Phil Ochs - We Seek No Wider War Lyrics

Over the ashes of blood marched the civilized soldiers
Over the ruins of the French fortress of a failure
Over the silent screams of the dead and the dying
Saying please be reassured, we seek no wider war

The treaties were signed, the country was split into sections
But growing numbers of prisons were built for protection
Rapidly filling with people who called for elections
But please be reassured, we seek no wider war

Ngo Dinh Diem was the puppet who danced for the power
The hero of hate who gambled on hell for his hour
Father of his country was stamped on the medals we showered
But please be reassured, we seek no wider war

Machine gun bullets became the bloody baptizers
And the falcon copters don't care if someone's the wiser
But the boy in the swamp didn't know he was killed by advisers
So please be reassured, we seek no wider war

And fires were spitting at forests in defoliation
While the people were pressed into camps not called concentration
And the greater the victory the greater the shame of the nation
But please be reassured, we seek no wider war

While we were watching the prisoners were tested by torture
And vicious and violent gasses maintained the order
As the finest Washington minds found slogans for slaughter
But please be reassured, we seek no wider war

Then over the border came the Bay of Pigs planes of persuasion
All remaining honor went up in flames of invasion
But the shattered schools never learned that it's not escalation
But please be reassured, we seek no wider war

We're teaching freedom for which they are yearning
While were dragging them down to the path of never returning
But, we'll condescend to talk while the cities are burning
But please be reassured, we seek no wider war

And the evil is done in hopes that evil surrenders
But the deeds of the devil are burned too deep in the embers
And a world of hunger in vengeance will always remember
So please be reassured, we seek no wider war
We seek no wider war

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Phil Ochs We Seek No Wider War Comments
  1. Christopher Carrico

    All these years later: same shit different day!

  2. Ligia Lewis

    Civilization craves for singer/songwriters like Phil Ochs to help raise the voice of reason and justice in these terrible times we are living in now . Pete Seeger's voice and lyrics would also give us some hope . Music and the Arts must raise their voices of conscience and higher consciousness to help us all see the light , feel the passion , have the nerve and rid us of greed ,
    self-interest , ruthless dishonesty . . .and the likes of Trump ( and all his rich, powerful cohorts that prop him up ).
    George Lewis, Sr

  3. Mary Groethe

    I don't remember when I first heard Phil's recordings, but his message has not grown old yet. I love his voice and message.

  4. Kieran O'Sullivan

    Christopher Hitchens did a grate exposure of Kissinger who was waging an illegal war. Now Syria is being bombed by an unholy alliance of Britni, America, France and Russia. And this is the way we will stop war by making more of it.

    DB 804

    +Kieran O'Sullivan It is so nice to see somebody who has read "The Trial of Henry Kissinger". Hitchens was also a big fan Phil Ochs, but Hitchens was also in favor of intervening in Iraq, and would likely say that we are morally obligated to intervene in Syria. Not trying to besmirch the dead or speak for them, nor am I trying to say that his view is correct. I am merely pointing out that we should not conflate Syria with the war crimes of Henry Kissinger nor should we treat all conflicts the same.

    Rembrandt Tip

    Hit or Miss and intervention in Iraq for altruistic reasons would have been perfectly justifiable, but that's not what happened, is it?

    George KUIJER

    I remember listening to his songs when I was just a teenager. Some of them are very good. Listen to "I won't march anymore", or for that matter "cops of the world". These songs were directed to American politics and are even more actual today in relation to president D. Trump,...

  5. Tony Steen

    A cross between "The Ringing of Revolution" and "Love Me, I'm a Liberal".