Phish - Punch You In The Eye Lyrics

I come from the land where the oceans freeze
Spent three long months on the open seas
Paddled 'til it seemed I could take no more
When my ship hit ground on Prussia's shores

How was I to know that day
That the winds had swept me Wilson's way
'Cause soon towards me from the East
Came Wilson and his men on multi-beasts

Well it seems he didn't like my face
And I quickly learned that Prussia was an evil place
They tied me to a chair with a giant clip
And held a piece of paper to my tender nip(ple)

Then they tossed the chair in a tiny shack
And told me not to worry 'cause they'd soon be back
But I loosened up the binds where my hands were lashed
And ran towards the cove where my boat was stashed

Singing "Oh Wilson, someday I'll kill you 'til you die
Oh Wilson, Punch you in the Eye"

When Wilson knew that I was loose
I'd surely be subjected to some real abuse
Maybe end up hanging from the nearest tree
So angrily I paddled to the open sea

But the sea was eager to beat me back
And the waves grew huge and deadly black
And the gray clouds rumbled over my head
And I feared in my heart that I'd soon be dead

When the morning came and the storm had passed
And the dismal fog began at last
To open up before my eyes
And there I saw to my surprise

Chains and specks of islands curved
Where palm trees dipped and seagulls swerved
And I parked my kayak on a stone
And yelled across the ocean to his evil throne

I said "Oh Wilson, someday I'll kill you 'til you die
Oh Wilson, Punch you in the Eye
Wilson, kill you 'til you die
Oh Wilson, Punch you in the Eye"

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Phish Punch You In The Eye Comments
  1. Andrew Cumby

    Wilson at it again

  2. Alysia L

    I was there with my sweetie
    Great show

  3. Kyle Veenema

    Hell yeah Jeffrey, pyite smokes the shit outta the joint. I always figured better drop the melody on the regular with it instead of "landlady"

  4. Kush Caspin

    Trey is smoking dude is always on 🔥 thx Trey you saved my life and made it worth living God bless Phish

  5. 79steelymatt

    One of my top 5 Phish songs ever!!Never understand why its not more well liked-its boogie fusion Copacabana at its finest!!

    Chris Sewell

    I’m really getting into this band, lately. Some of their tunes sound really Grateful Dead-ish

    Vivek Palepu

    PYITE is their time capsule/beam this into space song.

    Vivek Palepu

    They are called millennials. They don't like goodness. They don't like that a random youtube comment refers to them as 'they'. PYITE is motoring!

  6. Jake Henigman

    They're so good

  7. tommy schmitt

    i need to talk yo teddy bear bout how bad ass this is!! have him call me

  8. John Kurcz

    thats some groovy tunes bros

  9. Jeffrey Prettyman

    Probably the best all around indoor (arena) opener. A little extended intro preferably..... just to add to the anticipation. A lil dance and audience participation and we have a mid set vibe in 7-10 min.......I'm so thankful for privilege of experiencing 20+ years Of Phish evolution.... n

    Vivek Palepu

    Best indoor and outdoor opener. My first Phish concert was 7/1/99. First American Music Center. Antioch, TN. PYITE opener and YEM second set closer.

    John Snow

    There was a point around the early 2000s i thought maybe it was over then they came back for 2.0 which was ok still fun to go to shows but the last 6 or 7 years they really found their groove again the music gas matured with them like fine wine. Alot of music gets stale with age but jambands almost always only improve. Man i love this band

  10. Hugo Amézaga


  11. adam a

    anything short of CK5 is less than awesome

  12. Tim Goodin

    Slave. Fun.

  13. Alex Cordeiro

    What an Opener! LOVED BEING THERE!! Can't Wait till they release the date of their next tour!!!!

  14. SteveInMaine

    I love Mike's little punch signal to Fishman at :41.