Phish - Joy Lyrics

Joy is over there in her incredible clothes
She has silver silk shimmering down to her toes
I was doing the best that I can, I suppose
But that little girl dancer eventually grows, she grows

You can't imagine all the times that I tried
To uncover the source of the tears that you cried
Let's throw it away and just go for a ride
And you'd say okay but you'd keep it inside
And I tried, I tried, I tried, I tried

We want you to be happy, don't live inside the gloom
We want you to be happy, come step outside your room
We want you to be happy 'cause this is your song too

I never thought I could have it so good
You were the song that my soul understood
That time is a river that flows through the woods
And it led us to places we both understood
Would be gone before too long, would be gone before too long

When we were young we thought life was a game
But then somebody leaves you and you're never the same
All of the places and people belong to the puzzle
But one of the pieces is gone and it's you
It's you, it's you, Joy, it's you

We want you to be happy, don't live inside the gloom
We want you to be happy, come step outside your room
We want you to be happy 'cause this is your song too

In time we'll weather this storm inside together
You'll see the change when the sun shines through

We want you to be happy, don't live inside the gloom
We want you to be happy, come step outside your room
We want you to be happy 'cause this is your song too

This is your song too, this is your song too
This is your song too, this is your song too
This is your song too

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Phish Joy Comments
  1. Tim Johnson

    i just couldnt hold it together anymore once i heard this live in providence , incredible band

  2. Jesse Kielbasinski

    "Don't live inside the gloom" cuz this is your song too...thanks Phish

  3. Ben Ringenberg

    Beautiful lyrics, sung beautifully.

  4. Mr. Create New Composition

    I'm Tim James, thanks again for watching, and good night.
    ~ Tim James, 2015 Onwards

  5. Jennifer Amadeo

    Joy is my daughter's middle name bc of this song

  6. Sean Heck

    i know it wasn’t originally about this, but i always thought this song’s chorus and first verse would serve as a great ode and needed reassurance to a depressed teenage daughter who feels like she is unwanted, unworthy, or otherwise misunderstood. if i ever have a daughter who struggles internally and isolates herself, i am going to remind her that life “is her song too” and that i want her to be happy.

  7. dave21286

    “When we were young we thought life was a game, then someone leaves you and you’re never the same”

  8. Austin Shelato

    green ham gang

  9. Katrina Tadlock

    My husband said this was his song to me..

  10. Stephanie Zaher

    Thanks, Carol!! ♡

  11. colonel 4binsir

    This song brings me much joy!!!!!

  12. Elizabeth Scott

    Thanks for showing me this, Jessica. 💫

  13. Mooselag

    rest in pepperoni, Voodoo 3DFX

  14. MaryredeeAJ

    who is 'joy' and what person are they singing about? anybody know? hits home for me all too well..happy/sad/ fav as of now..although brian and robert is a close second...god damn I love phish!!

    yolonda greger

    MaryredeeAJ its about treys sister who was battling cancer and eventually lost the battle in 09 I believe.

  15. Bowser and Nick Valentine Feels

    I miss you Lisa...

  16. Victra Blueberry

    My dad told me to listen to this and I don't regret clicking at all

  17. Katera Murphy

    I want a awesome playlist. I love phish. I love all music.

  18. Kerri Wolfton

    Parts of this song reminds me of my Ex when we dated. He's a fan of Phish. I know it's a happy song but I cry when I hear this.

    yolonda greger

    Kerri Wolfton it’s actually a happy sad’s a tribute to his little sister who died from cancer..singing to her he wants her to be happy and everyone no matter what..kind of thing. This is our song this is your song etc..

  19. Napkin

    Forget the GTX 1080

    Just get a Voodo

  20. Boktorinator

    "They could've owned it all"
    -Tim James. Aka Greenhamgaming

  21. Joey Garcia

    such a good song
    Rob Johnson Thank you for showing me phish r.i.p
    I still got alot of work to do . I'll see you on the otherside someday

  22. Ron

    Now lets toss in a Voodoo and hope it all woks, Thanks Tim James for everything, I could of had a Banshee X.


    Bubba Keith
    GreenHamGaming is awesome!
    If only he uploaded more often 😅

  23. Michael DeMatteis

    This song kills me,in a happy and sad way especially live when trey lets loose on the solo a little

  24. Ramblr

    Now let's toss in a Voodoo and hope it all works.

    Joe Miller

    Not Just Tube This made me smile

  25. Timothy Boland

    3DFX :) gone but not forgotten


    Brought a smile to my face :)

  26. billy ficke


  27. Express Yourself

    "Why the hell would you play this?" Says my girlfriend who's not even a Phish head.

