Phantogram - Let Me Go Lyrics

This golden glow
Is not happiness
It's the dust that you kicked on my face
Before saying goodbye

Oh memory
Won't you speak to me?
Can you show me the boat in my soul
That can sail me back home

Let me go

You can shave me down
You can clean my teeth
Get me ready to meet all the people
That I thought I knew

But my memory
Has mistaken me
Can't remember the last time
I felt so incredibly young

So let me go

And I try
To leave
But my bones,
Just won't agree

And I try,
To believe
You should try
Set me free

Let me go

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Phantogram Let Me Go Comments
  1. One Too

  2. Knight and Crow

    Eyv kank

  3. Matthew Bayless

    Who else didn't notice this wasn't a "video" for the first 3 mins?

    Ifitsnotonething itsanother

    Deep man

  4. Ryan Eidson

    Its like a scary movie. I play it on repeat.

  5. Vegan Cannibal

    This song makes me visualize a very dark, creepy and sad indie video game.

    A city where it’s always night and gloomy. A lonely urban explorer trying to escape this dead city but can’t…they are deep secrets on why escape is impossible and why it’s always night. Eyes are always on you but you can’t see them directly, only your peripheral vision. Going mad because you see no one else but yourself, yet, you know you’re not alone. Whispers around you, footsteps behind you, eyes on you…
    The truth is something that haunts this abandoned city and the people who come to explore to never leave.

  6. Gustavo Figueroa

    This was the polite version of my feelings back in 2015 when someone i was close to wouldn't go away when at that time I wanted her to. Heartbreak is a bitch, wounds heal when that person tries to stick around and despite what your feeling you yourself cant let go. Sorry for the rant, this song takes me back.

    Gustavo Figueroa

    *wounds dont heal when that person sticks around

  7. Guly Berdt

    They mastered the art of staying still

  8. steev2DBx

    One of my top 5 Phantogram songs. I love it!!!🔥

  9. Eric Reese

    Best songs for addicts!!

  10. Alberto Torres

    dejame ir

  11. Knight and Crow

    Aferim Uğur!

  12. Alberto Torres

    dejame ir no me detengas pero ten mucho exito .salud .sobre todo alegria.

  13. Melv R.

    Feels as if i came across Phantogram and their music at a perfect period in my life where one has to work with the universe and shine through the troubles, the hurt and the memories head-on. Amazes me how many times I can repeat one of their songs over & over again and feel something different inside each time. Can’t wait for what the future holds them 🌟

    skippy malkovich

    Same here

  14. Sam Snede

    "I believe".........omg. please keep singing hot singer chick.

  15. Sam Snede

    What a great song. This is one of their best. And it's pretty cool that she has an awesome, soft and perfect voice........and is totally hot.

  16. Nicolas Vera

    This song is way good to just have a mill+ views

  17. Alberto Torres Rivera

    It's like song. ...

  18. raheem1779

    real music that has a meaning

  19. norman sage

    it’s a trap!! 🎶💨

  20. Nahum Alvarez

    This song just melt me

  21. Henry Herrera

    I love you This song

  22. Derek Chapman

    this song is so touching🔥😎

  23. Derek Chapman


  24. Sir Arthur Frentzel

    Facebook let me go. Just let me go. LOL

  25. Scene scene

    sweet song

  26. Alfredo Anaya

    i sent my girl you are the ocean, she sent let me go ;(

  27. Purple Cinikade

    remind me of Blonde Redhead <3

  28. Amar Carian

    do not eat your nails poster, or think of changing your avatar..... average song, btw.

    skippy malkovich

    You're brain is average

  29. Hoodrat Hippy

    "Let Me Go"

    This golden glow
    Is not happiness
    It's the dust that you kicked on my face
    Before saying goodbye

    Oh memory
    Won't you speak to me?
    Can you show me the boat in my soul
    That can sail me back home

    Let me go

    You can shave me down
    You can clean my teeth
    Get me ready to meet all the people
    That I thought I knew

    But my memory
    Has mistaken me
    Can't remember the last time
    I felt so incredibly young

    So let me go

    And I try
    To leave
    But my bones,
    Just won't agree

    And I try,
    To believe
    You should try 
    Set me free

    Let me go

  30. Sergio Moreno

    what is it about this song that makes me press repeat

  31. melissa surposa

    This song nestles me in the darkness. It reflects everything I feel at the moment.

  32. WilliamR

    Phantogram deserves so much more fame, then again I suppose the masses can't comprehend or accept music that is a little different in the best of ways. They're f'in great! Idk about you guys but I also like Lorde she's very talented for her age and has similar messages that are far deeper than mainstream music. Do you guys like Lorde?

    Mai Moon

    WilliamR I do, love her first album with my soul and a time after I found Phantogram and fall totally for them, their voices and sounds are magical and so amazing!!!

    penispumpman donahue

    WilliamR agree completely if people gave them a chance oh well there missing out

    skippy malkovich

    I found them cuz of lorde

    Charlie Swanner

    Thank you for reminding that Lorde made some beautiful music as well!

