Phair, Liz - Headache Lyrics

I can see the Russian Army rolling through my head
On one side of me lies the enemy, the other half is dead
I've got diamonds and I've got pearls...
And I said, "Hey mister, won't you come for me?"
You can take me home, but I will never be your girl
I won't let your mystery unfurl

That's the whole thing about it...
I'm so in love today
I've been waiting at the bus stop
Come my way?

I'm a
Psychosomatic sister
Running around without a leash
Snow is falling, January's all across the land
I've got seven other men in the ditches behind me, and
I'm think I'm the last survivor...

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Phair, Liz Headache Comments
  1. Rebecca Morgan

    there's seven other men in the ditches behind me and I think Im the last survivor......……………...….

  2. carl tucker jr

    <3 got some thing right there you are a art,es in heart

  3. Elaine Rosefelder

    need rollerskates, will travel :-)

  4. Fernando Sanchez

    brilliant album.

  5. calamagrostis88

    I love the background rhythm she creates by sucking air past her teeth and then blowing it out. Very sexy.

  6. Patrick C

    This song is so sexy and raw.

  7. JPCurtis71

    Coolest girl to ever walk the earth. Juliana Hatfield a close second.

  8. dannlynch

    I'm lucky enough to have met Liz a few times and I asked her about the lyric flub in this song and she said that she just liked the way it sounded and that she fought very hard with the record company to keep it in the song. Gotta love her!!!!!!!!!!

  9. DrWu59

    This IS from the original album. :-).

  10. Jordan Miguel Adorno

    Absolutely one of the most amazing songs ever made. Beyond catchy and deep; possibly about the Russian Campaign of 1812?

  11. George Karadimos

    awesome song from an awesome. I'm loading it back on the Ipod's been a little while...great record!

  12. tootrue

    @chrisocony Or maybe she just did that to try and evoke laziness...just a thought. The song is pretty low-key and lazy-like.

  13. Toyiah

    Haha that's just Liz being Liz and definitely the best part of the song!

  14. chrisocony

    great tune: what happens at 1:47? It's funny, like she forgot the lyrics but it is the studio version

    M. J. Armstrong

    It's like she gives up