    Casey Taylor

    dumped her yet?

  28. gabelossus

    Does anyone else think Trey's solo before the bridge sounds like All the Young Dudes?

    Dylan Eichenberg

    I can see some resemblance

  29. Wub Wubwub

    Phish is like the missing link between 70s music and the present.

  30. Kayley Tho

    my dad is obsessed with phish and i have so many memories of him singing along to this in the car and winking at me... always cheers me up ❤️

    Riley Estes

    Kayley Tho mine too

    yolonda greger

    That’s a pretty amazing little story! I can dig it 😋

    Jozlyn Korsak

    I can relate so much, my dad got me into Phish when I was a wee lad ☯️🕉

    Katherine Schultz

    I love this. We want to name our next daughter Joy (first or middle) because just like your dad we want you (and her) to be happy.

  31. Riley Narayan

    almost .. well does bring a tear to my eye every time i hear this song

  32. Work Sleep Repeat Productions

    Green Ham Gaming brought me here. Beautiful song. Thanks Phish and Tim James!

    william the boany

    +Silly Sausage glad I'm not the only one all hail gateway dominoes and 3dfx

    Julian Uzuka

    Same here

  33. jerry kowalski

    This was written for Treys only sibling/sister who was battling cancer and ultimately lost that battle. But it can fit any mood for any person any reason. That's why it's your song too.

  34. Daniel Rivers

    I have been a fan of Phish since '96. "Bouncing Round the Room was the first song I heard, and I'm still discovering new stuff. Totally awesome band, very talented

  35. Zack Markham

    pure joy

  36. Jake Kepner

    My dog died today, this song makes me fell better, Thank You Phish.

  37. danielthed0g

    My cousin was drugged at one of these concerts on 3/8/14, and the quote
    "When we were young we thought life was a game
    But then someone leaves you and
    You're never the same."
    was on it. I didn't know it was from this song and when I heard the lyrics, the tears shed.

    yolonda greger

    I’m sorry to ask this but do you mean lethally drugged?

  38. ElvisBenny Dolomite

    They want me to feel happy, yet I feel sad and joy at the same time.  Damn you Phish, you get me so well.

  39. Cindy Overhiser

    This song should be on the back of every baby's birth cerficate.  Then, when they don't get wth their parents are talking about, they could listen and feel all the unmeasureable love that started the moment they were born. 

    Poppy Armada

    And let's not forget the children whose parents didn't have the ability to parent. This is their song, too ;)

  40. Reissecup YTP

    i can't tell if this song is happy or sad

    Shannon Greuling

    It is bittersweet 1❤

    John Walker

    A bit of both


    It’s a tribute song for his sister who died from cancer in 2009. Trey’s been through so much, and yet he wants us to be happy and not to live inside the gloom.

    Lisa Funcannon

    My mind has a mind of its own

  41. summitsteeze420

    @Parker Kraft  kanye west it will be ok just calm down ur not a gay phish

    Mary Ringenberg

    love it. funny shit.

  42. Erik Peterson

    I love you Faraj Al-Othman this song will always let me remember you. RIP Brotha

  43. Winston Magill

    phish takes me to my happy place normally, Joy takes it to another level!

  44. Boston Mass Appeal

    *It breaks down somethin like this:
    Does it (joy)make you feel good? Yes? Awesome. So it works for you, the way math or piano always has.
    No? Not for you? That's totally cool too. We accept you for who YOU are. Now hurry along or u'll be late for gym class.

  45. Godspeed657

    sure, why not?

  46. Rob Marley

    it can't hurt though right?

  47. Godspeed657

    You wouldn't need to be high to enjoy this masterpiece.

  48. Skrilla PDX

    Do not end it. There is always someone to help you, and of course Phish Love

  49. Kymmy Boo

    im going threw a rough time and this song is helping me. i was gonna end it all but then i heard this song

    Matthew May

    Me too dear! Just about 6 years ago as well. Phish has a way about dropping in just in time.

    Katherine Schultz

    Please don’t. I know this is an old post. But we want you to be happy. There is help out there.

  50. MineauN1

    if i ever get married, this is the father-daughter dance too!!!

  51. Thinkin Tank

    because your a grommit.

  52. Phishphantom

    Sharing this song right now with my friend from Russia and she i loving it!!!

  53. John Wise

    well just throw it away and go for a ride.

  54. Matthew Nebel

    I was there too! I had not heard this song before then, but now it is my favorite of theirs. What a beautiful performance.