  33. Juan Serna

    Before they sucked

  34. Stephen C

    So good

  35. Mickey Legalhawk65

    goes to those places you want to forget, places you wished i had the words, Let me go. Thanks

  36. Valar Morkılıç

    müthiş ya

  37. Luis Zirangua

    let me go... :(

  38. Lindsey Oberlechner


  39. Lindsey Oberlechner


  40. heba hassan

    This song is like a breath of fresh air ❤️

  41. Alicia Erb

    mad for this music. my right-now fave group.

  42. Volkan Yüzak

    Abi bu harika grup neden bu kadar az dinleniyor? :(

  43. Alejandra Yunuen

    This is...beautiful
    Still without knowing why do people think Justin Gaybier is awesome when there is this music, i mean, music

    Alejandra Yunuen

    Yes I know, and everybody can hear whatever they want,but the thing here is that most of the people loves to follow stereotypes and all of us have to be different, to trascend, well that´s my opinion, I want that for my life


    +Alejandra Yunuen just because that's what you want for your life doesn't mean what other people choose to listen to or what 'stereotypes' they fall into make them any less of a person. You come off as if you think your superior to someone who listens to JB when the reality is its just your opinion.

    Alejandra Yunuen

    I do not feel superior

    Summer Time!

    You can't compare these two artists to a mere entertainer.
    You're comparing fine art to something manufactured to be tossed out like yeterdays garbage.
    Phantogram is a different category and level of music that will continue to be cherished years to come.

    Alejandra Yunuen

    I know, and i wasn´t trying to compare them, i just thinked about that, this is the reeal music, man

  44. Kruseracy

    Damn this song is a great.

  45. Mitchell Joseph

    Damn..😞 too good..

  46. trixi golding

    this song is something else

    Ghassan Ghannan

    +trixi golding takes u away to no where

  47. Laura L. Franks

    So sad, makes me think of my grandmother and my father who both died of Alzheimer's Disease where they both did not fully recognize me near the end or anyone else but rather seemed to have sorta childlike fun. Very sad disease and this song takes me there every time.

    Psychedelic Gypsy

    +Laura Lee Blessings from México

    Rebecca Ferreyra

    sending you a hug for your strength through that. <3


    my grandma lived 16 years with alzheimer.. i grow mature from childhood while watching her getting more disconnected day by day... kinda proved me that there is no individual 'after life' also the loneliness is something that no one can avoid


    You and anyone else concerned about Alzheimer's and how to avoid it should learn to take care of your sleep! Here's Matthew Walker on the Joe Rogan Experience with more information: Have a good day!

  48. Emotional Fool Laughters of pain

    Great Emotional Melody.. Very Nice!!

  49. Jonathan Velasco

    heard of this band through an ex. think of her whenever I hear them.. wish I could let go of the memories

    Christian OBrien

    +Jonathan - Been there... hang in there. It does get easier, but it takes way too long sometimes.

  50. russelsheartinacage

    I think it's a tough choice between this and Fall In Love for their best song, both are great. I especially like the drums on this

    Purple Surf Universe

    +russelsheartinacage I personally love this song and their "Howl At The Moon" is fantastic too.


    +silentthriller black out days on repeat! hundreds of repeats xD


    +russelsheartinacage WARNING SPOILERS!!

    fall in love, black out days, let me go, howl at the moon, turning into stone, you are the ocean, as far as i can see, the day you died, celebrating nothing, when i'm small

    check them all out!!!!!!!!!!!

    that's momaluigi to you.

    Tiana Martinez

    And cruel world and howling at the moon AND AND AND !!! So many. Phantogram is AMAZING

    Steve Lee

    You Are The Ocean is my favorite from this album. I also this song as well as As Far As I Can See. The later acoustic version is great.

  51. The Realest Idealist

    So good...ohhh, so good! Chills

  52. Pedro’s Garage

    Uploaded a day before my first love came into my life.


    Pedro Matias wow, so many years ago, we had a child together, and we split. How life can change but one song can put you back in those shoes so many years ago. I’ll always miss my youth.

    Foreign User

    this song is about drug addiction not human relationships

  53. IgneousWatchman

    Absolutely amazing.

  54. ill santos

    This is musical therapy at it's finest. Enchanting, sad, beautiful and deep all at once. I don't know whether to smile or cry.

    Raymundo Gonzalez


    Foreign User

    it's about drug addiction, like most of their songs

    d sr as sd s ss rd s rd s rd sMartinez Martinez

    This Song Is So Deep , It Blows Me Away, That Phantogram Is Not More Popular

    d sr as sd s ss rd s rd s rd sMartinez Martinez

    Who is this?

  55. jordan alvarez

    Oh memory
    Won't you speak to me?
    Can you show me the boat in my soul
    That can sail me back home~

  56. Jeff Gottwald

    I don't want to let you go though

    Saphire Leon

    but I want to be free, and at the same time not cause you any pain, so please, let me go 

    Isra Alvarez

    haha, right?!?!


