Pharoahe Monch - 24 Hours Lyrics

[Pharoahe Monch:]
Give me my motherfuckin' money
I want my goddamn money
In 24 hours you better have my money
I got bills and shit, I need medicine
Roof over my head, Con Edison
I need it
I want it

In '99 I caught a case for a rhyme, rape charge
Cut a Klansman's face, slashed his throat with the race card
Lyrically intergalactic
When I arrange to properly wait between my words, spacebars
Don't make me show you pictures of your daughter's grade school location
Your teenager goes to Queens Vocational
You? Wall Street occupation
Me? I'll occupy Wall Street like the protest just to discuss interest rates and inflation
Not stocks and bonds, but
Contusions and knots, fractions and blood coagulation
My medication is next to go
But I'ma get it out of Canada or Mexico
I need cash in hand with extra dough
For my albuterol and my Lexapro
Give me my money

Give me my motherfucking money
I want my goddamn money
In 24 hours you better have my money
I got bills and shit, I need medicine
Roof over my head, Con Edison
I need it
I want it

[Pharoahe Monch (Lil' Fame):]
Now they gon' make me drop a name on 'em (Say what?)
Totally inflict pain on 'em (Say what?)
I'ma get insane on 'em
They sayin' I'm sick so I'm a sick Lil' Fame on 'em

[Lil' Fame {Pharoahe Monch}:]
You got 24 hours to pay me my bread or you don't owe me nothing (Ante up!)
'Cause when I see you, you gon' get yo' head busted
I don't care if they rob Peter just to pay Paul
Peter gon' fuck around and get his ass Peter Rose
Scratch a match, burn that bitch for clownin' with Jamal
Taxiderm that bitch and mount him on the wall (Okay)
Time tickin'
All you gon' hear is that nine clickin'
I'm tryna get rich or die tryin'
Got my niggas speakin' to my son like
{Don't worry, Claude, you gon' get them Sneakers} (That's right)
That's what a nigga get for fuckin' with them leeches (Oh)
Could've furnished your crib with all the deluxe features (Oh)
Captain underground, you are just a lieutenant (Nigga)
I'm a Brownsvillain with a chest full of ribbons (Nigga)
It was 23 hours and a couple minutes
I threw that bird into a safe, she had my money plus interest
I said

[Pharoahe Monch:]
Give me my motherfuckin' money
I want my goddamn money
In 24 hours you better have my money
I got bills and shit, I need medicine
Roof over my head, Con Edison
I need it
I want it

I need it
Want it
Need it
Want it

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Pharoahe Monch 24 Hours Comments
  1. hottubuh

    Would've preferred just Pharoah Monch on this.. hin and Canibus

  2. Aikens Negron

    I want my goddamn $

  3. Ollie E

    More I listen to Fam more I realize how nice he is!

  4. Jason Fleming

    Imagine Danz screaming the hook

  5. gaurd3

    Or you don't owe me nothing

  6. Mr. Jared.

    Need a Pharoahe Monch and K-Rino "story with bars" track

  7. BillyJack85

    Having lil fame co-star on your song is a tricky proposition... cuz he'll make it better than it would've been without him but he'll also outperform you on your own track
    Decisions decisions

  8. T B

    too thorough

  9. Joshua Calhoun

    Who's lil fame

  10. the guy on the couch x

    When they said "hip hop is dead" I was lost, trying to find other genres of music to venture in. Respect, but real hip hop brings me home.

  11. Chen L


  12. Nigel Salvador

    For those curious:

  13. LEGIN27

    2 of the illest emcee's on the planet!!!!!

  14. Daddyo

    Now this is the f*** what i'm talking about real hip-hop with bars and a message

  15. Richard Jefferson


  16. Marvin Allen

    This is dope!!! Kind of reminds me of my name is D-nice , but this is way harder

  17. Dan Q

    Real hip hop

  18. Wilfredo Guzman

    Incredible wordsmith do you my brother I hit the 👍🏼 and the red 🚨...💯💯get rich

  19. Eddie Brock

    Every shortchanging ass job ever!

