Phair, Liz - Never Said Lyrics


I never said nothing
I never said nothing
I never said nothing
I never said nothing

I don't know where you heard it
Don't know who's spreadin' it 'round
All I know is I'm clean as a whistle, baby
I didn't utter a sound

I never said nothing
I never said nothing
I never said nothing
I never said nothing

I don't know what they told you
Don't even care what about
All I know is I'm clean as a whistle, baby
I didn't let the cat out

So don't look at me sideways
Don't even look me straight on
And don't look at my hands in my pockets, baby
I ain't done anything wrong

I never said nothing
No, baby, I never said nothing
I never said nothing
I never said nothing
I never said nothing
No, not to anyone
I never said nothing
I never said nothing

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Phair, Liz Never Said Comments
  1. Jeremy Doucette

    Love! Liz your beautiful, may the 4th be with you....: )

  2. Melanie L.

    No idea why Youtube "recommended" me this. This is disgustingly bad, bland, boring, generic...not surprised that muricans loved it, just like McDonald's and Budweiser, they just love boring, bland, crappy shit. No wonder this monstrosity never made it big anywhere else in the entire fucking world.

  3. Hogan Savoy

    Hey abortion advocates...

    Liz was an unwanted baby who was put up for adoption at birth. Now imagine a world where she was aborted instead (as her birth-mother could have legally done) and no one would have ever got to know her musical genius.

    That's why the practice of abortion needs to end. It's THEFT. And not just a theft of someone's LIFE (which is bad enough on it's own) but it's also a theft from the WORLD all the things that said aborted baby would go on to contribute to humanity.

  4. lux luxo

    Soooo cool!!!

  5. JetSetHero

    The gas lighting anthem :v

  6. Nobody Special

    I bought this album without ever have had heard Liz Phair before and was blown away the first time I listened.

  7. ttmobaleaaa

    The 90s, the decade that almost didn't happen.

  8. t mac

    Don't look at me with my hands in my pockets

  9. Thiago Ap

    Beautiful Girl
    Amazing Girl
    This Girl is Art💙

  10. Khu NoPie

    But do you say _something?_

  11. jaydavee

    They put tape on parts of the Fender Mustang when she's nowhere near water 02:23, and the tape is not on it when she's actually in water. Either way, it was never waterproof. That tape job would not have done squat to protect it.

  12. Thomas S. Furlan

    She's no Sheryl a long shot, looks or skills

  13. Mark Nowlin

    The Liz likes herself a little bit....that's ok, we like her, too.

  14. daydrmnation

    I don't think she said anything...

  15. Josh Done

    She always seemed like she was trying too hard to be the sexy alt-rock girl.


    Says the one who’s a try hard 2010’s “cool guy”.

  16. David Hughes

    Can I just give a shout out to Garfield Park Conservatory!

  17. seth leighton

    90s were perfect ...was like the 60s with out

  18. Terry Morgan

    How does she not manage to get electrocuted while she's playing the guitar in the water?


    rubber boots !

  19. Mel Bee

    I believe this video was filmed in Chicago at Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier where they have an indoor flower arboretum. At least I think that's where it is. It could also be the Garfield Park Conservatory.

  20. t mac

    120 minutes.

  21. Dignified American

    My political career summed up in one song.

  22. Liam Gallagher

    What a fucking babe..still is

  23. Cynical Millennial

    Liz Phair proves that "average" looking girls can be the epitome of seduction.

    Hogan Savoy

    Liz is anything but "average looking."

  24. mooseburger88

    She seems very “now” all over again with all the indie rock revival... plus people like Billie Eilish, though her music is very different, her personality is similar

  25. Michael Savin

    Semper Fi

  26. Michael Savin

    Alot of songs are on my Eternal playlist

  27. Michael Savin

    Liz Phair forever

  28. dhdoctors

    Liz you have rocked my world for 20 years, and schooled us with brilliant song writing. Thank you!

  29. Mike Mckinnon

    It's 2019 and I JUST got the cleverness of the wordplay in the title/chorus. Holy crap, Liz.

  30. Shelba Pittman

    I LOVE Liz Phair! I think we had a similar life.

  31. Tobynn

    Yup. This was what hooked me. I remember seeing this video on MTV and immediately falling bigtime for this vixen. Been crushing hard on Liz ever since then.

