Petula Clark - My Love Lyrics

My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine
Softer than a sigh
My love is deeper than the deepest ocean
Wider than the sky

My love is brighter than the brightest star
That shines every night above
And there is nothing in this world
That can ever change my love

Something happened to my heart the day that I met you
Something that I never felt before
You are always on my mind, no matter what I do
And every day it seems I want you more

My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine
Softer than a sigh
My love is deeper than the deepest ocean
Wider than the sky

My love is brighter than the brightest star
That shines every night above
And there is nothing in this world
That can ever change my love

Once I thought that love was meant for anyone else but me
Once I thought you'd never come my way
Now it only goes to show how wrong we all can be
For now I have to tell you everyday

My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine
Softer than a sigh
My love is deeper than the deepest ocean
Wider than the sky

My love is brighter than the brightest star
That shines every night above
And there is nothing in this world
That can ever change my love

My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine
Softer than a sigh
My love is deeper than the deepest ocean
Wider than the sky

My love is brighter than the brightest star
That shines every night above
And there is nothing in this world
That can ever change my love

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Petula Clark My Love Comments
  1. Vicki Mingus

    i ran this record out i would ing into the mirro

  2. Mr22thou

    Rousing little ditty, eh? I'm getting out of breath just thinking about dancing to it at this time in my life.

  3. Àndi C

    Loved this song as a child. It was a song my mother would sing along to often. Now that I'm all grown up, I still love this song and know all the words! Music was great back then.

  4. Carla Hubbs

    Still a great song today!

  5. Dorothy Crawley

    Sorry folks..I'm black and can go from Tupac to MJ, Prince then Petula Clark..I sing along with this song with much happiness..Love it❤❤!!..

  6. Kevin Mather

    Wat a Luvly Lady and my mum has been dead 16 years!!!!still 💓 her and my mum❤️💓💕RIP mum bernie Mather 😘 21/01/20

  7. Steven Creer

    The greatest female singer of the rock and roll 60's.

  8. RDK860

    Hit the Top 40 on Christmas Day in 1965, Spent 2 Weeks at No. 1, 13 Weeks on the Chart!

  9. Bernie Brennan

    What beautiful lyrics and melody!
    I grew up in the 60’s listening to this music !

  10. Manuel Tubens

    Downtown was another hit for her. Thank God for utube restoring these great songs.

  11. Stephen Breeze


  12. comicsgod53

    Drove down To San Francisco on my very first road trip in 1977,Was invited to dinner with the Moonie's in a very nice Victorian house.This was the song we sang in a big circle right before they tried to get me to go to their farm North of San Fran.Nope,Nada I booked it out of there post haste.

  13. Lona Turberville

    Beautiful song... Guy Turberville

  14. Trevor Panno

    Track #20 of AM gold 1966 got me here.

  15. Jimmy Olsen


  16. Kinder Ehre

    Endless love Song.

  17. CLASVE

    I think Gitte Henning sang a Swedish version go this good song!

  18. joleen wilson

    Hey rick.i know you can here petula across the park.

  19. Steven Seguro

    When her and Karen Carpenter visited Elvis back stage at the Sands he immediately propositioned them to a threesome........(really)..

  20. Louie Colon

    I was always a big fan of Petula Clark. beautiful music. still listening 2019, 50 yrs. later

  21. Jocelyne Gacuma

    I dedicate this song to my late husband/friend. We had a blessed friendship for 20 years God given time, we shared love, joy, laughter, great moments, and wonderful times with unforgettable themes. He was all beautiful to me.

  22. Crashing Comet

    I love this kind of music .. unlike people my age today.

  23. Wendy Jones

    I watched The Wrecking Crew recently and have come to recognize Hal Blain's catchy, amazing drumming. It is on prominent display here. Petula sings like an angel.

  24. Victor Lutes

    Pet Clark,,,beautiful lady and humbly talented ,,, still singing in her 80's ??

  25. Kinder Ehre

    Must feel compleet if someone love the other like she is singing this.

  26. Corinne Yaworski

    Wonderful song. So full of hope and such an expansive voice. God is good!

  27. George Vreeland Hill

    Please send me back in time.

  28. Rico T

    This was an AMerican No.1 in the USA in February 1966 for Petula Clark, but in the UK it got to number 4 the following month, the UK's No.88 of 1966 and America's No.22 of 1966.

  29. John Nocera

    Looking for this quality of song and singer today? You are wasting your time if you are! Also, to those who dislike it....get your hearing checked.

  30. Stuart Ross

    a pox on the 313 who voted down.

  31. Doug Finlay

    I loved Pet Clark in the 60's. Glad she still has most of her money. So many from that era lost it.

    Sophie Davies

    Doug Finlay and she is still touring at 87 years of age and still looks amazing

  32. KaixaFlora


  33. Celes Lunasco

    Bellas épocas en música.


    4. Sınıfa giderken ingilizce hocamız dinletmişti. Şimdi Üniversite 2. Sınıfa gidiyorum. Zaman ne çabuk geçti be...

  35. David Halterman

    Hanukkah/Christmas 1965! It was a great song to dance. Still love it!

  36. Jorge Mario Rodas

    These were good songs unlike the trash that passes for music today. Most of today's songs are ruined by having vulgar obscene words in their lyrics. It wasn't that way fifty years ago.

  37. Hugh Gregory Waldock

    Forget the Beatles I love this song it's great just discovered it

  38. Jack Kennedy

    The amazing Hal Blaine playing drums on this one, not the guys Tony Hatch typically used at Pye in London.