  55. Terry Finn

    joy - phish brings me joy, live shows have been the time of my life

  56. zombieshuffle666

    I think your comment was meant for someone else.

  57. Felipe Beliz

    you drug addict

  58. Macie Neal

    I love you nana nancy! Ask her when am I going to swim in that pool of hers?

  59. Macie Neal

    me too! only thing they found in my system was cannabis. so that answers that question. I did not abuse drugs!!!!

  60. Macie Neal

    if thats how you feel so be it.

  61. Macie Neal

    its okay to cry, its an emotion.

  62. Macie Neal

    I want to scream it from top of a mountain! I love you Josh Chisholm!

  63. Macie Neal

    I love me some mj!

  64. Macie Neal

    Kameria Joy, that named came to me at the hospital. I showed Nana Nancy and she said it was beautiful. You make me happy:)

  65. Macie Neal

    because you are happy. I love this song, I had the opportunity to see them in concert with my ex zack but his friends were weird and I didnt feel like it. I out grew him fast lol. But dont get me wrong he was alright.

  66. GordosMama1111

    whether you want to call it a drug or not. Marijuana is NOT physically addictive. caffiene is. do you call people who drink a cup every day drug addicts? People get addicted to sugar. Shopping. Sex. But NOT weed. LOOK IT UP. (not on a D.A.R.E. website, either)

  67. Zack Higgins

    I balled like a baby at Alpine this year. It was just too much

  68. zombieshuffle666

    This woman says thank you for the compliment ;).

  69. Felipe Beliz

    yes it is dumbass

  70. OngoingMarsThruGuitar

    hahaha pots not a drug. but im arguing. your not worth my time.

  71. zombieshuffle666

    moe., String Cheese Incident, Keller Williams, Yonder Mountain String Band, Leftover Salmon. Enjoy!

  72. OngoingMarsThruGuitar

    Our song!

  73. Kase Hartog


  74. Phishphantom

    Phenomenal song!

  75. hippyguitarist94

    Emotional RollerCoaster

  76. Felipe Beliz

    fucking potheads, drug addicts

  77. The Rusted Garage

    When we were young we thought life was a game
    But then somebody leaves you and you're never the same
    All of the places and people belong to the puzzle
    But one of the pieces is gone and it's you

  78. imagodolboy

    what a hippie thing to say

  79. imagodolboy

    @bridgetyourbud because your emotional

  80. imagodolboy

    @heyypeeps1001 you suck fool

  81. imagodolboy

    @hellobegood hahhahahahhahahahhahahaha

  82. Mitch Eauclaire

    This song is beautiful.. reminds me of my girl! Love and miss you Lindsay Rae
    "you were the song my soul understood"

  83. Bryan Cummings

    Phish is beautiful

  84. Cmhoward82

    3 peoples finger slipped

  85. zombieshuffle666

    One of the most beautiful songs Phish has written.

  86. Dodee

    Cauz this is your song too!...all of us!

  87. Dodee


    I totally agree Harpua!

  88. YonYonpon

    My name is Joy =o..........This song touches my Heart

  89. Lauren Hillary

    Saw this live last Friday...!!!

  90. Jonathan Newcomb

    smoke another one buddy ;)

  91. GordosMama1111

    @HarpuaND84 we should all renew ourselves every so often. if only people took the lessons in front of them. you dont need to pay to be smart/happy/content

  92. kieranmcdonald6

    We want you to be happy

  93. Colin Perras

    @GlasSinyouReYe No, actually, you're wrong! I'm Tom Marshall's dad and I told him to tell his good friends just that.

  94. DarthKraken888

    I find this a beautiful song, kind of embodying the strange ethereal joy that washes over you when you feel like you're sinking in the cool but cloudy fountains of nostalgia and brings back the joy from your memory.

  95. Kambrie Frizzell

    Why is everyone arguing about what trey is singing about? his sister, daughter, manager? its not about that. its a song that you make your own. this song is for our 2 year old daughter jaelynn and daddy is going to dance with her to this song at our wedding. To me, it makes a perfect song to your daughter(s).

  96. Andrea Bradin

    actually... you're all wrong.... im good friend's with tom marshall who writes phish's lyrics and this song is about a girl named joy who tom has a super huge crush on... met her as well... rad chick

  97. The Rusted Garage

    I cannot stop listening to this song. "When we were young we thought life was a game but then somebody leaves you and you're never the same. All of the places and people belong to the puzzle but one of the pieces is gone and its you, its you." Favorite line. I want to learn the guitar and piano too, and cover this song.