Petula Clark - Don't Sleep In The Subway Lyrics

You wander around
on your own little cloud
when you don't see the why
or the wherefore.

Ooh, you walk out on me
when we both disagree
'cause to reason is not what you care for.

I've heard it all a million times before.
Take off your coat, my love, and close the door.

Don't sleep in the subway, darlin'.
Don't stand in the pouring rain.
Don't sleep in the subway, darlin'.
The night is long.
Forget your foolish pride.
Nothing's wrong,
now you're beside me again.

You try to be smart
then you take it apart
'cause it hurts when your ego is deflated.
You don't realize
that it's all compromise
and the problems are so over-rated.

Good-bye means nothing when it's all for show.
So why pretend you've somewhere else to go?

Don't sleep in the subway, darlin'.
Don't stand in the pouring rain.
Don't sleep in the subway, darlin'.
The night is long.
Forget your foolish pride.
Nothing's wrong,
now you're beside me again.

Oh, oh, oh.
Don't sleep in the subway, darlin'.
Don't stand in the pouring rain.
Don't sleep in the subway, darlin'.
The night is long.
Forget your foolish pride.
Nothing's wrong,
now you're beside me again.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
[repeat chorus and fade out]

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Petula Clark Don't Sleep In The Subway Comments
  1. Louie Colon

    I was raised listening to all her songs. beautiful voice. great memories. of the 60" . beautulf era for muscic Dec 2019

  2. Gary Marquis

    I must post this,....." Pet Clark, left a grand mark in the music world here in the States." Her talent and beauty marked our world forever. Rest in peace, you beautiful artist. GPM-53.

  3. Kaiser Declan

    This site has been destroyed by SCP-OO1-J, ergo, I can enjoy Petula Clark as much as I damn well please and only corpses will judge me.

  4. Bart Y

    Great great song.
    Does anyone hear pretty much The Beach Boys singing the backup in the chorus? Similar to Good Vibrations in style.

  5. Roger J Mayer

    More proof the 60's the golden age of,Pop music!

  6. Rosy Tube

    Yes don't sleep in the subway darling !

  7. Kim Kitten

    So the second phone call on the governments heating sceam . thanks but no thanks.AND while I'm here the boys are flying high again and the 🚁 is up as well.

  8. Jimmy Jameson

    What a beauty.. And petula is beautiful too!

  9. Phillip Sprague

    Good advice especially today for the homeless.

  10. Stephen Spilker

    who didn't like petula clark

  11. John Schofield

    Great reminder of my childhood music!!! thank you so much for sharing this divine song!!!

  12. shelly bateman

    love this song

  13. P. S.

    Wonderful memories

  14. Bart Gross

    So missed young Petula Clark..So beautiful and the best reliving the world of confusion and disbelief..If only the best way possible to our nation and believe me God is good

  15. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Una preciosa canción que me trae tantos recuerdos. Ha sido una de mis favoritas por más de cincuenta años porque dice cosas reales y la voz de Petula Clark es muy buena y canta con sentimiento.

  16. Mark Brown

    i was driving my grandmother car yesterday and this song came on her playlist. i searched the web and found it pretty fast. Hearing a song one time and falling for the melody for me is very rare. And then finding out that this artist recorded DownTown , which has always been burried in my memories of early childhood.

  17. Stuart Ross

    She'd have been a good James Bond girl.

  18. Stuart Ross

    who could vote thumbs down on this? wankers the lot of you.

  19. Stuart Ross

    You know you've made it when you're spoofed by Monty Python . . .

  20. coolcatmc

    I remember My mom told me when I was a li boy back in the 1960’s i wanted her to play this song over and over again

  21. james vanitas

    Came here from Monty Python

  22. Sheldon Adkins

    I remember her Sealy mattress commercials

  23. Colin Stanway

    I hear this and it transports me back to those times when anything was possible, and the whole world was at your feet, and nothing was impossible.....

  24. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Another of those nice songs I used to hear in the sixties. I always liked to hear Petula Clark sing and this song is so meaningful really. Many times we have troubles with our mate and decide to leave home instead of trying to solve our differences. But that is like what a child does when doing a tantrum. We must grow up and realize things shall not always be our way and do our best to keep together. Having been married 35 years, I know about it and well.

