Phish - Undermind Lyrics

Undecided, undefined
Undisturbed yet undermined
Relocated not retired
Reprimanded and rewind
Mystified and misshapen
Misinformed but not mistaken
Reinvented, redefined
Rearranged but not refined
Unrelenting, understroked
Undeterred yet unprovoked
Reinvented, redefined
Rearranged but not refined
Mystified and misshapen
Misinformed but not mistaken
Undecided, undefined.

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Phish Undermind Comments
  1. Cole Palm

    this is my favorite video on youtube

  2. Ryan

    12/10 amazing

  3. Kyle Veenema

    Trey's lucky for I getting so many cool lyrics from Tom

  4. Jason Smith

    God damn this was great

  5. vanhoneycub

    Got dammit Mikes lines at 5:05 to set the whole thing off like whoa...    Big Red  #biddly #whayywayyy  perfection                          All time heater

  6. MBLT_233

    such a prime jam, FYF show was legendary, the runaway jim that opened the next set was just as incredible

  7. Mag Mag

    13:25 omg page you slay me

  8. jtdiver

    Wow this is pure fire

  9. spykiss72

    Play this @.75 speed and thank me later...

    michael baillargeon

    spykiss72 wowzers


    How do you do that?  I have got to give it a go

    Leah Fekay

    holy shit ! thank you ! - also will be doing this to some other songs as well. :)

    Duffman 7793


  10. Brooklyn Wilbury

    13:55 -- WHOA!

  11. La Ciudad

    That's when Phish really came back.

  12. Paul DiMarco

    This is so good!

  13. Wils Getchell

    Got the RNC on tube, sound off--listening to this very LOUDLY....dig the lyric...

  14. Cole Palm

    Can I favorite this more than once plz?

  15. Kimock7

    the greatest moment of all moments in 2012. A stunning evening of exceptional mindbending, ear cuming PHISH

  16. Blake Oliver

    Does anyone happen to know what kind of effect Trey is using around 10:40 to get that bright drippy dead sound?


    its his whammy ii set to one of the interval settings.

  17. Paul Connelly

    Love this song.  One of the better new songs.


    I agree.  I was at Hampton when they first played it.  Became a favorite instantly.


    this song isn't that new 2003...


    written in earky 2003 they just never played it till phish 3.0

  18. Bryan Palmer

    Great run in Colorado!

  19. Reed Hollinger

    Thank you LL55a for throwing this back up. My go to jam! 

    Zach Hollinger

    glad this is on the live phish account too


    @Zach Hollinger