Pharoahe Monch - Broken Again Lyrics

Gotta move on
Gotta let go
Would've opened my eyes, if I would've known
After all of this time
Took my heart to mend
That I'd turn around, and be broken again

Gotta move on
Gotta let go
Would've opened my eyes, if I would've known
After all of this time
Took my heart to mend
That I'd turn around, and be broken again

They told me to see the glass half full cause some see it as half empty
I chose to see the glass twice the size it needed to be
Smashed it against the wall in the kitchen
On the floor going through withdrawals I was itchin'
She rescued me, my heroine to the end
But then she morphed into heroin in a syringe
Around my bicep, I would tie a shoestring
Tap! five times to find a vein in there

Squeeze 7cc's so I could see the seven seas
And CC all my friends so they could see what I was seeing
But what they saw was a despicable human being
So, I guess they just wasn't seeing what I was seeing
Convert two into one, an indivisible plan
To discover what dreams may come for this invisible man
Sentimental education, beautiful weather
Dam was constantly catching fire
Richard Pryor
Her skin deteriorated
Family infuriated by the myriad of tracks but my train never came
So humiliated, started begging for change
Failed rehabilitation so the scars still remain
Nice clothes became frayed
So isolated and afraid
I smell like an animal my teeth enamel decayed and
I'm relocated in Alabama now
That Maalox and Mylanta now
And it won't stop the burn
Constantly searching for the answers how
I could kiss the sky without enhancing
But, it's so hard to learn

Gotta move on
Gotta let go
Would've opened my eyes, if I would've known
After all of this time
Took my heart to mend
That I'd turn around, and be broken again

Gotta move on
Gotta let go
Would've opened my eyes, if I would've known
After all of this time
Took my heart to mend
That I'd turn around, and be broken again

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Pharoahe Monch Broken Again Comments
  1. Jamaal Horton

    I zone out everytime I hear this and I have never been High one day of my life this how real this song is!!

  2. Paul Carney

    its just pharoahe monch doin wathe does best... fukin amazin guy...

  3. Matt DiGiacomo

    Apparently I’ve been missing out for a long time. Glad I came across this though. Thank you PM

  4. Lisa L

    Still listening 2018
    The artistry lyrically to visually... WOW

  5. Michael Sylvia

    the red tape left on his jacket at 3:45 itches me like an urge

  6. Theodore Tucker

    He never disappoints...a true gem and hiphop treasure

  7. Music Prodancers

    kendrick llamar sounds amateur compared with this legend

  8. thusano2

    this is a very vulnerable track, it resonates with me heavy, thank you Pharoahe, your a legend.

  9. The Microgram

    Amazing track

  10. Tiffany p. M.b.

    Most underrated rapper....

  11. BrovaLoww

    Right in feelings

  12. Chicitysheba

    Love this brotha

  13. joeolcay

    Damn...Broke again:/

  14. narotic613

    Having known people that suffered from addiction this song describes it perfectly

  15. Don Esco

    I had recently heard bring it in and it was horrible, but this, this is art. This is, Music. this is life.


    much love for his music.

  17. Lone Wolf

    moved me to tears

    Lone Wolf

    watched a friend fade away to the stuff

    Jamaal Horton

    Lone Wolf I feel you! I have family members that are addicts! It’s destroying me to see the deterioration!

  18. U WUT M8?

    reminds me of BJ the Chicago Kid

  19. jeanette sutherland

    What a tune.relate to the lyrics so much.................

  20. Ad Rockslides

    Song is so heavy!!!!!! Love it!!!

  21. TheSomnambule

    "It took me 7cc's so I could see the 7 seas, CC'd all my friends so they could see what I was seeing. What they saw was a despicable human being, so I guess they werent seeing what I was seeing." - Realest lyrics to ever hit a hiphop track.

  22. Podobed

    One of the best of all time- and this track is absolutely dope/beautiful/inspiring...

  23. P0P inH00D

    "Pharoahe Monch, is like an eloquent linguistics professor, moonlighting as a ryhme serial killer terrorist,
    challenging the listeners' I.Q. while daring him or her to keep up."
    Thats Pharoahe Monch, a Artist that creat Music as ART,Deep,Real,True,Mindblowing,Always ahead of the times
    - Like now 14 years, i listen to him, inspiring me.

    Coming from Germany, Even with my bad english, he always was my Nr 1.

    There are many great Lyrical blessed Artists, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Ras Kass, NAS, and yes, Tragedy Khadafi i call in
    in there too + many others. But Hands down, Lyrcial, Deepness?! and IQ challenging... only PM Only Him.

    My 2 Fav PM Songs, that most insprining me are:

    1.The Truth:
    "...Truth brings light, light refracts off the mirror
    Visions of yourself and error could never be clearer
    The truth is that you ugly, not on the outside
    But in the inside, on the outside you fronting you lovely
    The discovery of these things and all are well-hidden
    But when you in denial of self it is forbidden, that's the truth..."