  25. Stuart Ross

    Had such a boy crush on her back then.

  26. javier plata

    I Was Born in 1970 But I like this music of the Sixties

  27. Melody of Psalm 94

    Is she a Mod or a Rocker?

  28. Stuart Ross

    NOT to be heretical, but Monty Python DID pay tribute to her . . .

  29. scrabble1000

    Nothing like a good old classic

  30. VILJL

    On November 15, 2019, she celebrated her 87th birthday. Born on November 15, 1932

  31. Daniel Ostridge

    Petula Clark. Don't sleep in the sub way .beautifull lady lovely voice great singer. sending love and best wishes take cair .all the best for the future xxx 💖🌹💐💐

  32. Klo Stein

    Where is mum?

  33. Kay LeGrand

    Montreal, 1967 - world's fair. Heard this song on the subway every day riding to the fair from our hotel. What a ime that was!!!!!

  34. oh mio Dio

    Agora sei de onde veio a inspiracão da cantora Diana

  35. diden

    there are fwits that have automatic `hate' on their'll generally find that they are low lifes that our benefit system is supporting...

  36. enrico pascual

    So pure and refreshing music and voice 😍 suddenly iam transported back to my childhood

  37. Jim Halfpenny

    They don't make em like this anymore

  38. Robert Mason

    Great music.

  39. David Henley

    I don't think times in the sixties we're simpler it was more of a carefree time.

  40. Alan Strong

    What a voice. Let's go "downtown".

  41. Andrew Livett


  42. Scott Wheeler

    Married 39 years... always reminds me of my wife who saved my life multiple times. No matter how dark life could be, she always brought me back into the Light.

  43. Alkis Niavis


  44. Bob Murphy

    Back in 1967 just a child remember seeing Petula on TV ...

  45. Wayne Wright

    AM Gold as they Called it back in the Day!

  46. manuel matamala

    You cant fall asleep wherever thats obvious, but shes arguing why not?

  47. R4M_Giant_Lizard_on_Track

    I am playing in a "60's tribute show that features 8 of her songs and I think I am falling in Love !!!

  48. Colin Stanway

    A magical era, a time when anything was possible, and cynicism was a backwater.....

  49. late fall chill

    Petula Clark ......What a wonderful star she was in my teenage years ! So many great songs ....

  50. Lyn Sy

    Bless you sir!  I was born in 1962.... I am an old soul still dreaming of a time capsule that could bring me back to my granny..

  51. Andrew Matthews

    Tony hatch what a great song writer

  52. randolph trenchtrousers

    wow, just wow

  53. Alex Kerr

    She is gorgeous

  54. Denise Allen

    Love this listening in September 2019 ❤️

    Kevin Beck

    great times for music october 2019


    Got to see Petula Clark live in Cambridge England in the mid '80's Nice show

    Kevin Beck

    @helios1912 seen petula on jools holland couple of years ago still a fantastic singer


    @Kevin Beck Petula Clark is a lifetime crush

    Kevin Beck

    @helios1912 yes and stills looks great today

  55. Febo Werneck

    "Take off your cloak, my love and close the door"

    The most poetical line of that song

  56. Rodger Hodgson

    Of all the 60s Divas she is the greatest.

  57. Ben de Belazerde

    Beach boys?

  58. Colin Grant

    A beautiful singer and a lovely lady

  59. Stu Bailey

    She sounds fantastic, good looking too!

  60. Kathryn Wilson

    This takes me back to my primary school days when I used to have my transistor radio in my uniform pocket ..the single earphone tucked inside my uniform , under my hair ...listening to the Top 40 all day..forget learning was all about the music. Geez they were great times...aahh the 60's....


    They were great times...remember singing this at 7am...out all night after a ball in decadent Rathmines!

  61. Jose Montelongo

    Love her. She is my heart.

  62. Carl The Brit in The Philippines

    What a great singer and song...

    Andrew Matthews

    Carl The Brit in The Philippines I was in love with her then and still am ❤️

    Renato Clososki

    Sure. It's a great music.

    Johnnyc drums

    Hey, British bastard!

