Phil Ochs - Boy In Ohio Lyrics

Creek was running by the road
And the Buckeye sun was a-shinin'
I rode my bike down Alum Creek Drive
When I was a boy in Ohio

The English teacher he didn't care
He challenged us to checkers
And once in a while we'd swap a joke
When I was a boy in Ohio

Once I was caught playing hooky from school
They found me home in the evening
I confessed I had been to the movie show
When I was a boy in Ohio

We would wait for the summer to come
For swimmin' and pickin' berries
But now a freeway covers the field
Where I used to be so happy

I remember the Burger Boy
Where the girls would shine like the engines
And the radio was always loud
When I was a boy in Ohio

Spanish teacher she tried to help
She was much too pretty
So I just stared at the back of her legs
When I was a boy in Ohio

It was 3.2 beer at the honky tonk bar
Where they said the girls were easy
But somehow I never found me one
When I was a boy in Ohio

Soon I was grown and I had to leave
And I've been all over the country
But I don't believe I've had more fun
Than when I was a boy in Ohio

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Phil Ochs Boy In Ohio Comments
  1. Jason Aaron Scalmato

    But, I'm the only multistate tax good boy :)

  2. Lord Thanatos

    Here's to the city, I've got a lot of memories of being a boy in Ohio

  3. Suzuki Halwende

    Born and raised in Ohio. Great state, DESPITE what other might say.

  4. Jerry Bass

    Thanks to the wonders of Utube this favorite singer of mine constantly takes on new shadings.

  5. Don Lightband

    i loved this to pieces UNTIL some scoundrel pointed out its uncanny sonic parallels to the warbles of John Denver...

    Mr Kleeg

    I know what you mean, it's why I could never listen to David Bowie.... always sounded like a poor man's Anthony Newley.

  6. julie osborne

    lovely overlooked song from the great Phil Ochs

    Mr Kleeg

    It surely is.