Phantogram - As Far As I Can See Lyrics

As far as I can see
nobody loves me
as far as I can tell
nobody loves you either
and we're all going down
all down the staircase
and we're all going down
all down the staircase aboard

as far as I can see
nobody's listening
as far as I can tell
nobody's listening to me
and when I'm crying out
out for an answer
and when I'm crying out
nobody cries back for me

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Phantogram As Far As I Can See Comments
  1. Valerie Alvarez

    Listening in 2020 ❤️ still has the vibes ✌️

  2. David Chorak

    Everybody Wang Chung Tonight.

  3. Sheri Chalmers

    I think it was also a George Michel song somehow

  4. Maya E

    I suck dick

  5. Leslie Greenidge

    still listening in 2019.....phantogram is feel good music

  6. feather beats

    This is always one of my 'come back to' songs

  7. Chad Copsy

    As far as I can tell. This song is doing it right in 2019. It seems like it would make a great intro to a Bond film.

  8. Sammy G


  9. milkmandan77

    Cover art looks like a vagina 😛

  10. Luis Ramirez

    nobody is listening ❤️❤️❤️🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

  11. Derek Carlton Anderson

    True that girl:(

  12. Aiden Briggs

    This sounds like a scene where someone got murdered and it's the aftermath

  13. Amber G

    The new portishead

  14. Valerie Alvarez

    As far as I can see
    nobody loves me
    as far as I can tell
    nobody loves you either
    and we're all going down
    all down the staircase
    and we're all going down
    all down the staircase aboard

    as far as I can see
    nobody's listening
    as far as I can tell
    nobody's listening to me
    and when I'm crying out
    out for an answer
    and when I'm crying out
    nobody cries back for me

    Shimsu Elazul


  15. mardeca art

    2019 and I’m still in love

  16. aliyah 445


  17. Krystal Brown

    can anyone please tell me where the art on the video is from?

  18. FOO5in productions

    anybody still listening

  19. so o

    Love love love phant

  20. Sonhos e mistérios 183548


  21. Ben cates

    This is a good share. We put good instrument together. Read more on each day to phantogram.
    Love ya, idless

  22. Robert Louria

    Only like one of their songs don't move! Wish they would do another one in that style?

  23. Vic Matinez

    Been jamming dis for years still love it.

  24. Paul C

    I will forever here that vocal chop in the beat as "I suck dick".

  25. Tony Kart Racer

    Whoa.... this is funkAY!

  26. Pyxis the Musician

    Please tell me nobody's here from Esham...

  27. Adam Aultman

    NATAS brought me here!

  28. Greek Inca


  29. Bj Demgard

    Portishead ... try them out they are great

  30. Michael Thomas

    "i suck dick"

  31. Bassman22

    If u heard this song on a CD player you'd think your shit was fucked up! Lol great song!

  32. Luis Castro

    Natas ;)


    there sound is so fucking dope

  34. Drakkiore

    as far as i can see, nobody loves me... as far as i can tell, nobody loves you, either

  35. Queen Nadja

    I tripped balls on Saturday and as I started peaking this played on my mans spotify I got so trapped into it the phone was so loud I ran outside and I yelled to my fiance you have to hear this sound its fucking awesome . and it co relates with my feelings right now so well . idk what it means but I'm on a hunt to meet phantogram now !

  36. Dave Tyner

    I fucking love phantogram

  37. Vend Erre

    Note the subliminal and sexual picture in the video. NOTICE IT. I FUCKING DARE YOU. NOTICE IT.

    Vend Erre



    +Vend Erre I see a girl mounting a man on the left and right...

    O Ra

    i see twelve horses, gathered around a vintage, 1960's, three-legged ding table, all wearing different hats. Not sure what's sexual about that..

    John Erkman

    YES my inner Georgia O'keefe has me by the F'ing Balls😛😛😛😘


    John Erkman
    Georgia O'Keefe. That was mentioned in Breaking Bad, the artist whose paintings look like vaginas.

  38. Annabel Klatil

    Heard this in a ski lodge. Made my day

  39. Jake Saenz

    Thank you Phantogram

  40. Mynimnim


    L lawliet

    +Mynimnim JO

  41. Stig's Italian Cousin

    thank you pandora.

    Daniel Rojas

    Right? Lol

  42. Klaymonkey

    Why has this song never featured on Triple-J? Why am I hearing this song for the first time on Youtube?

  43. Joe Smoe

    man i swear this sounds like a song that would play at the ed of a movie or a last episode of a show.



    @[email protected]


    +Joe Smoe House

    Ben cates

    Joe Smoe
    "Yes it does. Yes it does. Edit noise now, hurry up! "

    Ben cates

    I can give a apple bribe "don't give say no to drugs."

    Clever Metaphor

    so have you eaten any over this last 3 years?

  44. Porfirio Lopez

    ¡¡Very Good!!

    :D Are awesome

  45. Isaiah Wallace

    Another great band in my opinion, is Future Islands. check them out.

    Krystal Brown

    Isaiah Wallace yes!!! Thank you!!

  46. grace ryan

    This song is fucking cash.

    Kyle Campion

    Straight cash homie

  47. Pillsinmyshoes

    This is a really great song

  48. WentThereTomorrow

    Vince Carter brought me here today!

