Phony Ppl - on everythinG iii love. Lyrics

It's so sad that you've taken
Something that I can't have back
Just because I'm black
Just because I'm black
I must have been going with the bullseye
Flat on my back I don't know why

I'm so tired because I've been waiting
For justice to be served for me
Victim of this burglary
And something's wrong with that
I wonder what their people say
That's who they're learnt from anyway

Spilled my cold blood on the pavement
Watching my life slip away
Is this really happening
Just because I'm black
I'm gettin' to speak to you someday
What made you think that was okay

Still I went to all the hearings
As the ghost that couldn't see
Wondering if they on to me
That was too much to ask
But you know ain't this world that we live
It's hard for people with my color skin

So rest deep in peace
Niggerman, niggerman
Niggerman, niggerman
Working all your life
To be robbed of your chances to have any chances

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Phony Ppl on everythinG iii love. Comments
  1. Moniqueca

    This song captures so many emotions.

  2. Med Beich

    gooood luuuuck king 🤴🏻

  3. Hyper Mack

    As a black man... This speaks to me

  4. 디렉엄

    사랑해요 l love you

  5. Wallo Maie

    Sad and beautiful.

  6. Neo Makobe

    I'm sooo obsessed with this album! 😭😭😭

  7. hwani choi

    oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. emily dayana aguirre

    That one dislike is gunna catch these hands 😤

  9. amyjo056


  10. Max Mineer

    Somberly beautiful! 👏🏼

  11. 8upernova