Phish - You Enjoy Myself Lyrics


Wash uffitze drive me to firenze [x4]

Boy man
Wash uffitze drive me to firenze [x2]

Wash uffitze drive me to firenze [x4]

Wash uffitze drive me to firenze [x4]

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Phish You Enjoy Myself Comments
  1. Justin Cox

    Trey and Mike are so in sync on those trampolines, and the jam of course

  2. Jeff Dawson

    This is the definition of the band. Everything about them is right here. To the uninitiated: start here - the fun never ends.

  3. Shawn Ferraro

    mike gordon wrong note at 1:53 hurt my soul

  4. gottafishnow

    That look page has when trey hits that disgusting little lick at 13:28

  5. gavmegs

    I hope that drummer is wearing something under that dress!

  6. Mike Galligan

    Best thing on youtube! yowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  7. mike candeloro

    The only Phish show I ever seen live and in person was the Clifford ball

  8. BurghMan

    I haven’t been to a Phish show since the early 90s. They’re amazing live

    Duane Martin

    Same here..Limestone

  9. Doreen Lynn

    Do they say that home bit everywhere?

  10. Tristan Clendenin

    me in the bathroom 9:03

    st1ckman 21

    Tristan Clendenin hahahahaha

  11. Eugene Kogan

    At around 18:00 I thought they were breaking into Pink Floyd's Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

  12. Ry Ry

    It’s all Greek to me.

  13. Billy Copper

    Hints of Gentle Giant.

  14. Pepper Lloyd3

    The Sanford and Son theme worked in there made me smile! Definitely an amazing band!

  15. Nicola Perfetti

    Non voglio mai più andare a dormire

  16. Dan H

    Best YEM I’ve seen live. Absolutely killed it this night in SPAC

  17. J Martin

    great, fun show, but SPAC sound sucks balls...

  18. DownHill Phil

    I enjoy yourself... too

  19. J Martin

    Chakotay / tʃ ə ˈ k oʊ t eɪ / is a fictional character who appears in each of the seven seasons of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager.

  20. J Martin

    I wanna see the Wash Uffitzi when they're 90...

  21. J Martin

    No more seizures onstage Trey...

  22. J Martin

    15:50- It's Butters, THAT'S ME!

  23. Jennifer Murray

    8:33 boy man

  24. Super Nova

    12:58 onward is nut-worthy. I've heard this solo in my dreams.



    Randi Glaser

    I have no nuts, yet wholeheartedly agree

  25. Marcus Rodriguez

    Wow so this is what ppl mean whe n they say phish sucks this is God awful ahahah

  26. rm1133

    Paige shaking his head as Trey doesn’t quite get through that section correctly.....A for effort and who really cares; it’s just great these guys are still out there playing for us. I just found it interesting to notice, not an easy one to play.

  27. Raymond Schnell

    My I'm enjoying me some Phish....

  28. the.mighty.kyuss

    total tone boner for trey's setup

  29. Landon Rooker

    This just gets a like simply for Trey's awesome funk out 16:30

  30. globalswitch17

    O shit I was there man

  31. Seth Stine

    Page does kinda look like an 11th grade Chemistry teacher though. Even more so now. The periodic table of piano me stroke and pound them keys just right playa. Uranium, silver, and gold all in this bitch. And never forget - "I am Hydrogen" is about Paige. Teach on professor...

  32. Seth Stine

    2012 was the "1997" of 2.0 And 13' wasn't too shabby either mayne

  33. ZapBrannigan121

    After the trampolines the drummer just shakes his head "i may wear a fucking dress but those two idiots look god damned ridiculous"

  34. James Rodger

    First phish song I ever heard while o my first mind adventure.... needless to say I kinda laughed so hard I cried when the chanting happened and my buddy hadn't forewarned me

  35. Rezi strat

    How friggin brilliant is it to jump on mini trampolines? These guys are amazing!!!

  36. The Danelectro

    My second show, first YEM and still one of my favorites. Gordo’s solo here is one of my all time faves. I’ve never been the same after this run.

  37. TJ Donaldson

    1245ish chicken pickn' on a bass lol sounds phunky and phat as heck. Trey was my biggest motivation as a kid learning guitar. Kept me inspired, out of trouble and attached to my Gibson. Also allowed me to remain a virgin until 20yrs old lol kidding kidding...I was 26.

  38. jay tate

    This shit was gay asf.

    Phish sucks

  39. Fraktal Face


  40. Andrew Chmieleski

    Sanford and sons in the vocal jam?????

  41. Darren Klein

    Damn, 2012 was a long time ago already!

    Seth Stine

    Ha, I was thinking the same thing.

    Martin Terry

    damn, true true young one, when I think back to seeing Phish in 2000 I realize its been 20 years and Phish had already been banging for 14 years back then! 2019 Phish still kicking ass and taking names

    Darren Klein

    @Martin Terry I'm 36! Not sure that qualifies as young, though it's definitely not old.

