Phantom Planet - Knowitall Lyrics

I came home as someone else
Must have wished it on myself
When I got
Lost in thought while
We were out

Hours have passed and I have seen
The terror I am stuck between
Who I've been
And who I'm thinking
I could be

I was listening to a battle begin
Wondering which side would win

Did you say
Something? I'm
Sorry I

I can tell
After this there's nothing else
Nothing you can't solve
If you're such a knowitall

Maybe I'm not good enough
Or you don't resemble what I've built up
After months
See it looming
Over us

Tell me I made some mistake
Entertaining a second date
I'm a mess
So nervous and it's
Getting late

What should I do?
I'll tell you.
Pretty soon I'll shatter in two.

Just because
You place something high enough
The harder it can fall
But you knew that.
You're a knowitall

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Phantom Planet Knowitall Comments
  1. Reinaldo Moreira

    Amo demais

  2. elrickization


  3. Angel Martin

    Amazing song, totally makes up for California

  4. Benedict Feole

    Such a great song and album. How does this only have 4511 views??? So classy and raw.

  5. Jenna Marie

    Amazing Song:)Love this Band:)