Phony Ppl - Either Way. Lyrics

Like a baby's vocabulary grows over time
You gave me a new way to fill up mine
[?] can not to recognize the feelings is there
'Cause it's like looking at yourself in the mirror
You've seen yourself everyday
I've have seen your head clearer

Know you situation, won't push me away
I'm way too invested in your love
While I'm paying close attention to the words that you say

Do you really like me?
Is it just a sense?
Either way I'll be back (yeah)
Tomorrow or the next

It's desiring a new one that is something that keeps us going
I was kiss how our love overflowing
I freeze the frame in absurd moment, that I'm leavin' in your pillows
I can't tell if you're playing this little game called denial
'Cause love these days has gone out of style

Know you situation, won't push me away
I'm way too interested in your fun
Eating words off the convey I built while I wait

Do you really like me?
Is it just a sense?
Either way I'll be back (yeah)
Tomorrow or the next

And you're pending on how I see the age difference can't hold us back now
But we wouldn't wanna go into that now
You have had a long day come relax now
You don't wanna get that close then I'll take it
And let me wear you on my arm like a bracelet

Know you situation, run push me away
I'm interested in honesty
Because everytime we lay down you keep on your wedding ring

Do you really like me?
Is it just a sense?
Either way I'll be back (yeah)
Tomorrow or the next

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Phony Ppl Either Way. Comments
  1. carrot

    Tbh i like more the version of colors that doesnt have too much edition/idk. i rlly want that version in spotify but there is just this one :((

  2. Nurtopig Arts

    I am officially addicted

  3. Jahdey Saliva

    Tiny deck concert brought me here 😇

  4. Aaron Fantop

    This a cure for sadness and an pure gold for the soul

  5. Mika -w-

    2:05 who else thought he was finna start twerking

  6. crap .2000

    Nobody brought me here found y'all myself love y'all

  7. sejha

    literally they have no bad song

  8. Eileen Shan Zou

    what a gem

  9. Kaylasblack Hart

    I wanna be looked at like he looked at those flowers 💐

  10. Abbi I

    How great this is! 😃🤩🥳

  11. Paparody Noona

    sukak bgtttt. gara2 krystal aku jadi addicted sama band ini

  12. Saffron Sunset

    This song is everything. ✨I come here at least 5 times a day. 🧡🍁🍂

  13. Princess Zola

    My taste brought me here

  14. * Adee *

    I come from my want to listen to music

  15. Katsumi Fujita

    Omg i like it ,I like it

  16. Irene Fiorenza

    So beautiful

  17. kingfirstmax


  18. Handem Out

    Only lightbearers harness elemental chaos in harmonious union while provoking god and the listener (both you) to believe in death after lyfe... dreams are really windows into other dreamers dressing rooms.

  19. Omar Fernandez Ballester

    This song is pure energy and love! Amazing work ❤️💙💜

  20. s u m m e r m a d n e s s

    I love the way he says "like a bracelet"

  21. Wanda SistaReal Evans

    💖💖💖 this band. #phonyfolife

  22. Alonso Go

    0:35 my last five neurons in the middle of an exam

  23. HerVideos1969

    Heard this in H & M today.

  24. Asheru

    not gonna lie we need to be promoting more positive music

  25. chichi chen

    So beautiful

  26. gabi lavender

    Ahh, Elbee. All. The. Feels.

  27. JordMcFar

    Favourite band always

  28. thobeka skosana

    Nothing brought me here, saw the song on my suggestions and I immediately fell in love

  29. Jasmine

    thank you Lee Taeyong

  30. isa pelaez

    I've been listening to this 1 month straigh and my pores are clear

  31. jagad enjang aryseno

    asliiii kane parahhh! damn bro

  32. Indira Hatmanti Puspitasari

    Taeyong brought me here💚💚💚 He has such a really good taste on music💚

  33. Rubii Red Berii

    Underrated people...Seriously

  34. Joyce Shayoult

    Que delícia de música, de video, adorei 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤❤👏👏👏

  35. Nugu Fan

    Krystal has Great taste in music <3

  36. Kim Seokjin

    y’all are so underrated i love your music 🥺

  37. toes

    aw no kazoo

  38. Lina

    yes exactly

  39. Gabriel W

    stevie wonder vibes cant get enough

  40. Greg Hawgwort

    very beautiful song

  41. Nik To

    чёрт возьми это прекрасно

  42. Ju ho

    너무 좋습니다 포니피플!!

  43. André Rafaiel

    I smoked to this and found myself in an infinite loop

  44. Rachelle H.

    came from colors!

  45. Auntie Loves you

    I love this

  46. Afric Network

    You guys are so dope! Would love to have you on my channel?



  48. Mr Uso

    COLOURS sent me here 🙏🏼

  49. Broke Frog

    dope asf

  50. dumplaktungtung

    Come from colors, ur music is food for my ears

  51. milly w

    i HAVE to visit NY to see them...

  52. femaleparts

    This song is some magic and I can’t get enough

  53. Alex V

    Good good music

  54. 챠꼬밍쩀

    Sooooo Goooooood!!!!!

  55. わたがし

    はぁー!! 可愛すぎるわ!いい曲すぎるわ、、!! 大好きだ!❤️💜

  56. Anderson Sousa


  57. soto


  58. Don Bishop


  59. sha shank

    I love this band so much!!!

  60. ChanelSoLovely

    Modern day PM Dawn vibes. I dig it.

  61. f f

    *so* good

  62. Amina Patrece

    Yes, handsome

  63. Rahn Body


  64. Now__ w

    John na joa
    Fxxking good

  65. Dia M

    Been waiting for this song to come out since I seen them in blue note jazz in 2016 SO FN GOOD I’M FULL OH LORDT

  66. Cristiano Oliveira

    You guys are awesome! You're the future of the world music. Keep the good job bros. Love it. Greetings from Brazil.

  67. Wickert critterz

    the transitions in this are great

  68. Elijah Middlebrooks

    Heard it on spotify and it got me addicted and is NOW ONE OF MY FAVORITES LOVE THE LYRICS AND BEATTTTT😄

  69. Prince Charles

    My subscription notifications bell brought me here.

  70. Foxxie Roxxie

    My subscription to phony ppl brought me here <3 pure happiness

    Daniel Diao

    U and i both!


    Thank you lol! It's good to see us ogs !

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    Spotify gang😊

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    Krystal IG story brought me here 🌷🌹🌺🌼

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    and that’s why iii love the moon, ii mean the phony ppl 👍🏻

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    Krystal brought me here

    focus the light

    lol sooo you brought yourself ?

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  78. Shay Ma

    sooo underrated

  79. Godric Grantham

    ANGELS!! My new loves!!!!!!!

  80. Michael Vega

    So lame, uncreative, and uninspired. Copy this niggas whole aesthetic which is garbage to begin with.

  81. idriss ice

    simply beautiful

  82. Lavania Del Rey

    Tyler’s story put me on

  83. 小田 剛

    Fucking amazing

  84. Bobby Evan

    Tyler brought me here

    Mr. James

    That's very disrespectful 😐

    Super Steel

    @Mr. James how is it disrespectful? i mean i found phony ppl through spotifys discover weekly but tbh tyler's got really really good taste in music

    Sergio Antonio Rivas

    Tyler who?

  85. Friusqui 3000

    like si vines por la por la historia de tytler the creator

  86. Nikol Jones

    tyler, the creator's story brought me here & im so glad I viewed it

    Mr. James

    That's very disrespectful 😶 pt. 2

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    i loved why ii love the moon and when i saw that tyler was listening to this i almost die honestly. it seems like we have a similar taste in music

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