  32. Margaret Lange

    Liz Phair, Lauryn Hill, and, yes, Tori Amos are my three favorite female singers of the 90s. Talent is more important than genre.

    Hogan Savoy

    Can't leave Shirley off that list.

  33. sadcore

    Hypocrite. I'm all for eliminating outdated gender stereotypes, but don't call your album "Exhile in Guyville" while you sing (tunelessly) about being a blow job queen, making dick-suck faces while you flaunt your ordinary mammary tissue at the camera, and act as if getting knocked up is special with your stupid "space egg" album.


    Common cunt, move on, nothing to see here.

  34. lasmilyunamelodias


  35. Michael Savin

    Liz Phair forever

  36. Dave's Not here

    I Never said nothing, what a great line .

  37. Joe M

    The Kat Timpf of Rock & Roll



  38. Chico Tropius

    Believe it or not, this is the same chick that sang that song "Why Can't I?".

    Mark Nowlin

    Some serious shark jumping with "Why Can't I?"

  39. John Morris

    I fell in love with this song on Napster.

  40. Scott Kut

    Ahh yes, the famous Garfield Park Conservatory, the gardens are misty and mystical. Perfect backdrop for a Phair song? Yeah not so much. But I am happy with watching this over and over because of her and all the great memories of that place. She certainly captured a portion of the 90's Chicago woman zeitgeist that had emerged then.

  41. LeotheOrangeCat

    so chicago : Garfield Park conservatory and Lake Michigan

  42. Brian Patrick

    Two dudes beating their meat to a hot girl on the computer in 1993? Did Liz Phair invent the internet?

    Car H

    Crude. What happened to gentlemen?

  43. T0RP3D0 0

    I liked the part where she said "IIIIIIIIIIIII never said nothing"

    Vince B

    That's funny shit!

  44. James Dio

    I like her.

  45. Sailor Neptune

    One of the most 90s music videos Ive seen 😂 Love the 90s and Liz, so talented and gorgeous!! 😍😍

  46. Luther McDonald

    she reminds me of a garden snake

  47. Justin Fencsak

    Marry me liz

  48. Always Negative

    the 90s and early 2000s were a great time to be alive. Now it's a good time to......... die!

    The Ban Man

    Not a good time for manhattan office workers lol

    Always Negative

    twas tru

  49. Illgr4si

    these my-so-called life soundtracks…..

  50. Eduardo Guizar Pérez

    Is this the original video?

  51. bongo155

    keep pressing 0 for the best part of the song. 0-

  52. Jeffrey Osborne

    She has the sexiest face of all time

  53. J79

    This is what talent looks like!!!

  54. lester smith

    what a cool girl i never said nothing no not to anyone

  55. Allen Jones

    how can you not like her, underrated as hell.

  56. JoeyMartinMTV

    is that lars ulrich ?

  57. paul elliott

    Goddamn she's awesome and what an album
    Not seen this for an age !

  58. Paul sash987

    Noughties kid "whats that long wooden thing straped to her neck?"

  59. Boddissatva

    I’ve always loved her music.

  60. Aubrey Hart

    The Lady Phair!! I hope Material Re-Issue does another show with her soon!!

  61. Mike Thaxton

    Her best song !!

    Mike Thaxton

    By the way she was so hot back then

  62. Anthony Navarro

    I like when song kicks even more butt at the part where she sings, "don't look at me sideways, don't even look me straight on...".

  63. Frank Caruthers

    This is a great song, but whoever produce this video is an idiot.

  64. C Synch

    Such a sex pot and talented

  65. Anthony Navarro

    Best ever


    Good one!
    xoxo The Clarences

  67. David Wright

    Smoking hot fox

  68. 2pie2mash

    I'm in Love

  69. Devin Peirce

    Wish someone would load the whole damn album

  70. Jeniffer Costa

    in the 90's she opened some Alanis Morissette's shows

    t mac

    Just announced alanis, liz and garbage are going on tour.

  71. Daniel Huber

    I LOVE Girls with balls. LOlOVE Liz

  72. marcmarc1967

    Just to clarify... Did she say anything at all?

  73. Craig Miller

    Is this video aired on MTV Classic (formerely VH1 Classic)

  74. Taco Bell Valet

    Thanks for putting this up, Matador. The previous upload was awful quality.

