Phora - Living Proof Lyrics

I'm not wanted
But at least I'm still breathin'
You ain't heard of me mothafucka
You sleeping
I'll be here til' I'm dead
I ain't leaving
So you better get use to me

Yo before I take my last breath
I wanna make it clear I give my all ill never half step
And I don't dwell What I can't get
Instead I put my time and effort into everything I have left
I want the dream that's why I can't rest
Shit I just wanna live my life I never hope on any mans death
I know they want me dead and I don't blame em nigga
Cuz am the only rapper fighting for a change my nigga
And I ain't bragging I'm just being honest
I'm seeking knowledge everybody else is rapping for the fame nigga
I do it for the love strictly for the L.O.V.E
I try to stay above everything they yell on T.V
Cuz they just got us killin' each other
And the fiends never think twice they quick to steal from they motha
Please don't try to put me down if you ain't feeling me brotha
Nahh make yo own moves, I don't play by no rules
No dude coulda last a fuckin' day in my shoes
Just like I couldn't pass the 11th grade in high school nigga
Fuck what you heard unless you heard it from me
Cuz honestly I give a fuck about the word on the streets
Mothafuckas got it twisted all up in a nigga's business
Speakin' on some shit that ain't even concerning you g
Look its all good tho, we all know you hood bro
But when you die is anyone gonna know what you stood for
Now a days niggas die for the g code that's the very thing that's killin' me And my people
It ain't politics its not Obama, it's niggas like you starting problems causin drama
Claiming the streets that you don't even know
Willing to die for nigga that wouldn't throw you a bone
And you wonder why you stuck on yeah am sellin' drugs
Cuz all you wanna do is fuck hoes and be a thug
On some real shit I ain't even tryna diss
Cuz what I wrote goes out to most of the Cats that I kick it with
Ain't tryna put you down but I ain't sugar coating shit
Watch for the girls you fuck, watch who you rolling with
I'm trying guide you from the darkness to the sunshine
We all gotta go some times
As I take my last breath

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