Phair, Liz - Fantasize Lyrics

He's a friend of mine
Kind of special guy
He's a run-around

Hey, you've got to hide your love away!
I hear people are talking about us
And I just have to say
I lie awake every night
Thinking about you. I fantasize...
All around me people are changing

He's a special guy
Kind of sentimental inside

I hear people are talking about us
That's ok with me
Get it easily inside...

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Phair, Liz Fantasize Comments
  1. Merlin Audubon

    Members of R.E.M. playing backup band.

  2. Al Cantar

    Liz, never stop. Your music keeps me going

  3. Michael Oxner

    I listen to this song over and over and over. Back when i had it on a compact disc and now, even easier with my Spotify. "...and that's okay with meeeeeeee." :)

  4. summertimerolls

    agreed, im in love.

  5. nauort23

    Maybe my favorite Liz Phair song. It's more like a dream than a song.

  6. Philip P

    very short, but amazing song. Only Liz could do something like that.