  75. TTBurger88

    can you upload liz phair videos, like whip smart and polyester bride and rocket boy because the quality for those videos on here is in really low quality


    I'll second that motion! Yes, there needs to be some improved audio & video quality for those songs & vids here on YT!

  76. Science Fiction

    lmao I tried to like this but its the most uninspired garbage Ive ever heard.


    uninspired garbage? how?

  77. Chloe Evans

    How did she not get shocked when she had the guitar in the water I think I could see a bit of cable

    Alexs Wii

    Chloe Evans They didn't plug it in you dumbass

    Chloe Evans

    Alexs Wii oh why thank you :)

  78. Mike

    Guyville Phair is the best Phair. She never quite captured this vibe again.

  79. Napoleon inRags

    Sorry....I feel bad admitting this, but it must be said....A staple ....A Godess....a queen, you know where I'm gojng. Does that make me necessarily shallow?

  80. Trinimac

    You can tell she's from the 90s because she has an actual skill

    Mike Thaxton

    And it was great she ditched the feminist BS in the 2000's because she was hot in the 90's

    Remy Swash

    @MetalHead4Life94 also Julia Jacklin, Sofia Bolt, Stella Donnelly, Anna Burch, Faye Webster, St Vincent, Anna Calvi etc

    Last place Rebel

    well said

    Chicken Nugget

    @Mike Thaxton You're disgusting.

    Saoirse Johnson

    Boo new music is good too ya dink

  81. TomatoAbe

    Huh. Got recommended this by YT over the other Liz Phair songs I remember as a kid, but I actually heard this one occasionally on my local radio staton too. Never heard it played anywhere else. Not sure what to make of that...

    Craig Miller

    Well everything changed in 2003 when the world caught her eye with Why Can’t I

    Mike Stidham

    Craig Miller  A change from an indie label (albeit one owned by Madonna) to a major label will do that for an artist.

  82. Senator Kennedy

    What an amazing creature !!!

  83. bigbreakfast

    Matador: Oh look, Courtney Barnett is blowing up, let's reissue all our Liz Phair.

    Mel Bee

    Who's Courtney Barnett? (Sorry, but none of these new girls exist for me.) The raw talent and innovation just isn't there the way it is with Liz, PJ, Tori, and Ani.

  84. Eduardo Sturla Ferrer

    Joe Rogan had Liz on the show about 2 months ago. Unmissable!!! Click the link.

  85. D. b.

    Has it been 25 years, where has the time gone.

    Shelba Pittman

    That's a great question!

  86. Herry

    She is sooo F ing hot !!! Yummm !!

  87. DurdyClaude

    Cool chic.

  88. max79_99

    IIIIIIIIIIII... haven’t looked at the sun for so long? Matador connection i guess.

  89. Sinéad

    Hmmm, a lot of bitter (insecure) guys posting in the comments section about Liz--- Guyville rejects. Good thing there are also many more men out there confident enough to acknowledge a female musical legend when they hear one.


    I am a proud feminist, nothing "inner" about it! A proud feminist just like Liz. And simply calling out all the insecure guys commenting on this video. You must be one if I struck a nerve ;-) Nothing wrong with confronting casual misogyny (AKA 'Guyville'). I respect confident men who don't try to belittle women's achievements to make themselves feel adequate.

    Harry Abma

    Lol. Pretentious much? I am looking around here, and don't see much of what you are prattling on about. Typical feminist bullshit, invent a bullshit story, and then proceed to solve the problem you created.

  90. tomitstube

    lake michigan...

  91. Jeff Moorman

    Man that takes me back. Such a beautiful woman, that Liz.

  92. the honkster kaduneda licky dang

    Horrible excuse for music. She rode the gender wave. This song sounds like something you would hear in a movie by a made up band. Cheap song, cooperation music. Go buy some tampons

  93. Trey Stephens

    She has great tits.

  94. Anthony Marabito

    Love you Liz. You still look amazing.

  95. gotohellaaron

    I like it.

  96. Eduardo Venegas

    ...I love you Liz !!!! 💋

  97. Ricky Tenderkiss

    This must’ve been shot in … the Garfield Park Conservatory, and then maybe also around 63rd Street Beach?


    Pretty sure that's Montrose beach / harbor - notice the hook shaped pier with the light tower.