  49. Pedro Paulo Bezerra

    this art works with lsd hahaha godamm!! 

  50. Jaian Jimenez

    Im high af rn. Dat last part makes me feel like im in time and space and shit

    Guillaume Routhier-Ouellet

    You actually are in time and space (for the shit I don't know :p )

  51. Grace Ful

    The ultimate truth of life has been revealed in 3 pages and it is better than anything we could have imagined. We have finally evolved enough to know where we came from, where we are, and where we could be going. Google Truth Contest and check the truth for yourselves. This is truth you can and should check for yourself. 

  52. Layne Bonnell

    I like Phantogram because you can't exactly put a label on their music. They have their own unique sound; not many bands can copy that feel Phantogram gives you. That shows a great band <3

    Clever Metaphor

    how are they sellouts *now* and not before?

    Lubricant Piano

    Clever Metaphor there songs appear on Gillette commercials on t.v now.

    Clever Metaphor

    Fuckingflesheater well what are you watching tv for?

    Midobecker Gundisalvus

    Big time. Their creative sound has gone by the wayside!

    Midobecker Gundisalvus

    Not much creativity and they sound just like another Pop band. They change their style to appeal more to the business of commercialized music.

  53. alex aguirre

    Love this song ❤️

  54. DeeV8night


  55. Daniel M. Garcia

    Hattie Watson <3

  56. Chris Roberts

    I think Moe Lester needs to find "Moe" to do with his time than correcting others grammer. When people are expressing how certain music moves them, fuck it.......let hang out, pussy!

  57. Andrew Risto

    Those chops are fuckin dope! For someone who makes hip-hop beats I appreciate the hell out of this!

    Bradley Monroe

    @Moe Lester You mean "proper" as in how white people tell you it is supposed to be used? You stick to the rules, the rest of us will care about things that matter.

    Moe Lester

    @Bradley Monroe I know plenty of smart black people who speak like their age.

    Bradley Monroe

    my point exactly "smart black people" ? WTF are you talking about? Grammar is a reflection of privillage, not intelligence.

    Sonny Luigi

    @Bradley Monroe Stooge!

    Ogyma Cortus

    @Bradley Monroe  That was beautifully said.

  58. Natalino Pereira dos Santos

    i am brasilian, phantogram is very best !

  59. f montes

    Fucking Gorgeous.

  60. Matt

    "moreritzcrackers" kudos for an awesome handle :)

  61. Noah Johnson

    You claimed that this video was high quality. The fact that its maximum is 360p determined that was a lie.

    Ben cates

    Noah Johnson he said " high quality 360. Replying " I used beauty 360 and worked perfect for hospital stay. 💆

  62. jay allen

    just seen their show in was awesome

  63. Robo

    yes omg awesome bands

  64. Sommer Sechang

    Like next to don't move and when I'm small! :D

  65. kevin shulack

    it says i suck dick

  66. Summer Morgan

    L-O-V-E this band 3 =)

  67. GodlessGunGuy

    102.7 WEQX brought me here

  68. Zuken

    Perfect snowboarding music.

  69. Emilee Whitten

    Good vibes all the way

  70. Viper1Squad

    Is this considered dubstep?

  71. min yoongi

    I just got here because of my music taste lol

  72. Dee Wells

    flume sampled this on his song sleepless. it's a really good mix.

  73. chazlee103

    best phantogram song.

  74. Dan Zielinski

    I saw Sarah Barthel perfrom with the Flaming Lips so I had to listen. I really like it.

  75. Breezy8o8

    Phantogram was my phantasy type of music.

  76. Eric Rasmussen

    i think its skipping...

  77. Shoegazeable

    I feel like it's acceptable to say Pandora brought me here.
    Pandora is awesome, this song came up on Beach House radio for me :)

  78. TwiKou89

    Feel like seeing some psychedelic shit when I listen to this lol.

  79. ohaiderr2

    Well played sir, well played.

  80. Halogeno

    So, you scratch a Long Play disc, set it to play and record it... is that what it takes to make myself a DJ? I have a huge amount o' scratched LPs to spare, I'm on the right trail!!


  81. Jeremy Schoonover

    Love how well produced it is. Hard to pull off a glitch/ambient mix like this. Phantogram is becoming a favorite of mine.

  82. bizzwoofer

    Wow great music! Big ups to the homie on the Forum who recommended this!

  83. leo mason

    Her voice is dankk

  84. Robo

    Big boi brought be here and now I'm in love with them and little dragon

  85. lolz roflcopterzzz

    Reminds me of ASAP Rocky - LVL

  86. Gebsus


  87. David Zubia

    16 dislikes? Hmm grr

  88. pouncer11

    Fuh fuuhhh fuuhhh fuhhccckk I stuck dick

  89. Alex Sunsin


  90. Anar Arnar


  91. Phyuck Yiu

    I'm here because I like Phantogram.

  92. Reggie Mac

    I didnt hear this on Pandora. They were featured on a song of Big Boi's latest album release and I was interested so I stumpled upon some of this eargasmic shit.

  93. iEATW0RLDS

    Much love Phantogram

  94. jim

    this is like the saddest song ever ahahah

  95. catNoises

    choppin with style
    love that beat
    inspiring stuff