    2. Still Standing:
    " I have no dead bodies to claim, never been a trigger man
    Crack, never pedalled that, opposite of Jigga man
    Doubled my expectancy, can you believe it?
    Look, no bullet wounds, not paraplegic
    Still standing like the pledge of allegiance
    Moves made both emotional and strategic
    My heart disintegrated into a million pieces
    Listen, that's life, deal with it
    Press reset, download pain, write a thesis
    Performed for millions, Brazilian visas
    (I got) Transcontinental indigenous divas
    That speak multiple languages for unspeakable reasons"


  24. Th3rdEyeConfessions...™

    *This.Is.HipHop.* I love when the audio meets the visual.

  25. Elitecamp27

    imho this song is so powerful because it can be addiction to anything. To drugs, sex and someone's love. We all can relate to this in some way,shape and form. DOPE SONG FOR SURE!

  26. Jack Rudder

    I don't really understand why Monch isn't just the biggest fucking rapper of all time. He's been in the scene for so long and he's so damn talented. Please stop with this Drake shit and listen to this dude instead.

    Thy HairyYeti

    same with R.A Rugged man, any music that makes you question or think is usually dismissed

    The Vortex Comedy

    I'm not positive what video exactly, but in one of Pharoahe Monch's music videos R.A is in the beginning Laughing.

    Jordon Brewer

    There are so many artists like that! Kendrick Lamar, MF DOOM, Quasimoto, Mos Def, Talib Kweli. Makes me mad every time i hear a drake song.


    Why not listen to both?

  27. Dazza Hip Hop

    My favorite and most influential rapper. Pharoahe's music is a constant play in my car, "Oh No" Is the best flow of any verse i've heard in Hip Hop. I was fortunate enough to open for Talib and i was so excited to give a shout out to Pharoahe. To quote Big Pun, he's "Physically, lyrically, hypothetically, realistically" The best there is! Pun is right there as well of course.

  28. where'swaldo

    why would anyone thumbs down this song... it's a great storytelling song about addiction

  29. dustyandintriguing

    How the fuck did I miss this?! What a tune!

  30. Jack Doyle

    The metaphor about the glass at the start is so relate-able and chilling every time.

  31. Jestah

    Pharoahe Monch always been dope!


    +Jesse Heron this whole album is fire


    Pretty Much!

    Collin Garchar

    This is one of my favorite albums of all time.

  32. capitalmindz

    Anyone else here Level 42 "- Something About You" in there?


    +capitalmindz yes, i did!

    Phil Pelkey

    +bluestang302 wow exactly


    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. For years I’ve been hearing something 80s in there but I thought it was something more obscure. Two years after you wrote this, thank you so much for pointing out something that’s driving me crazy for years!!!

  33. antwizzle79

    I thought about ninjas turtles when he was taking the red tape off...smh. Nice video. My first time seeing/hearing it...


    What an artistic, classy way to handle addiction!!!
    I'm a (trying) recovery heroin n i fell in love a yr ago w this song. So happy to find this video

    Lucy Wear

    +RAE CORCORAN Aww good luck Rae, I hope you find inner peace x

    Matt DiGiacomo

    Still trying? I send you love and positivity my friend.

  35. Y. ETTi

    I can't stop listening to this.... what an evolution

  36. Leon Honey

    never broken, just cracked? always fixable.....  pharoahe still the beast he was when simon says rocked clubs, even down here in nz....

  37. Ravishing Grimness

    Straight Heart!

  38. Ivandro Carvalho

    Can't believe this song don't have more views yet -.-

    Keep keeping alive!!

  39. pawhel

    hip hop is still alive thanks MONCH

  40. Mihkel Kikerpill

    Great music. Great artist!

  41. Fly Guy

    Monch is for the children..


    @Russell Tyrone Jones yep...stick to 2chainz and lil wayne man. keep hatin tho

    Jack Campbell

    i went and bought me an outfit today that cost me a lof of money today haha


    This album is incredible

  43. isurujin

    What other videos are gonna be done by this album? TBH, I rate PTSD is the best album in the last decade.

  44. N Rose


  45. Choli

    Love This :D

  46. Tiffany p. M.b.

    i can't take this song out of my mind....DOPE!

  47. Steno Music

    One Love <3

  48. Tjaty AHATI

    One of my favorite lyricist!!! The mighty Pharoah!!

  49. Christian Lopez

    Does anyone know where the sample is from? Thanks i love this so much

    Bred Savage

    There is no sample in the track. The melody line that sounds flute-like is from a Roland Jupiter 6 synth. Though the melody is probably reminiscent of something we all know, just can't put my finger on it.


    It's not a sample, but the song sounds very much like the 80s song Something About  You by Level 42.  check it out

  50. Roberto Pérez

    Wow I'm glad there are artists keeping real hip hop alive.

  51. ODB Onyx

    Great artist

  52. Tommy Caro

    incredible....agreed mature ,intelligent, hiphop for adults ....awesome,i relate wich makes it better....incredible,dudes way ahead of his time....

  53. 00hzy

    "..It took me 7 cc's so I could see the seven seas, and CC all my friends so they could see what I was seein', but what they saw was a despicable human being, so, I guess they just wasn't seein' what I was seein'.." 