  20. BigKnowledge ESO

    Your favorite current radio rap artist will never be this great.

  21. RustyHornzMusic - Golden Era Hip Hop Production

    Sounds Like A Winner, Plus This Joint's Boastin' Live Musicianship.

  22. Kaizer Pop

    real Hip-hop but the new generation can't understand

  23. Daron Green

    This song had me demanding my money & nobody owes me shit!!!!

  24. Paul Smith

    Lil Fame should save up and buy smaller teef.

  25. lamar mikell


  26. Key Bair

    my muh fukin g!!! fire nothing less, yo since oh no when i first heard a verse from him. and my dude from real rap!!!!

  27. Steve Ice

    southside 40p and brownsville ....deadly combonation!!!!!

  28. Seth Cox

    Soundin like smokey from p.j.'s

  29. HAN SOLO

    Great THX! 💎

  30. jmanson119


  31. Vincent Callaway

    If it was only that easy....


    Chapado irmão! Bem louco! ✌🏿🤪🇧🇷

  33. Tony The Babyface


  34. Terry Borderline

    Monch needs some Dr. Sebi

  35. Justin Stewart

    Eminem was 100 percent right when he said this man was ahead of his time. His flow is among the 10 best of all time.

  36. eltyshaun

    Put lil fame on any song and he makes it better....

  37. Omar Johnson

    Very good work.

  38. Kary Hamilton

    Are they talking about Rock-A-Fella??? Cause I swear I hear Kanye’s style. Perhaps Pharoah wrote for Ye?

  39. James Schultz * Est.1982

    "In '99 I caught a case for a rhyme,
    Rape charge!
    Cut a klansman's face,
    Slashed his throat with the _race card!"_
    That line's so fuckin hard, bruh...

  40. Renaissance Reactions

    He said blood coagulation

  41. James Grove

    Sounds a little like Sadat x

  42. #Atticted Television

    Pharaohe on some other shit!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Lil Fame always go fuckin hard!!!

  43. Rashiid Almahdi

    No game's straight Butch kidding you sounds one love

  44. da zurp

    Monch ,lil fame in a mr complex video ... tanx

  45. WANDER


  46. Plamen Zlatev

    ayo thats tha shit we bangin 2018 word ... rap muzikk at it reallest

  47. Logic 3189

    Hip hop

  48. Owen Marsh


  49. kEhYo

    In 24 hours you'd better have my money!

  50. Kevin Hard

    Wheeeeeeww 🔥 REAL HIP HOP!!!!!!! ROCK ON

  51. Ryanwill570

    Thank you. I was late to the video/hearing the track. Being a music fan with internet being the primary vehicle is complicated.

  52. Greyhem Simpleton

    Salute to you NYC dudes. Fucking Kings man! epic 3mins. beats hot, ima catch a tan!!! sick concept and love the fx on the vox. Banger of 2018 fashow!

  53. Kelvin Miles

    Jamaica n Brownsville- From Guy R BREWER to SUTTER!!!!!

  54. nostalgic wiz

    The federal workers that's affected by the government shutdown should listen to this song right now and start a revolution

  55. D Williams

    This is the official national anthem during the Gov't Shutdown! 💲🇺🇸

  56. Michael Stachowski

    Reminds me of NDL..Sean P.. Wisemen video...Yeah!!!

  57. G-wiz

    just dropped an album called "Marathon man" if any1 wants to give it a listen no trap shit

  58. Tawfik Vargas

    From Morocco shout out to the real hip hop legends 🇲🇦🇲🇦

  59. Skhumbuzo Oscar

    awsome Moch...

  60. Evo K

    if you need money why smash your laptop? just saying ..

  61. Martin Mwaura

    Pharoahe Monch is still fire as usual..It's still a mystery how he has managed to be this awesome for a long time..truly a G.O.A.T

  62. kokobongo83

    This is the real sh....miusic. Big Yooo from Poland. Peace

  63. Gabe Williams

    So funny that I listened to Internal Affairs a few weeks ago.

