Phil Ochs - Colored Town Lyrics

Just across the railroad tracks
On the far side of the town
All the people there are black
And they live in colored town
Colored town

Speeding cars down the highway run
They never stop to look around
One place that the highway shuns
And that place is colored town
Colored town

On the sidewalk children play
In the gutters watch them clown
White world is so far away
So far away from colored town
Colored town

The owners of the local stores
Owners of the local ground
They're walking on a finer floor
Skin's too white for colored town
Colored town

In the early of the day
For the white homes they are bound
As a janitor, as a maid
They leave their place in colored town
Colored town

Come the evening, come the wine
Come the dancing music sound
Liquor knows no color line
Not even down in colored town
Colored town

A prison with no prison guards
Where no padlocks can be found
A jail without cells and bars
But you'll never escape from colored town
Colored town

Come let's open all the doors
From Birmingham to Harlem's ground
From Jackson to Chicago's shores
Let's take a look at colored town
Colored town
Come take a look at colored town
Colored town

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Phil Ochs Colored Town Comments
  1. Curt Barnes

    Powerful. Thanks for this Krutponken. Just finding out about Ochs' music beyond "There But for Fortune."

  2. Anthony

    Living in a prison you can't escape is hell for any human being and we all have 1. Love this song

  3. Paul Lavan

    Phil, you will always be my hero. May God forever bless you and your honesty, your truth, your courage, your sacrifices, and the hope you brought to people who had none. Your work and your legacy will never be forgotten. Adios Amigo. x. 

    Marilyn Maki

    @Paul Lavan I have always felt the same way. I was so very fortunate to share a little bit of time with him and I always cherish the memories.

  4. Protest Songs

    Wonderful song, still very relevant today. Thanks for sharing it.

    Protest Songs

    @***** True, people with money control politicians to protect their interests and politicians protect people with money to protect their position. We end up with laws and treaties that protect and facilitate banks and corporations instead of the people. That's why it's so important to get money and lobbying out of politics. Only then there's a chance of a real democracy, with equal rights for all people. A wealthy elite can only exist as long as many others remain poor and are deprived of their rigths.

    Protest Songs

    @***** Indeed, mass pressure works well on politicians ánd on corporations. Expose injustices, give good information and take part in organised resistance and social media campaigns. I'm not promoting any old political system, just common sense to rein in privileges and unlimited access everywhere for large corporations. They are the ones who hardly pay any taxes and even get government support. That's sick. Limit the power and practices of the financial market, which is completely tax free now. Installing a Robin Hood Tax there would already make a great difference. I promote real democracy with consideration for the effect on others and our planet. You can see the same intent in many protestsongs.

    Protest Songs

    @***** Thanks for the curiosity. But now I'm curious. Why would you not be able to express your opinion and support just causes? Every human being has that opportunity and responsibility.

    Protest Songs

    +Ender Pony I'm sorry to hear this, but don't lose hope and believe in yourself. You seem like a clever person to me. You're in a difficult age now and maybe in a difficult situation, but things will get better. If you need to talk, send me a message. I totally agree that people don't listen enough to children and young people. I'm a mother of 57 now and was lucky to have parents who did listen, but have been in several battles with society myself because I wanted to do the same for my children. In my view society is almost hostile to the needs of children and young people. A parent, friend or teacher who listens, understands and helps is very important, it gives you relief and strength. Life can be difficult sometimes, but there are always clues to find support and solve things and find your way back to happiness. And don't underestimate the strength in yourself! You are young and can be of great value to others too. Best wishes!


    +Ender Pony phil is always a good place to go when the demons come knocking, dont do anything to stupid society is setup to either indoctrinate or break people if your not ameniable to being a usefull idiot then be carefull the experience dosnt break you. for me music has always been my lifeline on sanity or at least avoiding totaly breaking and people like phil and billy brag RATM are the only reason i didnt suicide by cop a long time ago. i cant promise its going to get better before it gets worse, but if your 15 you have a better chance of living to see a better world then me and im still hanging on hoping that i might get to witness or even be part of a few victorys against fascism. people will listen to 15yr old though if you phrase it right they look like a fool if they dont, agism is rampant in our society though and sexism, racism capitalism totalitarianism, imperialism infact all the isms apart from a few of the good ones like environmentalism and socialism.
    but history is a spiral and were geting close to the low point of this cycle, once it gets hard enough for enough people the house of cards collapses and the survivours get to make a new hopefully slightly fairer system for the next cycle.
    for the record people still only listen to me because i dont stop to breath when i talk so they forget what they were waiting to say next and have to listen or pretend to at least.
    no matter what age you are if you challenge someones subconcious beleif structure usualy they arnt listening, thats why 2 people can argue politicts all night and be on exactly the same page at end of night, 95-98% of our actions are based on subconcious prompts and the subconcious isnt logical and only learns thru repeated repition or a authority figure declaring something as fact.
    you could try wearing black and theres a few other body language tricks tone of voice tricks ect that can make people identify you as a authority figure. theres quite a few different books out there if you like to read with handy hints on how to enhance your influence over others.
    but dont be supprised if even with people seeing you as a authority they endup ignoring much of what you say, its not realy their fault the subconcious can be a slow learner and some things have been programmed in and reinforced from birth basicly.
    but you found phil ochs :P and he has 100s of songs, one for almost every ocassion, music is great, also meditation. theres a very simple one were u grab left ear lobe with right hand and right ear lobe with left hand breath in while squating down out while standing up long slow breaths and squats do that for a few mins a day and it realy helps to level you.
    they would of had me on lithium for the last 15 years if i didnt know a few tricks to manage my cognitive state

  5. arc of my life

    Phil's guitar reminds me (strangely) of Hotel California by the Eagles.

  6. Antonio Serrano

    Up Phil Ochs forever and ever!

  7. Syd Wayman

    @KatanaFerguson Who doesn't?