  63. joleen wilson

    Hey rick.i know you like this one.lets walk and talk.

  64. Dewi. Rowlands

    Petula clark legend great songs

  65. steve wilson

    my mams era but really love this...

  66. inkey2

    I always liked this song.....very Brit. I was always impressed with the radical tempo change @0:54 & @2:02

  67. Scott Greenwood

    Man, I miss this music. Tony Hatch & Jacky Trent were really good songwriters. Yet you need a singer. By golly. Petula sings. The musicians. Put them together. All three bits. Magic

  68. Wes McGee

    I had an older neighbor and good friend who dated "Pet" in the sixties. He was crazy about her.

  69. Oh Well

    Cardinal Richelieu brought me here

  70. carmel bugeja

    I think Petula Clarke, Helen Shapiro and Dusty Springfield were the top 3 female singers in uk in the 60's.

  71. Juanita Richards

    That powerful voice that she keeps just under control but she can soar and roar!

  72. Scott Burton

    One of Petula's best songs.

  73. stephen stpierre

    theyll never be another petula clark.

  74. My Hodgepodge Life!

    Great music

  75. Br Alan Parham

    I used to sing this when doing yard work as a teenager. I didn't know the neighbors were listening until they told my mother! But they weren't complaining, just laughing about it.

  76. Elomere

    background music is way too loud

  77. Roger Kincaid

    This is the song that made me a fan.

  78. Andrew Slone

    The music of the 60’s was the greatest ever!

  79. LimitedNewsCorp

    Absolutely gorgeous,...Possums!

  80. Robert Mendez

    So much class an Angel of a woman

  81. Adan Garces

    Hermosa canción, linda época (Temuco, Chile 2019)

  82. Godfrey P Hotchkiss

    Downtown may have been a bigger hit, but I've always liked this one better.

  83. Laceykat66

    Another original where the orchestration is s important to the feel. This is not a Midi two-channel karaoke version.

  84. David M

    A poignant and nostalgic celebration of a time when men and women could actually love each other. Would a horrid modern woman even KNOW how to sing this charming song, still less a contemporary marketing and promotion firm (heavily polluted by feminism) know how to market and promote it effectively?

    Thank you, feminism...and good riddance!

  85. Roy Mullenix

    Wasn't she the Queen of England....well she should have been.

  86. Noe Berengena

    This is one of the most upbeat songs ever from the 1960s (released as a single in April 1967). Those opening notes are always a bright intro that I never tire of hearing for they signal the greatness coming afterward. Petula's multi-tracked voice a big plus.

  87. Almudena Carnero

    Alo saludos grc te call me espage NASA estell. Es julio colores. Mundo.

  88. JuneBaby21 FreeSpirit

    What year was this? I'm guessing late 60s💗💙💜💗💜💙🌹🌷🌺🌸🌻🌼💮💐 cuz I am a 1965 baby but LOVE me sum late 60s! Yeah 😘😘

  89. Luis CABALLERO

    The best song of all times.

  90. Robert Dubs

    Don't eat there at Subway darling,
    the food there is just too plain.
    Don't eat there at Subway darling,
    The night is young, I need some food that's fried,
    And you need some good food inside you again.

  91. solice8844

    She has high cheek bones. Elizabeth Warren says that's indicative of Native American Indian heritage even though Petula is part of the 60s British invasion. Something isn't adding up.

    Terry Wombat

    The only thing not adding up is the rubbish you read and write


    Terry Wombat
    The only rubbish is your non-factual unsupported opinion you believe and write.

  92. rexel666

    A chromatic-mediant modulation in the pre-chorus, followed by a deceptive cadence to the borrowed submediant from the parallel-minor to introduce the chorus.

  93. Professor Pat Pending

    too many people sleeping in the subways nowdays.

  94. Yasmine Nazarine

    Beaitufull song by beaufull singer 😘❤

  95. Jason Latham

    The theme from The Countess of Hong Kong

  96. Wind Hammer

    Now it's "Don't Shit on the Subway, Darling."

  97. Geoffrey Coulson

    Dusty was the singing queen of 60s .but pet Clark had the best songs (thanks to tony hatch).

  98. Terry Austin

    To all those 189 dislikes " off with their heads!"