Phair, Liz - Shane Lyrics

I know that it was the night
The war broke out because
You and I were driving around

You were doing a story
About if people understood
What had happened to their world
In bed
The world tonight
In bed

You said that you were in touch
With the draft resistors
In case the big boys called you up
You're gonna have to let 'em
Dick you around
But don't let 'em make
You do
What you can't live with
In bed
With me

You looked like you were just a little kid
Shane, I said, you've got to watch your ass

You've gotta have fear in your heart [x8]
Fear in your heart.

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Phair, Liz Shane Comments
  1. Pascal Ansell

    So so so so wonderful, this has been spinning in my head for two weeks, thanks for the upload!

  2. Iantuition

    absolutely hypnotic, even before the looped vocal at the end.

  3. Renee R

    Her music gave me life in highschool.

  4. Ayana J

    I cant believe thats half the song; that's a lot of looping

  5. Jeff Angus

    missing Nashville

  6. smelly lorenny

    OH MAN YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS GIRL. My dad gave me her CD and when I listened to it, I fell in love, but I couldn't see who the artist was. Thank god for the internet.

    Manuel Alcantar

    Lola Caron amazing artist indeed. I have that boy and flowers tattooed on me

  7. tattoofthesun

    LOve Liz's down beat songs so much

  8. moehammondmedia

    All time favorite Liz song! The first three albums were great.

  9. Bunzz

    One of my favorites from Whip-Smart

  10. Melissa Blaustein

    i loooooove this song.

  11. shaunewilliam

    great song but the demo version maybe better check it out you can feel more. Thanx for putting this up : )

  12. cukistcrispeque

    Finally, someone posted this song! Thanks.