Petula Clark - Colour My World Lyrics

You'll never see a dark cloud hanging round me.
Now there is only blue skies to surround me.
There's never been a gray day since you found me.
Everything I touch is turning to gold.

Oh, you can colour my world with sunshine yellow each day!
Oh, you can colour my world with happiness all the way!
Just take the green from the grass and the blue from the sky up above!
And if you colour my world just paint it with your love!
Just colour my world.

Just as long as I know you're thinking of me,
there'll be a rainbow always up above me.
Since I found the one who really loves me,
everything I touch is turning to gold.

So you can colour my world with sunshine yellow each day!
Oh, you can colour my world with happiness all the way!
Just take the green from the grass and the blue from the sky up above!
And if you colour my world just paint it with your love!
Just colour my world.

Sunshine yellow.
Orange blossums.
Laughing faces

Oh, you can colour my world with sunshine yellow each day!
Oh, you can colour my world with happiness all the way!
Just take the green from the grass and the blue from the sky up above!
And if you colour my world just paint it with your love.
Just colour my world.
Colour my world.
Oh, colour my world.
Colour my world!

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Petula Clark Colour My World Comments
  1. chittur101

    Great song!! Can understand all the words.

  2. Mike Hancock

    She is awesome AND 👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️🙂

  3. Jimmy Jameson

    Great dancers! And pet ur great too of course!

  4. GrtSatan

    Swinging London in all its glory. Petula was hotter than a murder weapon.

  5. Claude Rochon

    The Modern World of 2020 (.. .) is so fucking JADED in comparison to this song and tons of others back in 67...that no one has had a hit like that ( colour, rhythm, texture, spatial presence, amplitude, fortitude, character, ... , ... ) in...i don't know how long now... it's all blasé stuff empty of joy, livelihood, happiness, air ) i guess we are all paying the price of Cell Phone mania and Scandals at the rate of 20 per hour... we've pushed it all way too far. Misery... and in my heart for having been born in 1951 and live through all that wonderful musical period. Sorry about that...

  6. debbie krueger

    pretty pretty and great.i love it.debbie krueger

  7. belisario guerra

    Original: Petula Clark ( U.K. ) - Colour my world ( 1966 ). Cover: Gelu ( Espagne ).

  8. CuteTimster

    Here is the video I filmed of Tony Hatch singing his own composition " Colour My World " ...
    Tim :)

  9. g bridgman

    You could always understand the lyrics perfectly in all of Petula Clark's songs. That was one of the features I liked so much about her music.

  10. Mr Stacy J

    Thanks for sharing! great video

  11. Charles Kos

    She's like Mary Poppins or a strict nun! :0

    Claude Rochon

    ??? ahhhh...when where you born ?

  12. amsedelm

    Love love love this song! 8)))))

  13. Spencer Beales

    Seriously 60s I love it

  14. msjoanofthearc

    Billiant her attitude after LSD

  15. This Webpage Has Been Eaten

    Such a wonderful, upbeat and happy song 😊😊😊

  16. Loveforever Sumy

    bravissimo Petula Clark !!!

  17. oldies geek

    Fun video and song, but what's up with the 60s color combination of blue and green? Those two colors just don't go together IMO.

  18. Angelique Collins

    The Carnaby Street models reminds me of a sketch on Lucy in London Special, where the dancers were striking several poses during a song about Lucille Ball in London.

  19. John Salvage

    Those Police Officers today, in the insanity we live in, would arrest the lovely Petula for holding an "anti-climate change protest".

    Mitchell C

    She'd probably be almost forced to promote the climate change hoax, you know..... That thing to enforce new laws and electrify the world for ultimate control. Saw a video earlier how electric and modern gas cars can be hacked and controlled, forced to crash. Lovely world we live in.