  39. John Blasiak

    Brings back memories 🙂

  40. Kevin Mather

    OMG I commented on this song long ago!still love 💕 it no matter what?!!!!!b mather30/09/19

    Andrew Matthews

    Kevin Mather she was my number ONE Kevin

  41. get2rog

    Didn't Tony Hatch write the theme tune to 'Crossroads'?

    Sophie Davies

    get2rog yes he did

  42. Ciro Brio

    Grande super

  43. Ragnarr Loðbrók

    Pet is a gift from the gods.

  44. Karl Fisher

    Sweet! And good!

  45. Brigitta Seire

    orange is the new black anyone?

  46. woodnobleadminister

    I want to sing this song at karaoke. But in Japan it is not on the karaoke menu. Sorry.!

  47. mjbr1010

    This will always be for my Sheri Kay, nothing will ever change that.

  48. Suzanne Friedl

    Beautiful live song. Don’t make them that give you the feelings this song does when you listen to it.

  49. Lamis Shurrab


  50. Carol Larson

    Love this song

  51. jetclntn

    When I was a young boy I would just stare at her album covers. She was so beautiful and I loved all her songs

  52. mjbr1010

    All these later your still in my heart and my mind Sheri Kay, this will be forever for you.

  53. Aztec Warrior

    The 60s WOW!!!

  54. joleen wilson

    What a good song.

  55. Petr Slivinski

    The incredibly beautiful voice of English woman Petula Clark. She chose great songs with sensible lyrics!

  56. Carol Larson

    Love it

  57. Almudena Carnero

    Alo saludos. Es julio. NASA estell espage grc grc grc. Mundo.



  59. B Bt


  60. Yolanda Apagyi

    I love this song since my adolescence years! Exhilerating, positive, the love of life is radiating from this! I love it! Love, Yolanda from Hungary!

    Robert Nesfield

    Yolanda, you are absolutely right. A lot of 60's pop music had a sense of joy that is nowhere to be found these days.

  61. JohnG

    I can say plenty about Petula but I wont one word will say it all a "LEGEND "

  62. Patrick McCarthy


  63. Geoffrey Coulson

    2.49 minutes of pop perfection.

    Hank Austin

    absolutely right Geoffrey - well said!

  64. Larry Hinze

    Title is wrong you NIT WIT!

  65. Gazzara5

    Mrs. Miller did it better. (Just kidding)

  66. Marc Uyttenhove

    I play Petula Clark very often in my program on Radio Minerva (Belgium), every Monday at 6 pm

    Andrew Matthews

    Marc Uyttenhove keep it up good man

  67. Marcello Via.

    Spettacolare...Brava Petula!!

  68. Fred Boucher

    wow what a singer and even more wow what a good looking woman and im saying this in June 2019

  69. Izzy_Is_Oran9e YT

    Izzy love's British rock 🎸 💘 Enjoy 1965.

  70. Ralph Ward

    Great, but it sounds like the tempo is a bit too fast, and is running away from her.

  71. D Confused

    At least this doesn’t want to make us kill someone

  72. Douglas Hoffman

    278 thumbs down. 278 idiots

  73. Turbo Ls4

    Heard this on sirus xm 60s on 6 today now I want to listen to it all day

  74. Kay Mathison

    Hal Blaine played drums on this recording...great!!

  75. kent millhaus

    Petula and dusty..
    And endless memories..

  76. simon e

    Great song ,love the subtle backing vocals

  77. Gökmen Kapdağlı

    böyle yerlerde neden türklere rastlayamayız ki 😔

  78. Gazzara5


  79. Marchewka Stephane

    Ah Petula ma préférée pour toujours j ai toujours aimé
    Le son de sa voix et sa beauté depuis mes 6a
    Mon seul regret ne pas l avoir vue en concert

  80. Russell Saunders

    Miss Clark's Downtown was the first hit I recall in the USA. Even my mother loved Petula. My Love was the song that caught me forever. I saw Miss Clark on stage in Louisville. I wish she had sung some of her gems, but it was a stage version of Sunset Boulevard, so that didn't happen. But at least I saw Miss Clark.

  81. Rob Sieger

    She should have been knighted (as a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire) long ago. She's 86 right now, so if they are gonna do it then they had better move fast.

    Hank Austin

    LOL for real !

  82. John Newton

    Have you ever substituted all the lyrics from 'love' to 'cunt'? It's great on hen nights!!!

  83. John Nocera

    This song just cuts right into my heart. This is the real deal my friends, the likes of which we will never see again.

  84. Tyriq The Pharaoh

    Man My Mom And Me Used To Jam To This Song Great Times...


  85. Cherie Cullum

    Brings back so many wonderful memories and a innocent and simpler time

  86. Stephen Breeze


  87. marwan serriya

    Cood music☆☆☆☆☆

  88. Peter Mitchell

    For the life of me a cannot understand why they can no longer write, arrange and produce the 60's style music anymore. I know there is a latent talent in our youth of today, but it seems it is not being nurchered and directed. Why is this?

  89. joleen wilson

    I love these words.

  90. skydogduane

    Loved this number the first time I heard it.

  91. Brian S

    I'm 59, life in a flash.

  92. geo86970

    love it!!

  93. Cristina Letechipía

    Recuerdo que esta canción estuvo muy de moda en México allá por los años 60's.

  94. Deby Cedars

    Well than you must not love me. You blocked me. You're love is not warm. You are not warm to me.

  95. Notyur Bizniz

    263 people that are dead inside

  96. Beverley Wells

    Alan green
    me too

  97. john perks

    Petula, a beautiful English rose who is very popular in Australia.