Peyroux, Madeleine - To Love You All Over Again Lyrics

A quiet room is what you get, an empty glass, an unmade bed,
A picture window with a view, and all I think about is you
To feel so bad, to feel so good, to let it be misunderstood,
Now I long to lose my senses to love you all over again.

The shouted words, the tired sighs, the traded kiss of sad goodbyes,
The living off of our desires, then putting out a thousand fires:
To feel so bad, to feel so good, to let it be misunderstood,
Now I'd tear down my defenses to love you all over again.

To know a place without regret, you make believe you paid your debt
But in that clean and quiet room you can't believe it's over yet.

Out on a lark, at home asleep, the endings play, the bands retreat
But in that dumb luck of the few, the consolation comes to you:
To feel so bad, to feel so good, the verdict's in ? it's understood
I will be tried for my offenses and love you all over again.

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Peyroux, Madeleine To Love You All Over Again Comments
  1. zubayar

    I heard this in a a Bank lobby and immediately loved it then Shazam it .... & BAM !

  2. Amanda B

    Nanda e Maike <3

  3. Moritha Bronner


  4. Gin Gin

    1 Dislike ??? Someone of us has no idea of good music.


    what? and you do? get over yourself not everyone has to like what you do or what you thnk is good music!!!!

  5. Linda MJA

    Love her voice!

  6. FeLiCriS 14/29

    :)) Thanks for this Good Music

  7. Juan Lopez

    Madeleine, tua canzone è veramente un capolavoro. In un angolo tranquillo de Concepción (Chile), mi fumo una sigaretta, ripenso ai miei dolori e mi sforzo di scrivere un verso degno di te...

  8. Theodore Angelos

    All over... ♥ಠ‿ಠ ...again.

  9. Willemijn B.

    Beautifull !!!

  10. John Eunson

    i think this is from the 'bare bones' album.


    duh it say so righ on the vido with a pic of the album cover!!

  11. Dudeheit

    Same here! I just heard it in the (german) radio and instantly needed to know who that might be. Fortunately the radio host said the interpreter and title afterwards. Now here to listen again, such a beautiful song.

  12. mininabonita07

    OMG! I was studying at the bookstore this evening and they were playing this CD ( The Blue Room) I had to get up and see who it was they were playing!! I first thought of Billy Holliday. Anyway, I bought the CD before I left. I love it!