Phair, Liz - Everything To Me Lyrics

I bet it makes you laugh
Watching me work so hard to reach you
You never gave a damn
About all of those things I did to please you

All that you wanted, you found somewhere else
And nothing could drag you away from yourself

Do you really know me at all?
Would you take the time to catch me if I fall?
Are you ever gonna be that real to me?
Everything to me

Lucky I've been through hell
Backroads and shortcuts I know them well
Baby just stick with me
We'll make it together, just wait and see

Do you really know me at all?
Would you take the time to catch me if I fall?
Are you ever gonna be that real to me?
Everything to me

The walls they close in
The air it goes out
We're left with nothing but a shadow of doubt
Nobody talks, no one is here
It's just you and me

Do you really know me at all?
Would you take the time to catch me if I fall?
Are you ever gonna be that real to me?
Everything to me

Do you really know me at all?
Would you take the time to catch me if I fall?
Are you ever gonna be that real to me?
Everything to me

I bet it makes you laugh
Watching me work so hard to reach you

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Phair, Liz Everything To Me Comments
  1. Bobby St. John

    Can’t way too see her. And Alanis and Garbage this summer

  2. Rougeone1972

    She's still Gorgeous ❤

  3. Shine Your Light Detailing

    THE Pre-Avril.

  4. nicholas ng sing kwong

    upper sun describe


    That's impossible here comes another man ste haze hair brush NOW it's my new nas the museum curator h.m somethings different it's my favorite part the sks are duhin I cant believe 5 mins ago yeah never existed well put another hammer on it pi



    *2 0 1 9 . . .* ⚘

  7. nicholas ng sing kwong

    liz is so beautiful

    nicholas ng sing kwong

    we are left with a shadow of doubt

  8. complex lifestyle

    I wonder what ever happened to her maaan but any way this song is my current situstion

  9. Christopher McBurney

    This is a great song, and great video for her. She sounds great, she looks great, its just a nicely polished and lush presentation. Its a great sound and showcases her well. We love Liz!!

  10. grantg98

    Is it me or is this a REALLY sexy video? I mean she's HOT AF

    edna broadhead

    totally agree she is very sensual

  11. Yu-Lin Chou

    Totally fell in love!

    Thomas Headley

    "Exile in Guyville", "White Chocolate Space Egg"

  12. Yanina Pinoargote

    this Song really love her

  13. Connie Abel

    I just love the song "Everything To Me" By Liz Phair 🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖🤩 💖

  14. The Admiral

    If it weren't for the good music, with all that slo-mo rain falling, wind and snow blowing, I was waiting for Britney Spears to parachute into the frame in her G-string jumpsuit and grab the mic. Still love this gal's work and hoping Liz knows best, so we can hear some new LP some day.

  15. Gr33n 3ggs

    Can Liz GET anymore appealing??
    I am like getting a SERIOUS schoolboy crush!!

  16. The John Show

    Those legs...

  17. skedopolis

    Fantastic, wonderful, 1000 words for for wonderful, holy shit Liz really is -the bomb-, I love her like a goddess

  18. paul elliott

    Wonderful song from Liz

  19. joanjettboy


  20. DrRiddlez2015

    Buncha butt hurt fanboys mad cuz Liz isn't singing about swallowing hit jizz and taking it up the ass, and upset about a song that actually sounds like a SONG, lol so precious.

  21. nicholas ng sing kwong

    talent sensual;ity and mastery

  22. Scoobydubious

    when she does the double dutch that's her dancing

  23. 池田一三


  24. nicholas ng sing kwong

    we're left with nothing but a shadow of doubt

  25. nicholas ng sing kwong

    beauty and talent divine

  26. Alan Benard

    Nearly 200 commenters need to learn more about subversion through parody.

  27. carl tucker jr

    thank you hon love you great art,es my respects . still think your one best hon my friend = art,es

  28. gouldbj

    I hear the criticism but she is so seriously hot she can pull anything off. A very talented and driven woman. If anything we need more of gals like her.

  29. Art by Rooster

    I've been a big fan of Liz Phair since I was 16. I'm 40 now. I love her early stuff as well as her new. Back in the day she seemed to be a bit of a nervous song writer and now she's gone through not only a career but motherhood as well. In this video I see a full bloomed artist. Her music is literally an anxiety cure for me. Even my friends know when I'm freaking out to either give me an orange or play some Liz Phair.

    In this video

  30. torchiest

    This is some flabby garbage compared to her early stuff. Absolutely polished to be as free of personality as possible.

