Phish - Frankie Says Lyrics

Time is me and I should know
I knew this several months ago
I knew more than I do now
For I've been turned around somehow

Relax the world will spin beside itself and suck you in
With threats and hopes beyond compare

I change the landscape as I pass
Meandering from sand to glass
I suction there for one whole day
Until the feeling goes away

I don't need these orbits in my life
Revolve and cycle through
Don't keep coming back for more

I don't need this circular design
Wheel and spin away from me
You've been by here before

I've lost my mind
I've lost my way
I'm bound to lose
You wonder where I am

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Phish Frankie Says Comments
  1. Harrison Powell

    Such an amazing tone of emotions...thank you for the infinite waves of love

  2. Riley Narayn

    there is a ghost on the shoulder of the wax figure

  3. TacTundra

    I remember listening to this song all the time while I was visiting Boone NC in the middle of a really cloudy/rainy winter about 11 years ago. It's one of those songs that has an extremely 'weird' nostalgic feeling to it. Still love it. It just has a sound to it that you never would have imagined before.

  4. Jim Pleat

    I'm not sure killing a child is the right thing to do

  5. Arianna Cox

    this song is so fucking awesome

  6. Exceptional Perception

    "Time is me" = False self/Ego

  7. Alex Rekzu

    i dont need this circular design


    Me neither

  8. Barney Crocodoc

    ...for Big Barney done been turned around, somehow...

  9. michaelgrooney

    The Rift album cover is absolutely beautiful... the rest are questionable though


    This one here is at least interesting. Then there's Slip Stitch Pass, a classic Storm Thorgerson surreal...

  10. Josh Willard

    Well the Music is somewhat a example of reductionism. I believe the cover suits nicely what they're trying to convey

  11. sexy man

    ?.. the album covers dont matter. ive always thought of them as funny or at least relevant to the music.