    He has a right to hold on if that is what he believes is right for him to do. He has a right to torture himself if you are what he believes in, and besides...maybe your idea of freedom is just another form of slavery anyways.

  57. Mental Grunge

    So addicted to this song.

  58. micmyerz

    painful happy tears

  59. jamieirl

    what the fuck is hipster anyway?  that term is used more loosely than any other generalization im aware of.  get some new material fuckheads.

    Jayde James

    @jamieirl It's what people call you anytime you like something you think is cool.

    Emmanuel Watkins

    No it's what people call basic people who say things like "you probably haven't heard of them but I like (enter super eccentric thing nobody cares about)."

    Jack Moll

    (pardon typos, i seldom proof-read youtube comments) My understanding, and I could be wrong about its origin, is that it's actually a term that was assigned to bourgeois white people, primarily in New York City and Chicago, who would frequent predominantly black night clubs i.e. the Cotton Club.Stepping outside of what is culturally expected of them to become engaged in a voyeurism of a culture that felt, possibly, more authentic than their own. This definition is blurring a bit into the definition of the flaneur (but how separate are they, truly, the contemporary 'hipster' in the colloquial sense may be synonymous with 'flaneur' of the past. Despite the fact that I could be entirely wrong and that there is a little ipse dixit happening on my part, in defining hipster and one's discontent with being assigned that identity has several issues: Is it pejorative? hat and who makes it this way? does it make you feel less authentic than other people, who I can assure you are equally as inclined to be attracted to things that are popular despite their seemingly 'unpopularness' if you will excuse my employment of that not-word. In the end I think that going back to the genesis of the word and it's purpose is important. What does it mean to be wholly authentic (who you are, how you express yourself, and what you are interested in as opposed to what your generation is interested in (if there is a difference at all between those two things)) now everybody say LOVE!

  60. batkhuu chuluunbaatar

    Awesome music

  61. meowstreetnigs

    Hipster side of youtube.

  62. Desiree Serrano

    This song makes you feel heavy in the heart and light in the spirit. I love it so much.

  63. KingLandec

    ya boy ; )

  64. mike perrott


  65. QuazNips

    The only painless love there is.

  66. jryuwah

    so.... Why hasn't this been on FIFA yet?

  67. ⅰи∂ㄩㄅ360

    she's physically beautiful as well.

  68. ⅰи∂ㄩㄅ360

    the "underground" alternative/indie rock music is high quality and very talented. had this music come out 20 some odd years earlier it would be top 40 as people had an appreciation for good music back then. it's only underground because the music industry doesn't like real music ..... and this IS real music. it's pretty and sweet. the fact that it's "underground" speaks volumes of how unevolved our "culture" is nowadays.

  69. ⅰи∂ㄩㄅ360

    love like any emotion is fleeting. we've been led to believe that love of a romantic nature is the ultimate human experience. lol it's not. this tune is nice.

  70. PanamaRed72

    Any cute girls in south florida like this kinda music?

  71. skeleman1963

    there still is hope for music..... : )

  72. Nonhlanhla Radebe

    :) so awesome.

  73. chiffmonkey

    This reminds me of Keane - Untitled 1

  74. abraham rodriguez

    Man the first time I heard this song I jizzed my pants..... her voice is so beautiful.

  75. Chauncy Turner

    Irrevocably addictive, GO PHANTOGRAM!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Deedee Holloman

    ha.haha.ha. clever one here ;)

  77. Deedee Holloman

    You now what kind of fan?
    A late jk I had to say that

  78. MubicPound

    I always imagine that the dude in the band has (secretly?) been in love with her for the last 15 years.

  79. Verónica Veiga

    let me go...............

  80. azull

    What beautiful song.

  81. BarneyStinson6901

    Sarah Barthel, marry me.

  82. tuchesuavae

    Such a good album.

  83. SporadicTroll

    There is room for everyone, really.

  84. Danero White

    i must be high im lovin tha groove

  85. Scott Smith

    They are an abstract awesome variation of a Portishead based beauty. Loving it.

  86. TheMithl2as

    love this style

  87. LoneCastaway


  88. deray tucker

    good music to get zoned to..just what i need

  89. Chelsea Scheid

    the exact same thing happened to meeee lol!

  90. xZuBBx

    What a wonderful discovery :)

  91. arynaq

    I am in that part of youtube where everyone comments they are on that part of youtube, and that they are high. Seriously I love this music but is there a need to post "I am high" on every video? I blush when I imagine myself saying the same, it is so childish.

  92. erick ricardo

    This band is just perfect!

  93. choseensoi

    Thanks to my ex beloved one for showing me this amazing band. Now we don't even communicate, but I still listen to Phantogram. Music is truly the only thing that's permanent.

  94. Czubaka

    It's Perfect, but sad. Let you go..

  95. Meh

    Where is the "repeat" button?