  31. dani daniel


  32. Daryn Wiseman

    For her long-time fans, I think what shocked them was the glossy production values. When she performs in a solo acoustic setting, the lyrics to any of the songs from her self-titled or "Somebody's Miracle" album sounds a lot like a more evolved "Exile in Guyville," but it's a bit more polished. Interestingly enough, it seems like "Liz Phair" & "Somebody's Miracle" are more appreciated today than when they were initially released. I heard "Exile" for the first time when I was 13 in 2002, but I'm a music junkie. Most of my generation were completely unaware of her until "Why Can't I?" came out -- so, I think that's cool. I honestly don't know why people were so acutely opposed to the "Liz Phair" album; it's a perfectly fine pop record with a bit of an edge that didn't pretend to be anything other than it was. No matter what the reason, people are still listening to it & talking about it, so it can't be as horrible as it was made out to be.

  33. Garrett1111

    I love pretty much every song she's ever written but this video... yikes!

  34. peterthinks

    Watch this at 1.5 speed. You can't stop yourself from chair dancing.

  35. Mel Bee

    Once She she switched to Capitol, they forced her to use certain producers and refused to release the album without doing it their way. I think there's a place for both styles of music. Love both. I'm just a fan of Liz.

  36. Texocracy

    Tits matter. This video means a lot to me because of that. I have a deep appreciation for the tits prominently featured here... The music only contributes to this. I think Liz understands that tits don't have to be shallow, they've always been part of her image and music. Really great combo, both of them, and a fun song.

  37. sunsofguns

    The only way she could be any hotter is if she actually tried to plug in that guitar.

  38. yea_sayer

    Is this video supposed to be ironic...?

  39. Hector Ramos

    You are gorgeous

    Take my breath away...


    She is a sexy and Talented Woman, who gets Better with the Years.

  41. Asha Kashani

    Who the fuck are you Liz? This is not the same musician who did Exile In Guyville because she would have thrown up all over this piece of trash. Hope the money you got for selling out your integrity was worth it.

  42. dhdoctors

    My God, this is dreadful what the hell Liz?

  43. carl stevenson

    She was better when she copped to loving it in the ass.


    What song?

    Lucky Clover

    @jdessell Chopsticks

  44. Juan Carlos

    build the Wall so these people can still be born.

  45. Varzo11

    What's better than Liz Phair in skimpy clothes? Liz Phair in wet skimpy clothes!! :)

  46. Frisco Jones


  47. Charles Yuditsky

    Buushit to all of you. She used to make awesome music. Whip Smart is her only real and great album. But no she fucking wussed out from making even greater compositions. There in no heart left in her song.

    Joe K.

    You may want to go back and listen to Exile in Guyville

  48. Albert Monson

    the music and video producers should both be shot. great song though liz.

    Mark Murray

    I suspect the the producers of this video did not appreciate the irony of using this cliche 'wet slut' video for Liz Phair. "Do you really know me at all?"

  49. CT Dawg

    Liz Phair is so beautiful!

  50. Doug

    Edgy, brilliant...Liz!!!!!

    Asha Kashani

    bobeyk1 edgy? listen to her song "Fuck and Run", that's edgy.

  51. nymike06

    This is really good.

  52. Raquel Oliveira Silva

    i love fun!

  53. byronvampire

    good artist. she looks like sheryl crow.


    Lol Liz, you could have have stood there and not made a sound.. sometimes that could have worked better actually.. But gees you did it for me!!

  55. Under the Stairs

    It's still hard for me to hear her on these highly produced songs. I always thought of her as the queen of lo-fi.

    Charles Yuditsky

    Fuck yea, that is what she was in the 90's

    Paul LaD

    Perfect Pop!!! Perfectly Performed!!!


    Eric Ryan

    Evolve, it's like a thing. Btw, GS was lo-fi, EIG was def not.

  56. Lori V.

    A pop song put to a heavy rock video?

  57. KeepRolling1000

    still rocking in 2016

  58. Legend Of Music

    Really love her!

  59. Darrin O'Connell

    yup, nice legs...

  60. Scott Struble

    sexy as hell. no auto tuner, butt implants, etc.  Real women disappeared around th year 2000.

    Eddie The Head

    What a shame too, I was born that year. Good girls are hard to find, likes that aren't preppy/emo/goth

  61. Flesh Farm

    Exile in Corporate Milquetoast-Ville

  62. George Estremera

    I think it's a listenable, good enough pop song. At least she's got talent. Besides, can't go wrong showing off those legs and those heels LOL. Yes, they did sex her up. Either way, she could be more recognized, but maybe it's her choice. I once karaoke'd this song, and at first the KJ back-announced it as ABBA. I corrected him, but this board makes me think a lot of people might have mistaken this for ABBA, whom I like. I can understand those who labeled this as soccer mom music, but why not??

  63. Mario Chamorro

    It's been a couple of decades since her SuperNova days. She's approaching 50 now. Maybe a middle aged woman doesn't want to scream the same sexy slut songs anymore. Maybe she has "matured".

