Phantogram - Celebrating Nothing Lyrics

Tell myself I'm fine in celebrating nothing
And all the time I waste on celebrating nothing

How many times can I blow it all
How many times will I burn it down

Give me a reason to stay alive
I've got the feeling we're gonna die

I hide behind my eyes and lies and broken mirrors
And every day I say this time around my vision's getting clearer

How many times can I blow it all
How many times will I burn it down

Give me a reason to stay alive
I've got the feeling we're gonna die
Give me a reason to stay alive
I've got the feeling we're gonna die

How many times can I blow it all
How many times will I burn it down
How many times can I blow it all
How many times will I burn it down

Give me a reason to stay alive (we're gonna die)
I've got the feeling we're gonna die (we're gonna die)
Give me a reason to stay alive (we're gonna die)
I've got the feeling we're gonna die

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Phantogram Celebrating Nothing Comments
  1. Vicente De La Cruz

    Everyone is just so happy tho.. it always brings tears of joy to me ONE LOVE

  2. G Funk

    oh! to have been invited to such a party as life!

  3. Wølfıe Playz Røbløx

    My uncle told me to listen to this song then two Days later... He died.. u~u

  4. Roy Smith

    So nice song!

  5. Ifitsnotonething itsanother

    I fekin love this band.

  6. Robert Sloan

    I seriously love you for making this.

  7. Jeremy Dixon

    Dear god my heart

  8. Rixis

    Yup, this is awesome

  9. Paranoid Android

    I always listen to this song on my birthday

  10. Memesupreme 420

    This makes me wanna stay a toddler

  11. InterZept

    the definition of underrated

  12. Jasmine N

    Midwest Delusions brought me here

  13. Ayveh

    Love her voice

  14. Janell Cano

    The lady wearing that red skirt.... Nuff said

  15. Supvic

    I would have loved if I had heard this beautiful music in 2013

  16. Nasengold

    The perfect new years eve song doesn't exi....

  17. andy

    I just discovered this song 4 days before my birthday.

  18. Lahiri S

    Fisr time i listen this a stop my work and i turn to the video..
    because is this the reason for stay alive.. just celebrating nothing :)

  19. Jonathan Is a loser

    Damn fuck it up these people know how to dance

  20. Johann Suarez

    What style of dancing is that? That one where the guy tosses the lady around

  21. Samuel Apolinario

    I can't stop listening to this tune. So good!!

  22. ゚Chaz

    as of nov 8th this song has resonated with me a lot

  23. IndieMusicLvr

    This video kicks ass with this song! Well done.

  24. Maryann Ramos

    I find myself staying alive and celebrating EVERY given breath!!!!

  25. mitch-bittens

    Is the music video official?


    +becomingknown nice job then. Goes great with the song

    Walter Demod

    Dean444ful It does.

    Walter Demod

    becomingknown Thanks!

  26. Klaus erik Tihhonov

    This is depressing!
    I LOVE IT :D


    Same XD

    Liz Anaya

    Klaus erik Tihhonov it’s so depressing bc it was heartbreaking knowing what really happen my god life got so much worse since than if I had known it wouldn’t be that bad. It’s bad know because my god life was so good. I miss my girls

  27. Angel

    fuck off

  28. Magnus McCloud

    Phantogram via facebook actually brought me here.

  29. William Cunningham

    love the irony of the song to the video

    chris smith

    Right, the song is about...drug addiction? The video is clearly...not.

  30. Preston Sasso


  31. diceryuri

    This is by fair the best song they have ever created


    +diceryuri Mouthful of diamonds is my favorite.

    Summer Time!

    Maybe....but You Are The Ocean and Let Me Go are some of my favorites on Eyelid Movies.
    They are by far my favorite American artists and I have not had a favorite in a long ass time and they have too many great songs for me to choose just one.

  32. Angel Carpio

    this song just fucking "is" so much! I love it!

  33. Angel Carpio

    this song just fucking "is" so much! I love it!

  34. Deborah Ballantine

    crazy good !!

  35. Sneepar

    Anyone have an hour long version of this song?


    @Chrissy Foland i should do that with audacity. Is this copyrighted?

  36. Sneepar

    I heard this in a movie but i dont remember which one i heard it in.

    Mohammed A

    +Sneepar I heard it in a tv series. the originals

  37. R T

    Somehow I still come back to this video. Its seems to add something that is so emotional with the song. I love this song greatly!

  38. Joseph Jones

    and they said white people can't dance....


    Yep. And they are still right.


    @SilentDrex Racist shithead

  39. R T

    i just woke up hearing this song in my head, i have been in love with group for only a short time. And I need to say this video that is put together is amazing somehow with this song!

  40. Tisha

    Who are the ass hats who disliked this??


    +Tisha Nortac My friend did... Not me though!