  64. Charles De castro


  65. Muntu Blackson

    H.I.Pmuthphucking H.O.P!!!

  66. Anthony Torres

    79 dislike they must not want their money..

  67. No Change

    this reminds me back when it was Mos Def, Talib and Pharoahe killing the game. That 'Oh No' track was ridiculous!! can anyone remember what compilation it was on?
    it was a live lounge type project, i think Pt2?


    might be lyricist lounge 2

    No Change

    @neoleo97 It was!! your a star!! cool, yeah they were so so dope.

  68. ImmortalAK

    I've got a theory.... Everyone with "Lil" in their name is whack. Fame is the only person that disproves this theory. His shit is tight no lie. Mash out.

  69. Anthony Arcanum Sanctum Regnum

    Dope New York shit right here We are coming back bringing the culture back to The Mecca.

  70. sylenceexposed

    Dude these days have no idea what real rap and real hip hop was all about. Anyone who is 30+ years in age and not from the south were lucky. Mobb deep, Noriega, Nas, big pun , The clips , mos def, Dmx , so on and so forth.. these were beast mode artist. There was so many to mention in that era of rap now it’s mostly mumbling and auto tune drug out rap with nothing other than weak bars and nonsense.

  71. Mister006

    NYC Anthem put on full BANG by all the headz!
    They all need they Gottdamn Money!!!


    Hard!!!!....this is the energy rappers gave us back in the 90s!!!.....hopefully it will be trendy again!!!...Oh another thing, can Pharoahe Monch not be in ur top 5????......yall need to wake up!!!! underrated...he rap circles around Eminem trust me.

  73. 325Beatz

    HipHops not Dead#

  74. Charles Boisrond

    Biggie's nigga up in prospect

  75. Crate Digga


  76. Martini Records

    Oh noooooo 😲✋dnt kill him lol

  77. Rudy Barro

    Wish Pharoah had a 2nd verse on this and now Im dying to know about the back story. Which Label did he ghost write for?? Rawkus?? Who didnt pay him?? Did they ever "Anti-Up"??

  78. Keara B

    Pharoahe Monch= 🔥🔥🔥🔥Now give him his money.. He want his goddamn money...

  79. Edmond Taverdyan

    that video looks 93ish :) i like it

  80. Willy Wonders

    Redman would have been a dope feature on this track

  81. Alexander Burns

    Monster Monch! Go for it bro, fuck labels

  82. Tony Bicycle

    Le robar la Letras ! Que viva Mexico 🇲🇽!

  83. Tim R

    Monophonics sample + Pharoe monch = Heaven.

  84. Social Konstruct

    Interestingly enough, this video makes me think that the now defunct Rawkus Records still owes Monch a ton of dough for his works.

  85. Deprofundis142

    As soon as the beat hit 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  86. Vincamel

    Pharoahe Monch has always been one of the most underrated MCs ever
    Shits fire!

  87. Kabelo mutubi

    M.O.P had the best ad-libs

  88. Gaz Roach


  89. Neil Howes

    Dope as fuck! Real mc, lyrically skilled

  90. Thomas Mabika

    Pharoahe Monch the iconic..

  91. Anthony Marcus

    The shut down brought me here

  92. Spot Boogie

    You brothers ain't lost a step!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  93. Trevor Norman

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💦💦💦💦ON THE 🎤💪💪💪💪💪

  94. George Lucas

    Guittar riff is dope as fuck,reminds me of "ground Zero" and fizzy whomack is still on his shit as usual "It was 23 hours and couple minutes,i throwed that burner to his face,he had my money plus interest" RAW as fuck just the way i like him. SALUTE

  95. Manish Patel

    The beat reminds me of krumbsnatcha and styles P on the track Bang Bang.

  96. Lasso boy

    it's goood

  97. The Melons

    “Lil Fame’ll make ya famous”...Word.