Phil Ochs - Flower Lady Lyrics

Millionaires and paupers walk the hungry streets
Rich and poor companions of the restless beat
Strangers in a foreign land
Strike a match with trembling hand
Learn too much to ever understand
But nobody's buying flowers from the flower lady

Lover's quarrel, snarl away their happiness
Kissed crumble in a web of loneliness
It's written by the poison pen
Voices break before they bend
The door is slammed
It's over, once again
But nobody's buying flowers from the flower lady

Poets agonize, they cannot find the words
And the stone stares at the sculptor asks "are you absurd?"
The painter paints his brushes back
Through the canvas runs a crack
Portrait of the pain never answers back
But nobody's buying flowers from the flower lady

Soldiers, disillusioned, come home from the war
Sarcastic students tell them not to fight no more
And they argue through the night
Black is black and white is white
Walk away both knowing they are right
But nobody's buying flowers from the flower lady

Smoke dreams of escaping souls are drifting by
Dull the pain of living as they slowly die
Smiles change into a sneer
Washed away by whiskey tears
In the quicksand of their mind they disappear
Still nobody's buying flowers from the flower lady

Feeble, aged, people almost to their knees
Complain about the present using memories
Never found their pot of gold
Wrinkled hands pound weary holes
Each line screams out you're old, you're old, you're old
But nobody's buying flowers from the flower lady

And the flower lady hobbles home without a sale
Tattered shreds of petals leave a fading trail
Not a pause to hold a rose
Even she no longer knows
The lamp goes out the evening now is closed
And nobody's buying flowers from the flower lady

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Phil Ochs Flower Lady Comments
  1. Flag Coco

    The guy in the glasses behind Phil is FBI.

  2. T Peter Hern

    Another from my Ottawa & Toronto Solo Act !

  3. x yz

    The kids in the audience look like they were made to listen to this for homework and can't wait for it to end..

  4. Arthur Harrison

    The kids are so sad because their cell phones were confiscated at the door.

  5. MrJrock84

    “The stone says to the sculptor: are you absurd?”

  6. KennBurch

    The guy in the aviator shades sitting right behind Phil looks like a larger version of Steve Dallas from BLOOM COUNTY.

  7. JanieUnknownWriter

    Excellent live footage. Phil was an inspiration to the Left.

  8. Tom Mihail

    No greater poignant poet since Phil Ochs!!!!!

  9. Jeffery Matuszak

    Fuck Elvis! Ochs is the king!

  10. Douglas Proce

    This is an amazing song, and the lyrics are off the charts poetry.

  11. Alex Umali

    Me gusta la voz suave de Phil Ochs. Gusto ko ang boses ni Phil Ochs. Mula sa Pilipinas, ang bayang sinakop ng Amerikano noong 1899 at hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa rin malaya.

  12. Aaron Seymour

    looks like the guy sitting behind Phil, couldn't bare to look at the light, there some mighty dark glasses he's wearing.

  13. Spinning Spin

    Im happy and sad that one of my idols phil ohcs is on vevo. And I don't know nor whish to know what vevo means

  14. John Boyce

    Phil ochs looked strait into the human condition, Dylan looked at it sideways, Look at the pain of life, those kids did not want to think of this terrible truth, nor do we.

    Charles Burns

    Wrong. I was one of those kids then. They are still because they are absorbing every word, and anything but bored. The 60s New York folk scene was dead serious

  15. phyl b

    I miss him and everything he stood for :(

  16. Mir So

    thank you.

  17. alnicospeaker

    Not my favourite PO song but his intro is too funny :D

  18. alnicospeaker

    "Calls for the violent overthrow of the government" ...Phil was so funny :D

  19. John Doe

    Phil Ochs was amazing. And amazingly UNDERRATED. A shame.

  20. multicaruana

    He saw everything.

  21. Butthole Weeb

    2:23 is that bitch in the back left seriously sleeping


    jacob Do you talk that way to your poor mama as well. Are you 5? Maybe you got infected by the hate virus of HOWEIRDFARTMANSTERNSHIT and Andrew Dice douchebag clay, sam kinison, bababooey, louis c.k., vanilla ice, eminem, kanyesouth etc. poor It?

  22. Konstantine VIII your culinary Βασιλευς

    just an incredible man, so poignant in all he does

  23. Gwynn Evans

    He was a genius - too bad he was bipolar. Gone too soon. "This is the land full of power and glory".

    Steve Roberts

    I'm bipolar but today we know so much more about the affliction and there are medications to keep it in check. I love Phil--even today. I saw him perform live at the Troubadour back in 1970 I believe it was. I'll never forget the concert; Phil was in top form. I was so close to the stage I could have performed a song with him. Long Live Phil Ochs!

    Casey Corbett

    He's a Genius because he was bipolar, or perhaps bipolar because of his Genius.

  24. TheHG12

    The beginning!!! I burst out laughing, I love him so much!

  25. StoneCole

    Brilliant! I love this guy :)

  26. Ben Andrew

    Does anyone know the chords for this song? I looked them up but it doesn't seem to be right.

    Cody Gillespie-Lynch

    +Ben Andrew

  27. Charles Becker

    My favourite Phil Ochs song; the very first time I heard it was him singing it live in a small folk club in Montreal in 1966 or so.  cb  :-)

  28. LonelyAtTheTop79

    Seriously I wonder if any of the people that were at this performance are still alive, and if there is any way to contact them about this.

    Joseph Carolan

    @LonelyAtTheTop79 they might be as this could have been in the mid 70's, they look about 25, so they would be about 60-70 years of age (providing nothing bad ever happened to them) but, I would not know how to contact them, although, that would be a treat as we could understand more about his live performance!

    Tori Nelson

    +Joseph Carolan i would actually place this around the late 60's, because this song, flower lady, was on his album pleasures of the harbor which was released in 1968. i'm not sure if he ever performed the song before it was recorded for the album. phil commited suicide in 1976 and this looks to be quite a long time before his decline and death.

    Luke Stromberg

    They are pretty young. I would imagine most of them are still alive. Phil Ochs himself would likely still be alive if you didn't kill himself.

  29. Gail Artsgard

    bout time some good live footage of Phil Ochs

  30. LonelyAtTheTop79

    WOW this is excellent footage! what year is this from? those kids look so bored

    Mike Peterson

    In those days it was considered appropriate to listen and think. Perhaps I'm showing my age.

    Hope NR

    They're stoned. I was there.


    Hope Nelson-Roohr says you😉

    Casey Corbett

    @Mike Peterson exactly, this isn't a song to cheer and laugh at, that's not what all music has to be. They're closely listening and hanging on every word, that's how I've always listened to this and most of Phil's music and I'm 20 and first heard of him at 12.

    Rob M

    No - it’s 1967 or 1968.