Phish - Nothing Lyrics

Nothing's ensconced
Nothing's entrenched
Nothing's entangled or twisted or wrenched
Everything smoothly flows right through my head
What I hoped might linger is swept off instead

Tunnels and channels and chasms and rifts
Shiny smooth streams and unclimbable cliffs
I see you there ever so slowly being drawn to the sea
As if by some signal that's unheard by me

I stand on a featureless sheet of blue stone
And then for one instant I'm not quite alone
Your hand is extended but then you rescind
And you like my thoughts are borne off by the wind.

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Phish Nothing Comments
  1. Jack Goddard

    Phish is if a barber shop quarter and a rock band had a baby

  2. James Campbell

    Love this album!! Phish is mine and my son's band together. Love my son!!

  3. Kris Mitchell