.😍😍

  95. Andi

    This good vibe for everytime I played 🌈

  96. lee ish

    who is she?