Phair, Liz - Mesmerizing Lyrics

You said things I wouldn't say
Straight to my face, boy
You tossed the egg up
And I found my hands in place, boy
After backing up as far as you could get
Don't you know nobody parts two rivers met?
Don't you know I'm very happy?
You know me well
I'm even happier
I like it
I like it

With all of the time in the world to spend it
Wild and unwise, I wanna be mesmerizing too
Mesmerizing too
Mesmerizing to you

With all of the time in the world to spend it
Wild and unwise, I wanna be mesmerizing too
Mesmerizing too
Mesmerizing to you

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Phair, Liz Mesmerizing Comments
  1. Marcos Peralta

    Siempre desee fumar un faso y escuchar esta canción..Hoy cumplí mi sueño. ¡¡Alta canción!!

  2. makai mauka

    I'm mesmerized

  3. utubeaccess7

    With all of the time in the world to spend it, wild and unwise, I wanna be mesmerising too..

  4. Rainbow77Girl

    One of my fave Liz tracks. Reminds me of freshman year when I had this album on repeat

  5. Carolyn Talbot

    Criminally underrated artist.

  6. Captain Nice

    Liz is MESMERIZING!💚💜💙💛💗

  7. Hew Grebe

    Great song.

  8. R&R Peg

    Love love love. Just had to come on here and find to send to a dude. HAHA Liz is the shiz!!!!! One of my favorite songwriters EVER. as space dog nebraska said, in my not so humble opinion. So stoked when she played this in L.A. and San Diego recently...:-)

  9. Mike F

    2019 and I still jam out to this song like it came out yesterday.

  10. Gr33n 3ggs

    Am soooooo crushing on Liz!
    Besides a great musician, great person. Listen to her on the Rogan podcast ... this chick is awesome

    Taco love

    Caught that..great interview& guest!

  11. Taco love

    A holy awesome song played by a true rock & roller! Thank you you!

  12. Moonflower Tea


  13. Henrik Sørensen


  14. Eric Layton

    Honeyblood brought me here an I'm very happy about it.  Awesome!

    Paul Spinks

    This song brought me to Honeyblood :-)

  15. spacedoginnebraska

    This a great song ,,,,,,,in my not so Humble Opinion.

  16. Michael Oxner

    the break down, "don't you know i'm very happy..." amazing!

  17. deBebbler

    Totally agree.

  18. tattoofthesun

    liz is so fuckin cool

  19. Patricia Mays

    Indie, as raw as it gets!

  20. Soxogram

    My favorite song on this incredible album...

  21. Patriot Sons of Liberty

    @jonsonkie Because culture develops to the lowest standard possible, not the highest.

  22. omnithrope

    Holy fucking flat voice.

  23. facingup03

    can't stop listening :')

  24. Peter Savage

    The number of views on this makes me want to hate humanity. Why has gaga got like 300 million and liz phair 30,000?

    Keith Jurena

    Because art transcends generations. Who still owns spicegirls CDs? Or admits? I've got the complete Phair discology. I bought asafp.

    Kevin Johnson

    Cause not everyone can appreciate her.

  25. Galidorn

    ..U are liz u are... <3

  26. mastamove

    @davekat you got it!

  27. Mackenzie Harte

    @odatemono My thoughts exactly! And COurtney :D

  28. MagicalZayz

    "Wild and unwise, I wanna be mesmerizing too." -- Loving it!

  29. khinch1

    "the sunshine bores the daylights out of me"

  30. John Fudrow

    @Ldale11 why do you feel you can assume what another artist thought of one thing or another. Not everyone likes the same kind of music and will favor that which speaks to them personally.

  31. thepolacek

    This CD was not "pop." This cd is classified as "college radio."

  32. thepolacek

    This is pretty good.

  33. fwhagads

    @inluvwramones like hell!

  34. Brian McCall

    I'm quite sure they never heard this. Richards would piss on it. If anyone had on orgasm after hearing something, it was Phair after hearing "Exile". douche

  35. Blues Chewy

    A perfect flipside to the Rolling Stone's Loving Cup. 16 years old and still as fresh as ever.

  36. TheDistrict

    Was Liz eaten by a dog at the end of the song? :(

    Katherine Dupoise

    Sounded more like nails on a blackboard to me.

  37. Aidan Day

    LOL! I couldn't agree more.

  38. davekat

    the best song the Rolling Stones never wrote
    actually, Mick and Keef can't write lyrics this good...
    and that riff must have made the old guy crap his pants :)