    +Tisha no one that matters heh

    Memesupreme 420

    Right here bitch boy

  41. Ben Franklin

    makes me think of how much I love my girl

  42. Ben Franklin

    777th like and i'm in love

  43. Antonio Logan

    The Originals brought me here


    +Antonio Logan me too! black out days 4ever

    Darnell Bratton

    go klaus lol

  44. R T

    omg this song seems to be sex to my hearing! I love the fuk out of this song!!!!!!!

  45. Andi Lexzara

    The girl in the red skirt tho >>>>
    I enjoyed this way too much.


    red? is it not orange?

  46. twowithfour

    Sometimes celebrating nothing is the real joy I guess.

  47. Matthew Rosenberg

    Love how it reveals the fragility and vainglories of our existence.

    JJGabriel Peña

    I thought I was happy but not

    Vulcan Princess

    humans are glorified apes running in circles living out our biological programming; feels that way a lot of the time at least.

  48. Noelle Appleton

    This is just beautiful .......beautiful amazing artists coming together ... well done my friend, well done.

  49. omgomg omgomgomgovich

    This video does not correspond to the song )

  50. Teodora Ștefan

    How Atheists feel on Christmas.


    @James Casarella ...Dude what?

    James Casarella

    lyrics: "I've got the feeling I'm gonna die"


    @James Casarella Yeah, I know that, but I'm asking how being an atheist has anything to do with that.

    James Casarella

    My comment was off topic

    Tyler Morris

    @James Casarella aka your comment was on the real topic, the MUSIC. Play nice, kids

  51. nottodayboo

    Saw them live last night and it was such an amazing experience!

  52. Meccarox

    nice video

  53. gabi s.

    this is one of those songs that you blast on long car rides with the windows down and the wind blowing

    Keneric The Generic

    exactly my mindset. those speakers better have good bass though!!


    I don't want sand and dirt getting into the inside of my car though. :c

    Vicente De La Cruz

    That and more

  54. skippygirl959

    This is so awesome, I like watching the dances.

  55. sidDkid87

    Digging this tune / vid . . . I guess that those N's on the shirts of the guys in the background @ 0:22 stand for "Nothing"  : )`

  56. ishikabe7

    I was pretty close to the stage. Swear she sang this at me near the end.

  57. Christian Amador

    I love the song but not the video. Anyone with me?

    Jay Latos

    Yeah, video doesn't really go with this moody tune. Oh well, I just put the window in the background so I don't really care about the video anyway. :)

  58. all_lives_will_matter_when_Black_Lives_Matter

    great video :) i wish wholesome dancing was still popular.

  59. Craig Dirty .Dority

    This song and never going home are best on VOices.


    I like Nothing But Trouble over Never Going Home.

  60. Thomas Christopher

    The combination of old footage and sinister sounds reminds me of an Adam Curtis film.

  61. Min Zerla

    this band has definitely deserved much more views!!!!! It's like candy in my ears... D:

  62. Hani Del Rey

    The Originals ;)

  63. Richard Jackson

    Please do not sell this song to Gillette.  Save this one for us.  Please.

  64. andres65080

    Damn, those cats can really swing! Awesome video!

  65. SpareTheGoryDetails

    For the past few days, this is the first song I've wanted to listen to when waking up. By far the most beautiful thing they've done yet. And that's saying something. Stick with this band, people. I'm glad I did.

    chris smith

    I think it is

    Jordan Haleigh

    SpareTheGoryDetails SAME HERE MAN. gives me the feels. I literally feel it in my chest. so beautiful

    Jordan Haleigh

    SpareTheGoryDetails also don't move and Bill Murray are there other 2 most beautiful songs

    Danielle Katherine Perez

    +jordan halegh YES.

    d sr as sd s ss rd s rd s rd sMartinez Martinez

    It was by accident , that i heard of Phantogram, love this group, hope and pray , one day they come to northern California👏

  66. nebeverta

    So are you a lindy hopper, or just have a thing for classic swing dance vids?  Freaking brilliant, by the way.

  67. anwar morse

    This is Waaaaaay better than their official videos. Not that their videos a bad, but this is just awesome!

  68. Julie R

    I've seen these guys three times.....NEVER a disappointing show in Dallas!!! LOVE THESE GUYS!!!!!


    Love it.

  70. Eliot Brown

    Very nice work-- good sources. This should be the official vid.

  71. Lan Pham

    brillant video edit.

  72. James Casarella

    An orgasm for the ears!

  73. James Casarella

    I'd rather see Sarah in the video - she is so beautiful :)

  74. Úna

    This video is rad as fuck man..nice one :D

  75. nigony

    Phantogram brought me here.

  76. Brandon Bryant

    This song matches the video perfectly! I love this now
    song just because of this video

  77. Dri

    i just died inside.

  78. aDimWit


  79. Jade Sao Sanchez

    love the video
    love the song

  80. NKoegs

    I've got the feeling we're gonna dieeee.

  81. AxelStacks

    I think video choice is brilliant :3

  82. NKoegs

    Choice of video somehow makes this song creepy now. . .