Pharrell Williams - Lost Queen Lyrics

What planet are you from, girl?
And are there others like you there?
And could you do that magic trick again?
Poppin' up from nowhere
Though my planet's full of warfare
You make it feel like a dream
Man I hope they never find you

I think you are a lost queen
Let me serve you, serve you
Hot sex and gold, shiny things
I think you are a lost queen
Let me serve you, serve you
Remind you that you are a lost queen
I think you are a lost queen

[Verse 1:]
I don't have a problem with multi-taskin'
Takin' care of you that's my number one passion
Put it before my eyes, you know I'm a smash it
Only if you want it, want it mmmm-mmmm
You don't have to ever think about askin'
I can read your mind, girl, of course I have it
Can I start you up? That's automatic
Get your motor runnin', runnin', vroom-vroom
I'm never too busy to tell you that you're pretty
You ain't gotta ask me to
Surprise you in the city when your day is goin' shitty
You ain't gotta ask me to



[Verse 2:]
I don't have a problem meetin' momma and daddy
Honey and sugar, man I bet they're so classy
Half of me is good, the other half nasty
Can't help it if I want it, want it
Sure I meet your friends on my best behavior
Talk about relationships, I used to be a player
And like Geico, the time I saved 'em
And get their motors runnin', runnin', vroom-vroom
Lift your head when you're down so you don't drop your crown
You ain't gotta ask me to
And right before we finish, I'll ask you did you get it
You ain't gotta ask me to



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Pharrell Williams Lost Queen Comments
  1. Justin Leon

    How is this song so underappreciated? I've been listening to this for years and I would've thought it was one of his more popular songs

  2. T Berri

    I broke this song up into 2 parts. Ain’t noooo way you can’t vibe to the 2nd part of this song. Sometimes I’ll jam to just the 2nd part alone! That 💩 rides!!!! 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

  3. dequan spruill

    Underrated song

  4. Shabba Ranks

    This song = dopamine rush

  5. Justin E

    2019, anyone?


    very underrated song

  7. ginfinite


  8. Mo’nique

    This whole track both part 1&2 is SOOO underrated 🔥🔥🔥 S/o to everyone who knows and STILL BUMPS this track

  9. Leonard Washington

    This beat is 🔥

  10. Josey Mckinney

    Lost queen and freq are glorious ❤️

  11. Amanda R

    My girl JoJo slays even though she doesn't have a big presence in the song.

  12. júnior Lima

    only the last part is worthy

    Tiara Moore

    júnior Lima That last part is life lol

  13. Tara Murphy enlightenments

    I live and breathe this song and lyrics.

  14. Natasha D

    This is beautiful - a real journey

  15. Scotty Carr

    this is my fav song

  16. Bass is the superior instrument

    this is one of my favorite songs

  17. Sasha Rish

    Very beautiful song <3 LOVE IT!

  18. Tobi

    beautiful song!

  19. Karla Lira Imoveis

    This interlude tho <3

  20. Little Miss Sunshine

    I very like this music so cool OMG better than happy

    Isaiah Not Help Him

    +Alexandra Yevdokimova Very like?

    Polo Lee-James

    her surname is "Yevdokimova" fair enough to assume she speaks another language as her first language...

    legato duvall

    Isaiah Not Help Him nigga go learn a second language then try to correct a bi-lingual person

    Isaiah Not Help Him

    Alright alright *Grunts* I am sorry *Gasp falls to the ground dies*

    NiQue Kelly

    That was so dramatic lol