  42. Jennifer Murray

    8:35 gave me my period it's so powerful

    Dylan Spitolnick

    You are my hero

    Duane Martin

    Damn Cardinal

  43. billy skinner

    Piano solo... sweet
    Guitar solo... super sweet
    Bass solo... sweet

    Jennifer Murray

    My face melted off

  44. Atomus Bliss

    that was fairly marvelous

  45. GiveFit

    yes they are jump on tramp0linez but FISHMAN is laying down *STANK FUNK 4 DAYZ*

  46. Jerry Vdm

    Fantastic sack-shaped dress, ... is that to give the ''hanging sack'' some extra space ?

  47. Kevin Lanigan

    How does this have 99 dislikes right now. They're either douchebags or too nitpicky. This shit is great.

  48. Jonah Bodden

    The YES @ 3:55

  49. Phishy Travels

    Jesus.. that's dirty.

  50. Johnny Sweeite

    the last five minutes of this song are fucking torture

  51. hailey rose

    Omg 😂

  52. Katax Emperor

    .... beautiful tune ...... tnx ! ..... ; ] ,,,

  53. Sheryl


  54. Eric Lee

    16:00 trey is trying to do the moonwalk. haha hes diggin the bass effects mike is droppin

  55. Chris Rees

    Just when I thought I'd seen everything there's this rock band jumping up and down on trampolines without having shaved or had a haircut in days.

  56. Thomas Gladders

    This is a particularly funky, rippin YEM. Best band in the world to be sure- Can’t wait for the shows coming up!

  57. Alex Bardani

    These guys are the best. How they create what they do with 4 people can never be replicated

  58. Robertsmith3828

    How can people like this?

  59. khashood

    This video encapsulates everything I love about Phish.

  60. Chris Kirshbaum

    "Sanford and Son " 18:00!

  61. Krinkle Chaumix

    8:32 fattest drop evah bro

  62. TheMomentEnds

    PSA, please control your outbursts during the quiet parts of YEM>>> they are meant to be quite, space between the notes, not filled with you screaming YAHHHHH.... Thanks

    Nate Peterson

    ridiculous, they're meant to be whatever they want to be at that moment

  63. joseph LEONE

    We are in Firenze!

  64. MaryredeeAJ

    Worst shit ever...gonna have to watch it over and over so I know what to complain about..wtp?...


    Ok so.. making your girl/guy orgasm is an amazing thing BUT CAN YOU IMAGINE being phish and getting off THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE SIMULTANEOUSLY?! Like how fucking rewarding that must be. Literately wetting pants and melting faces of people’s skulls. It’s just one big psychedelic orgy really..

  66. J H

    God damn I just sharted again

  67. mero40k

    They played with so much heart and soul, totally having a blast and loving every minute. Amazing YEM, thnx.

  68. Patrick Glascoe


  69. Mark Hammer

    This video made a girl orgasm. Reddit lol

  70. Dino Panino

    Was at the first two nights of this SPAC run. Shoulda stayed for the third.

  71. Charles Caprarella

    Best band and jam of all time.


    When he hits that chord coming off the trampoline it gets me every time.

    Steve Kountz

    Great moment.

  73. Steven Gordon

    Trey busts a move at the end. Great to see them feeling so free. What a wonderful band :)

  74. Stem Factory

    Man, God, Sh!t
    I think these guys know the real name of this place.
    Wash your feet.
    Now the title of this song makes sense.

  75. Richard McNulty

    This changed my whole life

  76. Laurin Collum

    These guys rule! I wonder if they will continue to use the trampolines on their 50th anniversary tour...according to my math, I think that would make Trey and Mike 68 years old, right?

  77. Ken Annand

    love the "wash your feet "sound jam. A Capella

  78. horsemann12

    Good lord

  79. Daniel Philcox

    Trey got lost in the sauce

  80. Michael Bardo

    i love watching trey dance to mikes PHAt bass lines

  81. Arturo Ron

    Isn't this the silliest Phish vocal jam ever?!

  82. William Walsh

    Graduated high school in 1990 - Such good times, great people and AMAZING music. True talent is often too obscure for the masses unfortunately. Play on guys, play on....

  83. Tiddlywinks14

    3:32 Goosbumps engaged

  84. Nate Davis

    8:34 <3

  85. Nicholas D.

    Then drummer looks like the evil guy from too many cooks.

  86. Evan Losh

    Sick Flashlight jam by Gordon!

  87. JNH1225

    I’m not a pro musician but honestly, they’re pretty bold to do that with the trampolines, I’d never go up on a trampoline with a guitar..,

  88. dirty del

    This was killer. Great weekend. Loved hearing from Paige. Loved this tour

  89. Harry Mack

    That ending tho

  90. Danielle Deschamps

    Divided sky

  91. Troy

    Mike Gordon can go fuck himself, nothing wrong with wanting a signature.....I was told by him "there is too many already out there"
    And I know about the child shit as well. ;)
    Other than that.....Phish kill in ways that not many bands can.

  92. Tyler Stoddart

    Can hardly wait to lose my phish virginity...

  93. Cecily Briggs

    They literally are killing me

  94. Certinho


  95. thomas patelis

    Best live version of this song I've ever heard! Amazing!

  96. Jessica Norwest

    Dis my otha JAM!!!

  97. Jude Mason

    I was at 7/6/12 and 7/7/12 but missed this heady show.... Never miss a Sunday Funday at SPAC!!!!!