Phish - Scents And Subtle Sounds Lyrics

If you would stop and notice that we number every day
But allow the many moments left uncounted slip away

You don't have to count them, just enjoy them one by one
Then things would take a different hue and sparkle in the sun
The winds would lift you up into the sky

The wsinds would lift you up into the sky above
Where you would see a trail of treasured memories you love
A rainbow record of the thoughts and moments you've enjoyed
Arcs behind the earth as spectral colors in the void

In the void
Scents and subtle sounds

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Phish Scents And Subtle Sounds Comments
  1. Phishboy26

    6:59 dude dancing in the front row gets it

  2. Dalton Knight

    Mission Impossible tease starting around 15:50 ?

  3. jonathan bogush

    JON MUTHERF*KING FISHMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Laura

    This is one of my favorite jams of 2019. Pure bliss, all nineteen minutes of it.

  5. Rusty Cuyler

    Colors in the void...

  6. Vincent DiMichele

    Mike has been playing so outrageously good this year. I usually bounce around between listening to each of them individually before returning to the whole sound and then focusing more on more on my favorite player in the jam. In 2019, it’s been alllll Mike

  7. Whirled Beet

    Merry Christmas Fishman! 🎄

  8. Rover

    Am the only here who caught the Fishman editing at the end?

  9. Bryan Strong

    Such a great version of this song.. not all songs have changed for the better since there original conception.. but this one is a good one

  10. Aaron Lager

    So much sick stuff going on here

    Mary Mauk


  11. Aaron Lager

    Miss my boys

  12. Hippie John

    Was there , someone gave me a ticket !! 2 nd time seeing them now..... still haven't made up my mind yet............

    Brad Crabtree

    yes you have...Phish will become like oxygen to won't be able to live very well without.


    Damn you got lucky getting miracled; seemed people were more desperate than usual for tickets all three nights

  13. Guyute

    Absolute fire !

  14. Tomas Bouda

    7:05 axilla tease

  15. Van Frankenstein

    This rocks!

  16. Jeremiah Mcdaniel

    Colors in the void

  17. Shane Donovan

    Sounded so good behind the stage. One of the top jams of an awesome mini tour. This is why we follow this band around

  18. Justin Hayes

    Really when one of very best 2000s song. Really great lyrics just everything.

  19. Steve Trockman

    And the winds would lift you up
    Into the sky above
    And you'd be treated to a view
    Of everything you love

  20. Bryan Strecker

    Also sounds like an Axilla tease around 6:55


    You are correct sir 👍

    Aaron Lager

    Axilla again at: 14:10


    @Aaron Lager as are you sir! 🤟

  21. PurpleUrkle79

    Ugh pure shit

  22. Justin Hayes

    This song and The beginning beat has gotten so good and just out there. Really love what they’ve done with this song. More of this and more walls of the cave.

    Jim Coughlin

    Yeah that Walls from the Sunday show was fire

  23. Jon Smith

    Has anyone actually gotten HDR to work on any of Phish’s videos?

    Brad Crabtree

    Works great. I just don't care to use that much bandwidth for a minor improvement in resolution. It is a cool option.

    Jon Smith

    Brad Crabtree 4K works fine for me. HDR doesn’t. I don’t think they’re encoding it correctly.

  24. Kevin McGee

    Subtle Sounds of Axilla @ 14:07

  25. Ttown Jamie

    Unleash the kraken 15:07

  26. OneEyedKingVintage

    Good stuff. Subdued undertones.

  27. csimpsonify

    Nice to trey finally hit his riff right...

  28. Express Yourself

    Phish: always the front runners in music and social norms. 4K boo ya

    Chris M

    4k has been out for several years now.

  29. Aquavert GreenWorks

    2 axilla teases and a fly like an eagle tease?


    Time keeps on slipping into the future...It'd be great to hear Phish get into some Steve Miller Band tracks.


    Mission Impossible too

  30. adam Raleigh

    We are here and we are Friendly!

  31. adam Raleigh

    Hello Aliens.

    Edward Demski

    adam Raleigh they watch...

    Limner Locin

    I saw them come out of the portal during this jam

  32. HaliniSnow

    Fishman is seriously my favorite drummer of all time, the way he's able to play groovy, funky, rockin' and all kinds of sounds is amazing. I've never heard a single show where he wasn't at his A game.

    Camron Bryant

    Good enough to name the band after him

    Justin Gray

    HaliniSnow i would also venture off to say the same. He is always and has always been on point. Absolutely one of my favorite drummers of all time.

    jonathan bogush


  33. joshkorin

    So good & the intro, too!

  34. Brian Beard

    beginning sounds like terrapin flyer

  35. Riley Narayn


  36. Jim Acee

    so good

  37. Ranger Ripcheese

    Awesome! Where’s the Pittsburgh love tho??


    They don't love Pittsburgh


    Two Phish debuts, the first Cars Trucks Buses in 88 shows, a YEM, and the first Terrapin since 2004 don't count as love???

    Ranger Ripcheese

    KyleAugie I meant a video, definitely felt the love at the show :)


    @Ranger Ripcheese Oh, my bad!


    @sertsj1 idk. They come back here often which is more than I can say for a lot of jam bands and Pittsburgh