  54. fatpichu

    wish this got more view so they would make move pharaoh monch music videos

  55. BrokeandCopa

    This song just helped...

  56. jay bee

    my favorite album this year hands down

  57. Desert Viking Adventures

    HipHop is in good hands. Alive and well. 

  58. Pork Hound

    this is hip hop "music"....nice

  59. Alex Lee

    I'm really feeling this song....I guess we are all addicted to something whether it's drugs, alcohol or anger


    that is deep concept.

  60. TheSassee

    Ahhhh this is so real I truly enjoyed it and the female is so beautiful I prefer this over all the videos on tv...Thank u..

  61. Shane Worrall

    Is this the best video and rap song of the year? Yes.

  62. Brian Budack

    This song is pretty amazing and an honest expose of the self. On the other note. You lame mother fuckers thinking saying homophobic insults because your brains are to weak and lazy READ A FUCKING BOOK. Learn to talk some better shit. We are calling you out. We are done with your shit. It's a time of respect. And if you don't think so I am sure when you fall behind in life, your going to just blame someone else instead of the environment you built upon.

  63. rolaz productions

    Simply Dope!!!

  64. Amir Pietrek

    I see you in Hradec Kralove Czech Republic. I'm from Poland. Meny times i hear about your mental problems, human problems. Men i have too, fuck't up mind. This song give me image about every human soul.

  65. nzADragon

    Beautiful video.

  66. Paul Jones

    Great track. Fantastic video. Love when Monche gets his sing on! Forget about airplay... this is where we need to support the music we love. Go to his site. Buy his merch. There is no place for good quality, thoughtful music on radio...

  67. Stan Breynaert

    love this track !

  68. Sakhile Daweti

    She rescued me - my heroin(e) till the end...

  69. Kelvin Evans


  70. ultrabeastmode

    Great song

  71. 606 Open Mic Hip Hop Chicago

    Dope track

  72. MtReedis

    Love it! Pharaohe! You should collaborate with Mr J Medeiros.

  73. Jeff Tuerk

    Ive enjoyed everything youve done so keep telling the truth from your perspective.

  74. Marrque Nunley

    Immaculately moving work-both visual and aural. Evocative and inspiring. Just beautiful music. This is the human experience expressed in a way that is timeless.

  75. Marrque Nunley

    Immaculately moving work-both visual and aural. Evocative and inspiring. Just beautiful music. This is the human experience expressed in a way that is timeless.

  76. Adam Higginson

    would love too see Pharoahe Monch on strange music macth made in heven

  77. The Funk Junkie

    A little different than what I was expecting...  Super dope though, it's good to hear somebody who's already cemented their legacy keep branching out and killing it!

  78. Toussaint Intifada


  79. KillaManYaro_FMJ

    I like it man, makes me think....and thats good

  80. Trapizo World

    Inspired.. Actually has a deep message. Nothing but peace and love!!

  81. Jack Grennan

    i love that Monch really doesn't the attention he deserves but he still shells out for a good quality music video

  82. Michael Farfan

    Pharoahe Monch is such an unbelievably talented musician. Thank you for staying real to your music, your craft, and your love for hip-hop.

  83. M P 1990

    Always staying fresh and relevant and being diverse ! I'm glad my mate played a couple of your albums to show me how good a man you are on a track !! Move forward! respect from the UK ! :) 

  84. DocFaust

    Monch TOP 5!  There are exact changes in the way rappers rhyme.  Many throughout the years.  One was Rakim and another was Pharoahe!  There wouldn't even be an Eminem without Pharoahe!  Best believe that!

  85. Todd Jackson

    Beautiful hip-hop. Are you serious "family infuriated by the myriad of tracks but my train never came." That has to be the most ingenious lines of this decade so far. The only problem is this album will never go platinum because people do not understand what true art and expression means. Thank you so much PM for this album and this song. It has helped me get through a rough time in my life. Nothin but respect.

  86. dcanhiphop

    I feel ya bruh

  87. Kurt Bean

    I hope this doesnt come off wrong but, in some fashion i appreciate the flower that indulged this man to sing..  PHAROAHE- I can honestly say thank you for finally letting me hear your song.  SIMON SAT YOU INDIAN STYLE...

  88. bondo beowldy

    Im 4yrs clean...and thats a beautiful fukin song

  89. bondo beowldy

    Im 4yrs clean...and thats a beautiful fukin song

  90. William Rodriguez

    You gotta appreciate true hip hop when you see it.

  91. yakuza moon.

    now, this is a rapper, who SUCCESSFULLY doubles as a singer

  92. Hussien Ahmed

    Who's on the chorus?

  93. Aaron Jaunty

    I feel like this is a hit waiting to be realised.  It could do well in mainstream charts.  great song

  94. Matheus S.Verde

    That's great !

  95. thewelshviper

    Music for the soul

  96. Tbmak Maake

    Good God, Broken Again....Pharoahe.....highly educated hip-hop. Thank you sir

  97. BearsStillRule

    Probably my top album of the year, of all the shit i listen to. No doubt a mothafuckin classic