    Scott Struble

    Dude, "approaching 50..."
    Unless she will be 50 this year, you have made a chick age insult. They will track you down.
    She will make it to 49 in April.

    Charles Yuditsky

    sexy slut songs, yea and she made the best of them all

    John Roberts

    Mario Chamorro right!we get older.mature.


    It was because Exile in Guyville was about the less than salubrious consequences of the cock carousel that it was a great album. Liz went through a middle phase where it seemed that she was willing to whore herself, but that was like the equivalent of a passing identity crisis. Liz Phair is a casualty of the so-called sexual revolution. Thank God she had her music as the means with which to find her way back into life.

    Forever Thatter

    If only everybody else would mature as well...

  64. Mean Gandhi

    sadly this would not go anywhere if it did not have her name attached to it.

  65. Mudcreek bear

    Nice legs


    The open front mini skirt is sadly uncommon.


    This song is about you

  66. RamonesAGoGo

    Only propose for this video is to masturbate to

  67. thevillelova93

    This isn't even her type of music. this is what the industry does to people. They change their style to make them more appealing to more people instead of letting an artist stay in their demographic which is us punk rock/hard rock Indie people. I've lost alot of respect for her now but man I used to think she was so fuckin hot.

  68. Jason Kuziej

    you guys are over blowing this shes still good there are much worse pop stuff out there

  69. juststained

    OMFG this seems like a parody! I cant fkn believe she did this. PURE MONEY/FAME shot for her. Glad it failed. Loved all her "Real" music.

  70. deweypug

    Lame... (I really loved her first two records...)

  71. Heather Grantham

    God Liz.....what happened???? :( :( :( We miss the good ol' days.

    Matthew Rosemier

    Producers and big money boys in the record business happened

    Eric Ryan

    What happened to YOU? Oh, you never had an artistic career. Nevermind Judge Moody.

  72. Jason Frenell

    Once she went mainstream pop and they "sexed" her up, it was downhill from there.   Bring back the raw power of your earlier stuff, Liz.  For the love of everything good and holy.

    Heather Grantham

    Amen to that. This actually makes me sad. I miss her good stuff SO much....this is...god.. just embarassing.

    George Estremera

    +Jason Frenell A happy medium for me. I still respect her.

    Micki Lynch

    Posers are so 90's. I

    Micki Lynch

    @Heather Grantham YOU are embarrassing.

    Micki Lynch

    @George Estremera She is so relieved.

  73. SAS BVB Matti

    COOL GIRL+SONG :))cool cool

  74. Pat Downs

    great song, great lyrics ... vid could be better.  i don't think the rain serves much purpose except to showcase Liz's tits

  75. Ji-heun Han

    This is way different compared to Phair in the 90's.

  76. Dominick DePaola

    lame lyrics, lame video.... this is painful to watch.


    Compared to 'Why Can't I', I agree... 

    S Lee

    @lynnrobi yeah no kidding that's what I thought too...


     that lyric "would you take the time to catch me if I fall" is  cool

    Scott Struble

    Try Kanye, who can't sing for squat.
    Maybe you'd prefer the current trend of talking with an auto-tuner. Artists evolve.

  77. Andrew Rogin

    beautiful. i've seen liz 8 or 9 times live and she's never disappointed ever

  78. K Livyngstone

    This song is really nice ♡

  79. chicagomagpies

    what does that mean? I mean, you either like the song or you don't....

  80. Mint Berry

    She should act her age.

    Patrick Linden

    Let everyone act the way they feel, how about that?

    Mike Attard

    So she was 38 when this was released. Would you prefer she sit in a rocking chair and knit? 😆

  81. Mint Berry

    She should act her age.

  82. Dan Gar Men

    where is the fucking rock, Liz ?? Do you wanna be Avril??? arggg

  83. SilentBob731

    Liz Rocks!!!!
    This chick is hugely underrated...and so very smokin' hot ;-)

    "I got to talking and it went out"

  84. RealityCheckHero

    Liz Phair videos are racist.
    Too many white people.

  85. King Kami

    Before this I was watching "Jealousy". Awkward.

  86. Victor Coelho

    Jesus, it's so weird to watch this after listening to Exile in Guyville

  87. sethmanrockandroll

    Damn it, Phair!

    Your legs are so shapely!

  88. liveloverapandhiphop

    Liz Phair is a hot fucking milf

  89. liveloverapandhiphop

    Gawd this is such a typical apple pie, sunny daisy, varsity white female american song.

  90. Zinczion

    Hot Legs

  91. Todd Bailey

    beautiful woman

  92. liat989

    wow... nostalgia

  93. Vanoffy

    Damn she has aged very gracefully. Still hot as ever.....just not Supernova hot

  94. czarman01

    Sorry I meant to write "their styles not there styles."