  20. Bob Zwolinski

    Sammy, you sure know how to pick 'em for those of us of a certain age! Indeed! I bought this one on 45 RPM & reel-to-reel as a young teen back in the day. LOVE the kitchy choreography in this video! I forgot about the sitar in this track! I'm right smack-dab in the middle of the psychedelic era again! Good Lord, she was gorgeous! Judging by the huge sound-stage, I gather this was from The Ed Sullivan Show or The Dean Martin Show. Thanks again Sammy for bringing me back to 1967!

    Smurfstools Music Time Machine

    Thanks Bob! This was definitely one of Petula's best recordings and the video is so cool! Would love to go back to '67!

  21. paul winn

    Love this song😍

  22. Alan Young

    Best dance routine ever? Maybe not ....

    Charles Kos

    it's from the 60s u can't judge it compared to today. f off.

  23. Jonathan Vernot

    Fine percussion arrangement, especially the tympani. And a sitar fill to remind us what year it is.

    Samuel T

    Lol I wish I knew what all this meant. I've always loved 60s pop music because of the rich instrumentation. I adore it even if I know nothing about the technicalities. I'm simply enojying art.

  24. White Chocolate

    The music video leaves....something to be desired, but the song's great!

    Samuel T

    The video reminds us this is from the UK. It gives us a sense of place. Hey, let's go to London!

  25. Liz Kerr

    Great song! She's 86 years young now and still touring. She's playing in Toronto later this year and tickets are just $20.

    James Duclos

    Great news to hear. She's a classic British singer from the 60s!

    David Osterberg

    Would love to see her! Her songs are fantastic---

  26. TheGamingDuck

    Anyone know the french version of this song. I saw it not long ago, but can't remember it...

    Yadhav Baldawoo

    Viens changer ma vie, Par renee martel...

  27. Ben Hallums

    PETULA CLARK's "COLOR MY WORLD" Hits on No. 16 on New Year's Eve 1966+ (1/21/1967-) for 7 Weeks on WARNER BROS.-WB.

  28. sstavsky

    Great singing, bad choreography!

    Quinton Broster

    Each to there own😍

    Charles Kos

    @White Chocolate u do better mate! SAD!

    White Chocolate

    @Charles Kos pfft. I probably could!

    Charles Kos

    @White Chocolate Ur probably fat and ugly. u dance then

    White Chocolate

    @Charles Kos I'll have you know I am neither! But I can't dance

  29. Ben Hallums

    PETULA CLARK's "Color My World" Hits No. 16 on 12/31/1966+ (1/21/1967-) for 7 Weeks on WARNER BROS. RECORDS-WB.

  30. Goldie’sRock&Roll Collection

    Man I haven’t seen this post since your first channel before it got terminated.

    Smurfstools Music Time Machine

    Yeah it's been a while.


    @Smurfstools Music Time Machine Smurf, Bless you for uploading this! Fantastic performance!

  31. jacob6657

    Great song, great singer - great clip Sammy

    Smurfstools Music Time Machine

    I agree Jacob.....a wonderful song and singer.


    Excellent work Sammy! Another keeper! Thanks! 👍👍

    Smurfstools Music Time Machine

    Thanks Chris!

  33. Neil Mclean Time is on my side rolling have on private setting now?

    Smurfstools Music Time Machine

    I've done that temporarily with most of the Rolling Stones videos. I received a strike last week for Jumpin' Jack Flash so I don't want this channel to get shut down again. I may have to put Time Is On My Side on another channel again.

    Neil Mclean

    I understand,ridiculous your fine work being buggered by these rules,do they think rolling stone cds will take off by preventing you putting on you tube? Ive replaced by other copies on you tube for my playlist

    Smurfstools Music Time Machine

    Your others on your playlist may get removed as well. I think YT is clamping down on Stones material.

    Neil Mclean

    You tube ..Could be marvellous,instead it brings misery shutting everything off

    Smurfstools Music Time Machine

    I agree.

  34. Giuseppina Federico

    Bello il video, molto divertente...carina la canzone e Petula è sempre brava, mi è sempre piaciuta... saluti dall'Italia Giuseppina

    Smurfstools Music Time Machine

    Grazie, Giuseppina!