Pharcyde, The - Pandemonium Lyrics

[scratched: "pandemonium"]

[Verse 1:]
See now; catch a vision (aight) view me in the eyes of unequal
High above the plains but still remains equal
Livin on, no matter how fly there is no sequel
I am not a supreme being, freeing people
Cause many minds are zombified, that's why they never rest
Fightin for the light and fightin holes in their chest
Merely scavengers but no one who'll confess
But in time they will all undress
Livin in the lost & found, trapped without sound
Dappin ass a pound means it's way underground
No, calculating cause it's all round
Round like a figure, in old school calligra-phy
So figure that you don't wanna see
Far greater than the eye so you can fly Cali
Used to have a tax on teens now they got a tax on me
But that's if you can find me
I'll be trippin with the scene with the pan-de..monium

[scratched: "pandemonium"]

[Verse 2:]
He been causin more calamities to me than Am-ity
-ville Horror, real horror, way mo' wicked than Gomorrah
or Sodom, I shoulda shot him but I didn't
Right then, to me my man hit it
Just because I'm tenant reason why they hit me with a rotten label
And use trickery to put my cards upon the table
So they can COPY, but they're UNABLE!
They come SLOPPY, ill equipped to grip the sacred cables
Stretchin out, that age old fable
How they're not really my friends
They can't wait to infiltrate and get me for my ends
It's been trend-in, in everything I do
The devil tries to throw his wicked wrench into with his henchmen crew
Main reason why I, resist whack guys
And let 'em know they couldn't wrap even aluminum
(When you what?) When I'm causin pandemonium...

[scratched: "pandemonium"]

[Verse 3:]
Somebody tell me what's wrong with this picture
(What?) How long will it take befo' it hits ya?
And you begin to understand, the dirty underhanded
plan to place pandemonium upon the land
Face to face with the faces of death
on a daily basis, to the point we embrace this
(What?) Demonic debauchery
Negatively affecting the psyche, that's why we like to see
some type of monster chasin
Erasin people from the face of the Earth like Jason
When that was just a movie really illustrating
the illy type of shit that they really got waitin
And I can't be condonin 'em
Sick minds perpetuatin pandemonium

[scratched: "pandemonium"]

[Verse 4:]
Mere men or two handicapped to adapt
On my terrain they remain in the same frame of thought
And they only thought as I laughed
at they foolish attempt to pin my technique
So I set a new mark, to drumming my styles directing styles
with the presence, present, meaning un-[?] digits
Like the ninjas on my trail, you will fail in hell
The young male will prevail when all hell breaks
I hate fakes, worse I hate flakes!
Men get worse I get 'em to make their mistakes
I stay low like a sheet of linoleum
when it comes to pandemonium

[scratched: "pandemonium" to song's end]

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Pharcyde, The Pandemonium Comments
  1. Pier Gaetani

    Gooooooooooood morning shadaloo

  2. Jeremiah Davincii

    One of the illest songs noone ever heard

  3. Tony Graham

    That snare doe..: 🔥

  4. Bearded Aquarian_78

    They all SNAPPED on this track... Brown really down dem barz to close it out.

  5. PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa ROXXI sandoval

    🙋‍♀️ *WHO'S LISTENING IN 2019?* 💜

    Tony Graham

    Me! This track Lit 🔥 💯

  6. WRECK 215


  7. Stephanie Blackley

    Street Fighter Soundtrack

  8. Anund Gårdske

    Bison, you off da air!

  9. The Doodleman

    Love the snare.

  10. Haslem Ali

    dope as fuck!!!

  11. mahnutzisdry lickum

    this beat gave me AIDS, now I'm just as sick as this beat

  12. benched4lyfe

    Dilla with the production credits. I think (?)

    Surge Álvez

    Any real fan of Jay Dee would know that this is *not* his sound. It was produced by members of the Pharcyde.

  13. SMUS16475

    Sick sample.

  14. Curtis Jones

    Dope enough!

  15. Daniel Martinez

    I was 13 when I got the Street Figfhter soundtrack back in 94. The movie suck big time, but those tracks were GOLD!

    Produced by 8-bza

    Fuck yeah bro. Same story.

    Darth Jophus

    He'll they there hard as hell to find

  16. Turglayfopa


  17. Martin Mikov


  18. jhonatan martinez

    new breeds don't know old school blame the parentals

    Makel P

    I do, I'm 17 Born in 99, I'm a straight 90z and underground head this new shit is wack.

  19. Matt Burke

    this is one of the sickest beats of all time

  20. infinitecanvas11

    for reals who da fuck dislikes this jam? hella good beats

    James Nevitt

    Souls of mischief is the shit too

  21. stewd0g

    only 808 views!

    and who the heck dislikes this!