Petula Clark - Lost In You Lyrics

When the night feels so long
You’re the heat that keeps me warm
When tears are falling
I am calm, you’re here
And I am whole

Now and then I am humbled
The seasons change but I remain lost in you
Now and then you get insecure
My feelings will remain and I am lost in you

Lonely days have been and gone
Our hearts, they beat as one
In your arms, feels like home
You’re the one, you’re the one
You’re the one

Now and then I am humbled
The seasons change but I remain lost in you
Now and then you get insecure
My feelings will remain and I am lost in you

Lost in you, lost in you

Now and then I am humbled
The seasons change but I remain lost in you
Now and then you get insecure
My feelings will remain and I am lost in you

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Petula Clark Lost In You Comments
  1. Stephen M. Klevas

    has this woman ever sang a wrote note in her life? I doubt it. amazing. who says a woman can't be attractive in her 80s?

  2. marc maloyan

    Lost in you : a jewel

  3. Adrian Brown


  4. Music Music Music

    One of my favourite cd's in my collection play it all the time its just wonderful.

  5. Judith Shipstad

    But she looks so old.


    She IS old. Whaddya want? She sings like a body in their prime. In other words . . GREAT! Isn't that enough?

    Christine Thomas-O'Meally

    She's over 80.

    Ingvar Jensen

    remarkable enough she refuses plastic surgery!

  6. MrMartybearass

    I wanna see bey the ho sing single ladies when she hits this age!!!! ALL these new no talent auto tune bitches can take a page from this class act!!!!

  7. RCPoems

    and she has recoded the follow up album at the age of 83 ! Can't wait to hear it (but will have to!)

  8. djbethell

    Who ever sounds this good at after such a journey of creating joy?

  9. Fiona Johnston

    I always loved her singing since I was in my pre teens- used to collect her albums when they were proper records. She and Judith Durham seem to touch a chord in my heart

  10. absoftitanium

    Pet Clark must have the longest show business career in history. She started around the age of 7 and is still going strong in her 80s. Always loved her.


    This reminded me of a comment that someone else made on a recent clip saying "And to think she was 7 years old when she did Downtown"; it makes me laugh ever time I hear that song now.


    @djbethell HAHAHA! LOL!

  11. marc maloyan

    The légend is back


    The week that this was released it was number one pretty much throughout the civilized world. He best album!

  12. Valter Santos


  13. catdustycat

    Her new CD was a great Birthday gift for me. I am a 40+ years fan!

  14. Marie-Odile Atallah

    toujours jeune ,jolie ,sympa....

  15. hadoenough

    She is British

  16. hadoenough

    Wait till you get old brother. You will appreciate being alive to hear anything!

  17. hadoenough

    Yes, well said. Her intonation is unique and the warmth she creates is splendid.

  18. hadoenough

    I'm buying it when its released in the U.S. this June. Petula is pure class and amazing at 80!

  19. hadoenough

    She's such a fine singer. 30+ years later I'm still a big Petula fan!

  20. barrythemod

    Got her CD this morning.Pure quality.

  21. charmedwn

    Beautiful and in this song a lot like Bette Middler "Now and then"

  22. Edmund Charles

    this lady is blessed with talent, persistence, professionalism and good genes. I love your songs Miss Clark.

  23. morgansifer

    She still is beautiful at 80. And her voice remains impossibly pure.

  24. RCPoems

    This woman has been thrilling me with her singing and enriching my life for 56 years (I am 60) I can't believe I am retired and she is still singing , recording and touring . I started going to her concerts even more frequently when she was 50 as I felt she would retire soon . 30 years later I am still buying concert tickets and she is still writing , recording and performing beautiful material. I think Petula Clark fans are the luckiest in the world.

  25. Guilherme Pachelli

    e ainda esta elegante e muito bonita... admirável, eterna

  26. Jacob Van Wie

    I feel like i just got serenaded by the golden girls.

  27. peace coleman

    "Those whom the gods love grow young".- Oscar Wilde. The gods must be Pet Clark fans!

  28. booh12469

    She is simply a legendary singer with amazing talent - 7 decades on and her consistency is absolutely astounding. Deserving of a Lifetime Achievement Grammy for sure.Voice clear and warm as always. Looking forward to the new album.

  29. RCPoems

    wondrous amazing and my mate Darren who is 30 loves it so she reaches all generations

  30. Lookout Mountain

    Lovely. She is so beautiful. I love the song. Outfit and new hair style are just lovely.

  31. marc maloyan

    She decide to go one step beyond...

  32. marc maloyan

    Lost in you, le moment fort du concert de ostend.

  33. Elizabeth Ruocco

    a genius ,talented British lady, and amazing at any age. Love you Pet.

  34. goatsarse

    You do realise she is British, right?

  35. RCPoems

    She is , as Rod McKuen said ' A vocal genius' . Amazing at any age but at EIGHTY ??!! Wow!

    Jennifer White

    RCPoems fab

    Jennifer White

    Ppl say I have a look of her very honoured and flattered to be told that by four people!

  36. Rose sitoo

    Wow! Petula just keeps getting better. Thanks, Petula.